LM Volume 3 Chapter 69

Volume 3 / Chapter 69

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Cha Jun Sung looked over the cyborg he had left in the briefing room. It looks fine on the outside, but its energy core has run out and cannot act.

The defects are on the good side. To compare it to a car? Its windows and bumper have been broken and its bodywork is dented, but there is no problem with its ability to run.

The internal defects are the serious ones. If the main parts including the engine are dysfunctional, it will be hard to fix and it would cost too much to replace the parts.

That is the state of the cyborg. Parts like the framework and metal armor are external matters that can be fixed immediately with an investment of a small amount of points.

The engine core, which acts as the heart, burned during battle with the Destroyer. It was more difficult to find parts that were intact rather than looking for the parts to fix.

“I did take it because it was free, but this is too much.”

-[It is cheaper to switch out a few parts than to purchase the finished product.]

“Is this just a few parts? I have to completely grind this thing out. I would’ve focused on body modification if you hadn’t given this thing to me, but it keeps catching my eye!”

Although it was short, he had clearly seen the advanced cyborg’s ability to fight.

It has the ability to go into hand-to-hand combat and battle a level 4 Destroyer. If he can just fix this cyborg, there could not be a better companion.

-[Power Type Advanced Cyborg: 5,000,000 points]

-[Description: Tanker type cyborg configured of C class parts. With 30 times the strength of humans and a sturdy outer armor, it matches up against enemies without weakness.]

It may seem like a windfall just by looking at the point value, but the reality is not as bright.

Excluding a few parts, the rest would have to be replaced or repaired. Cha Jun Sung has 80,000 points. This will fall short by a lot.

The urgent part is the energy core. Without it, it cannot operate at all. He could manage somehow without the other parts, but the energy core would need to be replaced immediately.

“How am I supposed to buy something that costs 2 million points?”

-[Even if you can’t buy a C class energy core, there is a way to quickly resolve it for now.]

“What is it?”

Cha Jun Sung is alert. The cyborg would be able to take on 100 alone. He did keep complaining, but he really did want to use it.

-[Temporarily take the energy core from the Wolf Kill and attach it to the cyborg.]


Cha Jun Sung took the Wolf Kill out of his space compression bag. Dissect this?

“Won’t it get messed up?”

-[You are just taking out the energy core. You can attach it again at any time.]

-[The output might be a little weak because it is D class but if you just make sure to check its arms well, it has the ability to take on 2 level 3 mutants.]

“It’s tempting.”

With the cyborg next to him, it would be helpful in earning points and it would be reassuring.

The points that the cyborg earns goes to the owner. Achievement points come in as well, but a lot of points are taken off because the owner did not catch the mutant himself.

-[Most of the machinery in vibrating weapons and cyborg parts overlap.]

“So to put it simply, if we dismantle the Wolf Kill, we can make the cyborg run?”

-[Are you trying to get it for free? You also have to use the 80,000 points you’ve gathered.]

“Then how many times can it run?”

-[Calculating output rate….. Calculation complete. It is different according to the mission’s difficulty level. 5 times for 3000 points, 2 times for 5000 points.]

“Hey! The Wolf Kill is 450,000 points but we won’t make much by going in twice!”

-[You can charge the energy core as you do with a vibrating weapon. Even if it takes points, it’s just a few thousand. It comes out to be cheap if you think about what you will earn.]


Cha Jun Sung shouted in understanding. He has charged the Wolf Kill before and after using it once, it only took a few hundred points to recharge.

“Do I have a choice?”

He is desperate for an ally. For efficiency, it is better to repeatedly complete level E 3000 point missions. Level D 5000 points is not bad either.

But he does not feel like joining a force and it is impossible to get through a level D alone. The cyborg will be more helpful than the Wolf Kill.

He is sure because he has already seen its ability to fight. It would be dominant in levels E and D.

“Fix it.”


“It really won’t get messed up, right?”

Odin is not answering again. He went into the lab with the Wolf Kill and cyborg. He bought 80,000 points worth of parts on his PDA.

He is told it will take a few days. He put the shell of a Wolf Kill in the cyborg’s hand. It needs something to fight with, doesn’t it?

“It’s my new one.”

Cha Jun Sung held the katana he used in the beginning. Until he earns the points he needs, he’ll let the cyborg lead. He will not just stand back and be helped.

He will use it at a line where he does not lose his senses. It is not good to be excessive.




-[With the Wolf Kill’s energy core as the cyborg’s power source, a few parts, and a deduction of 80,000 points, its basic battle power has been restored.]

-[We eliminated its weapon changing function and unified the attack mode. It has been adjusted to obey only orders from artificial intelligence and is in a state where it has lost itself.]

-[The only equipment it possesses is the Wolf Kill shell, metal armor, and strong outer shell, but this makes it possible for it to battle one-on-one with level 3.]

-[Predictions for completion are 1 day for 3000 points and 5 days for 5000 points. Keep in mind that it can be dangerous to leave the battle up to the cyborg.]

-[Charging the minimum to maximum takes 4000 points.]

Cha Jun Sung listened to Odin’s explanation and nodded with satisfaction.

“You’re giving me predictions for completion and warning me about the dangers. Are you really Odin?”

-[Cha Jun Sung, you opened level C missions and have met certain conditions. You are able to receive more useful information from your helper than other Lifers can.]

“So you mean that as I go higher, you can share more of what you know?”

-[That is right.]

If he goes all the way to level S, it looks like he will get to know all of the secrets of Life Mission.

“I guess I’ll get to know over time.”

Letting the cyborg lead, he will gather the points to go through body modification and to fix it. After, he will arm it and they will aim for the battle shoot.

Other than that, if he is to get everything he is thinking of including an expansion for the space compression bag, he needs about 20 million points.

It is not an amount to settle short term. It will be a long distance race.


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  2. Very much a wish fulfillment novel it seems. Such favoritism by ‘god’.

    I won’t say its all delivered on a silver platter for him, but he certainly is getting a bunch of perks that, for example, his partner didn’t seem to get. He gets a personal cyborg tank partner that is totally obedient to him to make up for the necessity of a party with different individuals, how convenient. His sniper partner though seem’s to have gotten jack-all.

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