LM Volume 3 Chapter 75

Volume 3 / Chapter 75

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[TN: Kill him if he attacks again…]

Cha Jun Sung thought about what had happened a few hours ago. It was when his conversation with Han Chang Jin was wrapping up. Lim Si Hyun spoke with a cautious tone.

‘They came from America. I said that I would arrange for you to meet. What do you think?’

Lim Si Hyun suggested meeting with them to tell them what he is thinking because they would go barging into Cha Jun Sung’s house if he had not offered to arrange it.


Since the party was formed and he had come into the mission, he would meet with them. It is just that he will turn down the proposal from America no matter what the conditions are. They were already off on the wrong foot in the way they had come looking for him.

He thought of Han Chang Jin’s wary face. He was apprehensive that Cha Jun Sung might go to America. That is how great the conditions would be.


A summons gate formed in front of Cha Jun Sung. He left his thoughts.

He has seen Ice Queen before, and this is the first time he is meeting Boom Busker. He does not have an evil inclination like Blood King, but the rumors are not good.

Let’s be careful. Unpredictable people are more dangerous than the bad people. It is because you cannot predict what they are thinking.


“It’s been a year, Ice Queen.”

With a tone of confirmation, Cha Jun Sung took his helmet off. His identity had been revealed without his intention. There is not much of a difference between showing himself and hiding.

“Hey! Overload, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Burke. Boom Busker. You know who I am, right?”


There are no honorifics in English. But the translator relays the message with the person’s accent, emotion, and thought process.

Ice Queen spoke respectfully to Cha Jun Sung, so it sounded like she was using honorifics, but it was not so for Boom Busker because he was talking as though Cha Jun Sung is his neighborhood friend.

It is not a good feeling. He does not like to meet people who are disrespectful.

“Don’t drop the honorifics.”

“Honorifics? Aha! Does the translator relay the message without honorifics? That’s too narrow-minded.”

Boom Busker is provoking Cha Jun Sung. To think that he would get angry over something so insignificant.

Cha Jun Sung could be reacting sensitively. He would have gone past it like nothing normally, but he could not look kindly on them because of the hacking.

“I’ll speak. I am the person in charge of this subsumption.”


Boom Busker fell back. It is true. He had just tagged along, but Ice Queen has all of the authority.

“I’m sorry. The government did the hacking. We had nothing to do with it.”

Cha Jun Sung looked relieved. Ice Queen does not lie. She is professional and she is cold and transparent like an ice queen should be.

“Let’s just say there’s nothing we can do about what’s already happened. Is it right that you’re here for a subsumption?”

“That’s right.”

“Then I will turn you down. I will not listen to the conditions. Please go back.”

He has enough of the corporeal. The reality is a different world. He does not think that the U.S. has overwhelming influence.

The only benefits they have are things that they can give in real life.

Money and citizenship, giving him different kinds of conveniences or giving him points? It will be incomparable to Korea, but it is all useless.

Ice Queen looked at Cha Jun Sung. He did not look away. She has clear eyes that are fitting for her beauty.

“Of course.”


It is unexpected. Cha Jun Sung was surprised by this woman who had given up so easily.

“If it’s a no, it’s a no. This is not an issue that will change because we make an appeal.”

If his will is set, there is no need to waste effort trying to change his mind. All she needs to do is report the results back to America. Her own duty is over.

“Are you joking? This easily? You think we came this far for this?”

Boom Busker exploded in dissatisfaction of the situation. It is either he accepts or rejects their proposal, but this is not it.

“You could become a king if you come to America. Your salary will be millions of dollars, you’ll have a mansion, and they’ll push for 500,000 points for you. What do you think? Isn’t it tempting?”

Cha Jun Sung ignored Boom Busker and was going to go outside. As long as they have entered a mission, he might as well finish it instead of quitting.

“Stop! Ah, fine! Damn it! Since it won’t work out anyway, let’s fight!”


“What good is there to fight when none of our systems are properly in place?”

Did he hear right? Cha Jun Sung spoke with his head half turned.

Boom Busker stopped. Cha Jun Sung is saying thesame thing Ice Queen said. A ranker’s possibility is the know-how of building his character to the very top.

A level of fighting that is struggling in level D is just a pit.

“Get the battle shoot and come find me later. I’ll happily beat you then.”

Right now, they will throw a few hits and the person who throws one or two lucky punches will be the winner. The loser will feel empty for nothing.

“I don’t want to.”

Boom Busker took out his hand cannon and aimed it at Cha Jun Sung. It is an air cannon that explodes at once by compressing the air.

It is a strong weapon like the Wolf Kill and Head Hunter. It needs to be charged for 30 seconds every time it fires, so the rate of fire is low but its power is tremendous.

“That’s funny. So you want to force a fight on someone who doesn’t want to get involved?”

“The subsumption ended so uneventfully after waiting weeks, so don’t you think I have to get something out of it? It looks bad for me to just leave.”

“Overload, we’ll quit the mission. Burke, quit the mission.”

Ice Queen mediated. She was frowning. Boom Busker did not listen. He was fully prepared.

“Are you scared? The Overload who beat Blood King and Dark Side?”

“Why are you mentioning them? I’m annoyed enough as it is because I lost to Blood King. Stop being immature and act like an adult if you’re an adult.”

His patience is running thin. Boom Busker is clinging.

Ice Queen and Boom Busker realized that Cha Jun Sung had met Blood King in real life. Boom Busker spoke,

“You met him in a mission?”

“Overload, please understand. Busker lost to him in the virtual version.”


“He’s still going around doing PKs. No. Is it murder now? I don’t care whether you lost to him or not. If you have something to work out with him, take it out on him.”

The world is big, but there are no restrictions to rumors. What happens to the 36 rankers spreads faster than the wind through Lifers.

“Where is that asshole!”

“I don’t know.”

After losing him in Field of Meat, they had not seen each other again. Cha Jun Sung was going to post him as a PK, but saw that there were thousands and left it.

Now, it is more than tens of thousands. It has been a while since murdering through PK has been a method of earning points. He is also not sure if Campbell is his real name.

“Put the cannon down.”

“Pick up your sword!”

-[Hercules, come back. An enemy emerged.]

-[Enemy emergence!]

As soon as he entered, he sent Hercules out to scope out the danger.

Cha Jun Sung’s gear is far inferior to that of Boom Busker’s. It is obvious that he will lose with his titanium katana against Boom Busker’s air cannon.

There is no need to go back too far. Hercules is also his gear.

Hercules broke through the wall to come in. Hearing that there is an enemy, it was taking the shortest route. There was no time to even open the door.

“Ack! Is that a mutant?”

The air cannon fired a powerful air grenade. Hercules brought its arms covered in metal arm to an X in front of Cha Jun Sung to block him.

Its feet dragged backwards under the pressure, but it withstood the power.

Hercules put out its hand. Boom Busker swatted at the hand trying to grab him with his cannon, and dug in. He was going to fire one more.

However, the extended hand quickly went back into position. The muscle strength itself is different.

Hercules lifted Boom Busker by his head. If it squeezes, his head will explode like a watermelon.


“Put him down. Kill him if he attacks again.”

Hercules let go. Boom Busker fell on his rear.

He looked back and forth between the air cannon and cyborg in surprise. He had fired at it thinking that it is a mutant, but it is in perfect condition after being hit.

“Is this the cyborg you received in a mission? Its battle power is impressive.”

Had the rumor spread to America already? Cha Jun Sung was wrong. It is possible to find out just by looking into Lifer World once in a while. People who are bound to know, will know.


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