LM Volume 3 Chapter 71

Volume 3 / Chapter 71

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Koharu and Kyoko also said that they would support with parts. If the 4 of them gather together, it will be much faster to get the parts than Cha Jun Sung working alone.

If the cyborg is returned to its original state and is equipped with the best gear, they could even go into a 10,000 point mission. The party can support it.

Cha Jun Sung figured something out while he was going through the Slayer’s Prison.

This is something that Lifers have been saying for a while, but earning a high number of achievement points does not always mean that there are a lot of mutants.

The Destroyer’s inherent strength brought the points up to 20,000. There were the female and baby as well, but most of the power was from the male.

Normally while playing the game, they fight with the little guys before facing the boss. But this mission skipped the step and went right to the boss.

If they look for missions like that, they can gather a lot of points. If they look through Lifer World, it is evident that these are not rare.

There would be as much danger as well, but they need to bear with it.

“The Biology Institute. You think the mutants will jump out as soon as we open it, right?”

“Yes. They were banging on the door. I don’t know how many were inside, but I think there are a few thousand.”

It was 12,000 points. They can make an attempt as soon as the cyborg is complete. However, there are steps to take and they need to go through the process.

“We can deal with the weapons later but let’s adjust the artificial intelligence and core first, and look at the parts.”

It is better to buy the expensive items first if they are going to buy them. If they purchase the cheaper parts first, they will look at the more expensive parts and think when they will be able to gather enough points.

The human psychology is simple. It is a kind of motivation.

The basics are important in whatever it is. When constructing a building, the ground and framework are the first focus.

They will raise its intellect with artificial intelligence and raise its power with an energy core fitting for an advanced cyborg. Then it will even be able to face off against a level 4 mutant.


Riding the bus is good too, but they cannot get into the habit of relying on the cyborg too much. They will invest moderately in the cyborg and invest in themselves.

“With body modifications and the necessary parts alone, it’ll be about 3 million points.”

Park Jin Hyuk’s eyes grew wide at Cha Jun Sung’s complaint. He thought of something incredible. If they do well, it could contribute greatly to gathering points.

“Let’s receive kickbacks of achievement points as well.”


“We won’t be able to get big parts, but I think it would be okay for small ones.”

No matter how they try to push the points to Cha Jun Sung, it would take months. If they receive bribes like large guilds do, they can reduce the time.

“I don’t really want to do it.”

“Just listen.”

Koharu and Kyoko listened carefully as well. Japanese guilds take bribes from Lifers as well. How is he trying to take them?

While everyone was concentrating on what Park Jin Hyuk was saying, the cyborg was taking on hundreds of mutants alone.

A strange situation was unfolding in the same place.




Cha Jun Sung opened up his blog again. He accepted Park Jin Hyuk’s proposal. Bribes are the best way to gather millions of points within moments.

He opened the blog because he was going to use Overload’s fame.

Say that he leaves a message on Lifer World that he is going to create a party with kickbacks. Why would people trust him to apply?

If people ask a large guild, they can complete missions safely. There is a high chance that they will have to give bribes, but that is directly related to the probability of surviving, so people accept it.

If Cha Jun Sung wants to enter the world of bribery, he needs to expect to put in a lot of effort. Since he does not have the time for that, he is going to take a shortcut.

“There’s no point in hiding when people are hacking into the blog to get my personal information anyway.”

He will use his helper’s name and cover his face with a helmet. But what if he is found out anyway? Then he is found out. He needs to be aware of that much danger.

The bulletin is going up. It is regarding the party operated by Overload.

[Hello. Is everyone well? It has been a long time. I am sure there will be people who look at this negatively, but I am thinking of creating a party with kickbacks.] [Kickbacks for reward points is limited to 20% and I will complete a 3000 point mission for you within a day. I promise this in Overload’s name.] [I put all of the details up on the bulletin, so please take a look at it.]

He hit enter. It is guaranteed to be popular. Cha Jun Sung did not think that he himself is great, but Overload is different.

“I’ll figure out my affairs myself. I can’t take from my party members.”

The party members will be acting separately until they gather a certain amount of points. They need to get their gear as well. He will have enough with just the kickbacks.



A herd of Lifers are waiting for a summon gate.

There are 9 people; Lifers who had seen the notice on Overload’s blog. They are Cha Jun Sung’s customers, passengers on his bus.

There are a few with exotic appearances. They are foreigners. Cha Jun Sung’s blog is famous all over the world. It is not limited to Korea.

With that, they have a diverse party to work with.

Does he take just anyone? He focused on level 7 and 8 Lifers of the people who applied on his blog. There were only a couple hundred, but applicants came in.

Like a blog on Life Mission should, it separated Lifers into levels 1 through 9 as mutants are classified. Level 7s are fans who have been dedicated to Life Mission for over 5 years.

It is a pity but he needed to pledge the level 1 through 6 people for next time. There is nothing he can do. Cha Jun Sung was also more comfortable dealing with people who are hospitable to him.

Cha Jun Sung memorized the ID names of all 9 primary applicants. He does not know their faces, but they had communicated actively.

“To see Overload in real life!”

“I’m nervous!”

“It looks like his blog is more important abroad than it is in Korea.”

There are only 3 Korean people and the other 6 are foreigners. 4 level 7s, 5 level 8s; the blog owner is Korean but it is more popular abroad.

The Korean people were speaking and the rest were quiet. There are differences in nationality, but these Lifers are just here to ride the bus and did not even install translators.

They consider it more important to make money by selling points than purchasing gear.

“What do you think Overload’s gear will be like?”


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    1. These 9 people are going to give him 20% of the 3k they receive when the mission is complete, in exchange for carrying them through the 3k mission.

      If you remember, he and his sniper friend joined a kickback party hosted by a guild. It was the 5k one in the hospital.
      Remember the people giving the kickbacks were upset that not only were they taking 50% of the points at the end, they were wasting 2 whole weeks doing it.

      In contrast, if these people received overload’s kickback everyday for 2 weeks, they’ll make 33.6k. (Of course they’ll have to take turns tho) compared to the 2.5k that the survivors of the guild’s mission got, these guys are lucky to have such a generous bus. Esspecially since those people who participated in the guild’s were treated like fodder and had to pass tests.

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