LM Volume 3 Chapter 73

Volume 3 / Chapter 73

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[TN: How will the meeting go?]

The headquarters of Seven Stars was unlike other large guilds and had a strange atmosphere.

This is not in regards to how large or small the building is, or how modern or shabby it is. It is the best guild in Korea. It is much larger and more magnificent than Hocheon’s.

Cha Jun Sung looks around him. His eyes move without rest. The people walking through the 1st floor lobby stare at him with interest.

Due to the nature of the guild, a large proportion is made up of celebrities. The master, Lim Si Hyun, was an actor as well.

‘She’s pretty.’

Male celebrities do not even catch his eye. Cha Jun Sung focused only on the female celebrities. Normal people do not match up to them.

He is a person too. He cannot help but pay attention when he sees a pretty woman. There is a mix of natural and synthetic beauty.

Since Cha Jun Sung went through body modifications, he can sense even the most minute movement of his muscles. Somehow, the synthetic beauties are unnatural.

“I should go up since I’ve looked around enough.”

Cha Jun Sung is 30 minutes early. He had wanted to get here early to look around with time. Since he saw a lot of female celebrities, he is satisfied.

He walked toward the welcome desk. Lim Si Hyun had told him that he would let the front desk know, so all he would have to do is call up. Then, he would send someone down for him.

“I’m Cha Jun Sung. I have an appointment with the master, Lim Si Hyun.”

“Mr. Cha Jun Sung? Ah!”

The woman at the desk looks through the list. The first person on the list is Cha Jun Sung. It is in a clear color. He must be an important appointment.

“The master told me to escort you myself. I’ll take you up.”

“No, that’s okay.”

“Excuse me?”

“It looks like you’re busy. I’ll go by myself. Just tell me where to go.”

Truthfully, Cha Jun Sung is used to special treatment. When he travels or buys something expensive, the service is bound to follow the amount of money he pays.

However, this is burdensome. There is no such thing as a favor without reason in the world. Even when you give to a beggar on the street, it is because you feel bad for them. He will only take what he needs to.

The employee frowned and then told him where the master’s room is. It is at the very top on the 15th floor. As it is not a distance he can walk up, he took the elevator.

“Wait a second!”

Right before the door closed, he saw a delicate woman running toward the elevator through the narrowing opening. Cha Jun Sung pressed the button and opened the doors.

The woman quickly got on the elevator. She steadied her breath and looked at Cha Jun Sung and nodded to him in thanks.

Cha Jun Sung accepted the nod as an expression of gratitude. He can sense a magnetism to her. The shape that her dress takes along the line of her body is amazing.

She does not seem synthetic either. It is proof that she is a natural beauty. The woman was looking at Cha Jun Sung and thinking the same thing.

‘Where have I seen him?’

‘I’ve seen her before.’


The elevator goes up. The woman was about to press the 15th floor when she stopped. It is already pressed. Since he cannot be an employee, he must be here to see Lim Si Hyun.

[15th floor.]

The door opens. Cha Jun Sung was about to get out when he was surprised. Lim Si Hyun was waiting for him. The front desk must have alerted him.

“Ha ha! Are you surprised? I came out because you said that you would go up by yourself.”

“I see.”

“Huh? You were in there too. Give me the report tomorrow. I have an important guest.”

Lim Si Hyun did not wait for her response and took Cha Jun Sung into the master’s room. The woman looked at his back and frowned.

Lim Si Hyun cleared his entire schedule for today saying that he has an appointment.

Is it because of the man who just followed him in? How important could he be that the reports are pushed back and his schedule has been cleared? And the weird thing is that he seems familiar.

The woman stood there for a while. If she has seen him somewhere, she will without a doubt remember him.

A decent face and tall height – they had not met for private reasons, but publicly. Excluding outsiders and thinking of the people who could satisfy those conditions from the past few months?

“Field of Meat!”

Jung Hye Ryung remembered the man who told her that he had completed a level E mission through body modifications while selling items to her.

Thanks to the useful information he gave her as an apology, Seven Stars was able to complete a 3000 point mission with minimal damage.

“Is that right? Alright.”

She called the front desk and asked for the man’s name. It is Cha Jun Sung.

She does not have the authority to gain further information. Jung Hye Ryung had turned over to the part 6 master of Seven Stars from the virtual department of Chilsung Group.

It is the chairman’s orders to learn guild management while supporting Lim Si Hyun.

“What could they be meeting about?”

Lim Si Hyun’s tone was cautious. They could not be meeting to joke around. The master had made the move instead of the vice masters.

She will remain curious until Lim Si Hyun discusses it. If it is important, he will call the vice masters. Until then, she must wait.




When they entered the master room, Han Chang Jin was already waiting for them.

As soon as he saw Cha Jun Sung, he got up from his seat. It is as difficult to meet him as it is to meet the President.

“I am Han Chang Jin.”

“I am Cha Jun Sung.”

It may have only been in the virtual version, but he had seen Lim Si Hyun several times. This is his first time meeting Han Chang Jin.

‘Is this Iron King?’

The names given to the 36 rankers comes from the abilities of their battle shoots. The basics are the same, but each has their own battle mode according to the conversions they make.

Cha Jun Sung’s special skill is bringing out the power of the over booster, past its limit. It is of the most dangerous abilities in the battle shoot.

Han Chang Jin made modifications for iron defense technology, and Lim Si Hyun created a step called shadow moving.

“The atmosphere is rigid. If someone else saw us, they would think that we were brought together under bad conditions.”

Lim Si Hyun is playing the mediator. As the informant who brought the two together, he is making an effort to make the flow smooth to create conversation.

Cha Jun Sung does not know exactly why he is here. If someone needs to speak first, it needs to be Han Chang Jin.

Lim Si Hyun knew what was going on, but it is not his position to say it in his stead.

“I was thinking for too long. Sorry. I’ll get to the point.”

Cha Jun Sung listened to Han Chang Jin’s explanation. He will ask questions after. There is information on how the world is going around. The world is moving.

The explanation is long but to summarize, he is asking what he thinks of creating a government sector to take part in Life Mission together.

“Mr. Lim Si Hyun, have you made a decision?”

“I will not join, but I would like to create a cooperative relationship where we help each other when we need it. An alliance would be the correct term.”

Lim Si Hyun is the master of Seven Stars. He knows the strength of a group. If he forms an alliance instead of joining, there is more to earn than lost.

“I will say no to both.”


“I do not want to become a part of something by joining, and I do not have anything to give or take through an alliance.”

An alliance is also joining in some ways. Lim Si Hyun might be used to being in groups because he leads a guild, but Cha Jun Sung felt like something was pushing him down.

With the opening of level C, he has the confidence to get over any hardship and adversity with his party members. He does not want any help that is not natural.

“There’s nothing to give and take? I see it’s the freedom that someone with a middle class cyborg has.”

Lim Si Hyun began to speak. It has been a while since the rumor spread that he owns a cyborg. The bus Lifers had spread it eagerly.

“I won’t deny it. My party members and I can get to level C on our strength alone. Joining you or becoming part of an alliance will actually just become shackles.”


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