LM Volume 3 Chapter 76

Volume 3 / Chapter 76

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“Anyway, I think I know why he lost to Blood King.”

Cha Jun Sung looked at Boom Busker. He is not just saying it. It is true.


“You’re easy to read. I’m pretty sure you’ll lose again if you fight again. Tsk tsk!”

Cha Jun Sung clucked his tongue and left with Hercules to hunt mutants. He wants to rest here, but it seems that would be difficult.

“Do you feel refreshed after making a huge fuss?”

“….. Keuk.”

Ice Queen left those words and quit the mission. Boom Busker looked at the spot Cha Jun Sung had left through and followed her.

He does not have the will to fight him when he has a monstrous cyborg.



6 Lifers form a line and attack an enormous biped mutant. They each have their roles in attacking from a short distance to a long distance.

All of the equipment used for their rightful roles were level D. Metal armor is a given, and they had weapons like vibrating blades or enhanced rifles.

“Eat this!”

A Lifer threw a grenade at the mutant.

A shot grenade and concussive shell blew up within moments of each other. The noise shook the mutant’s brain and enhanced the effect of the shock.

He seems to be knowledgeable in bombs. He is used to handling them.


The mutant shook its head back and forth to upright its now upside down world. It was dizzy and stumbled as if it were drunk.

“It’s stuck on the stern!”

“Dual blade! Cut its achilles! Don’t fail!”

Mobility for creatures with legs begins in the lower body. For the lower body, it is the achilles. If it is disconnected, it cannot avoid limping.

Even with a level 4 mutant’s ability to heal, it will take dozens of minutes to put the achilles tendon back together. That is the chance to give it a wound that cannot regenerate quickly.

A Lifer with twin blades and a large sword went behind the stumbling mutant and took each of its legs. He is going to cut them both at the same time.

With a sound like a swarm of bees flying away, the mutant’s ankles split open. Red blood splattered out and the mutant fell to the ground.

He pulled the twin blades and sword back, shaking the blood off of them. The blood that had stained them shakes off cleanly. It shines like it is new.


“I know!”

A Lifer who had been standing in front of the mutant put all of his strength into his body and stabbed with the spear in his hand. It is just called a spear, but it is more like a javelin.

The spear penetrated the mutant’s chest and came out through the back. It had not been done with pure strength. The spear is a vibrating weapon.

Blood pours out from its mouth and chest. Its lungs must have been damaged because there are bubbles forming.

The mutant swung its arms around in its sitting state so that no one could come close.

It looks ridiculous, but their bones will be shattered if they get hit and they will die if they are caught. They cannot relax until it stops breathing.

“Glare Fire! Nuclear!”

“Watch out!”

4 people leave their positions. The 2 who had been appointed use their firepower. Glare Fire used his hand cannon and Nuclear threw all types of bombs.

The mutant’s roar of anger became a cry. It felt that it was dying and its behavior became passive.

They are Lifers who can each take on a level 3 mutant. Combining the 6 of them brought an inexpressible synergy.

The mutant could not withstand the constant attacks and stopped breathing.

-[You have earned 12,000 points.]

“Hah! That’s me!”


Nuclear held up both his arms and yelled. He drew in more as a strong terrorist with offensive power. Glare Fire shifted his feet in regret.

He was 2nd in offensive power. Lifers analyzing the offense group gave up early on. That makes it more comfortable.

“It’s tiring.”

Tenshao put his sword back as he looked over the dead mutant.

It is a great evil level 4. It is overly strong. Its disadvantage is its slow speed, so it is easier to catch among the level 4 mutants as long as they avoid getting hit.

“So it’s possible for us to complete the early 10,000 point missions. I think we’ll be able to handle 20,000 if we fill the remaining 4 and create a full party. What do you think, strategist?”

Sonic Boom Kevin Cruise asked strategist Oliver Dan his opinion. Everyone looked at him. They will know if it is possible or not once he speaks.

“We can’t do it.”

The strategist showed a negative response. 20,000 points? He is completely against it.

“We succeeded against the evil with our skills and teamwork, but there’s no guarantee that the same will work when the points are higher.”

“Even if we add members?”

“There are clear limits because quantity doesn’t mean quality.”

The strategist’s explanation is simple, but it was enough to make them understand.

He is one of the weakest rankers in battle, but he shows leadership because his intelligence allows him to come up with great strategies.

Quick judgment and understanding the flow of events are his weapons.

“Let’s not dwell on things that can’t be. That’s that, but what did they say in Korea?”


They were contacted not too long ago. They failed in subsuming Ghost Gun and Overload.

From the strategist’s point of view, Han Chang Jin’s subsumption is not necessary.

It would be good if he changed his nationality but even without that, they have a relationship where they help each other. There is no reason to become involved in bad relationships.

“Overload….. What a pity.”

“Tenshao showed a reaction!”

Nuclear showed surprise and pointed to him. Lotus Blade usually does not show interest in others.

“It must be consciousness of a rival. If it weren’t for Overload, he would have been the best with a sword.”

Lotus Blade shrugged at Sonic Boom. He has a serious and heavy personality, so he does not react much even when he is being teased.

It is also true. He has fought with Overload before, but he lost with a small difference. That was the result whether it was a difference in their control or weapon.

“How about other countries?”

“A few said they’ll come to America, but don’t you think we’re bothering them too much? Even if it’s a federation, doesn’t it mean we’re just trying to take all of the power?”

There are 7 rankers from America. If they succeed in subsuming, they will extend close to 10 people. Of course a few will act on their own or are disruptive.

“So it’s Glare Fire.”

“It’s Glare Fire.”

World federations and outsiders, private sectors that are neither. Large guilds are included in private sectors because they are private organizations.

The term outsiders refer to those who are active on their own.

“Dark Side was in contact with Hell Sword.”

“Is that for real?”

The strategist spoke in disbelief at Glare Fire’s bomb.

There are people with evil inclinations among the 36 rankers and they include Blood King, Hell Sword, Dark Side, and Tyrant.

The frustrating part is that they are skilled among the top rankers.

“It happened not too long ago. I ran into Bloodshot by chance in a mission.”

“Ugh! He willingly told you?”

“I told him a few things too. I need to give as much as I take.”

They do not know why, but the evil users gathered together to meet. Glare Fire had to hand over information on the world federation in order to hear that.

If they really take it into consideration, they have neither earned nor lost anything from it. It just resolved a curiosity.

“It’s suspicious.”

“It seemed like they were aiming to create a guild. A worldwide PK guild will appear.”

People who cannot be underestimated have gotten together. PK Lifers are increasing by the day. Lifers stay alert in order to combat them.

As their luck is running out and the radius within which they can act is narrowing, they will need to find a shield. They have no choice but to unite.

They may not reach the status of a world foundation, but they will easily surpass the combination of several large guilds. PK Lifers are more outstanding than normal Lifers.

Think about it. While fighting mutants and a wide variety of people, they naturally became resourceful and are unmatched.

“What a pain. First, the 6 people here, Ice Queen, Boom Busker, Iron King, and with a few people who will join soon, we have around 15 people on our side?”

If there are 15 of 36 rankers, they reach over 40%. If they think of the people in private sectors who do not form partnerships or distractions, it is more.

Compared to the evil Lifers, they are the dominant power.

But as things go, it is more difficult to settle matters than it is to create them. If they are to set up barriers, it will be a serious face off.

“It’s complicated.”

“The government will create the strategy, and we just have to move as we’re told to.”

It is a response worthy of a strategist. They are refraining from personal actions. That does not mean that they will act as puppets though.

They are distinct people and are in partnership with the government.

“Let’s go back.”

“I’m hungry.”


6 Lifers return. At the same time that Cha Jun Sung was gathering experience and points, they were also looking to the top.


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