LM Volume 2 Chapter 65

Volume 2 / Chapter 65

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[TN: I find myself sympathizing with the slayer family at times….]

“Hurry up and go rescue them.”

“I was going to go.”

Cha Jun Sung ran down the mountain. The slope is steep, but he ran as though on flat ground. His lower body strength can take the shock.

He landed on the ground and went at the male with the Wolf Kill. The vibration function was on and it caught solid.


He held the Wolf Kill with both of his hands and twisted his body to swing it. There is screaming in the wind. The male blocked it with its blades.

About ⅓ of the blade cut off as it collided with the Wolf Kill, and blood poured out. The Wolf Kill stopped in the middle due to a lack of power, but it kept cutting because of the vibration.

The male did not take the Wolf Kill out, and lifted its blade the way it was. Cha Jun Sung’s body lifted into the air and struck out in that state.



Cha Jun Sung let go of the Wolf Kill and tumbled to the floor. Fortunately, the Wolf Kill had come out and fallen as well with the force.


“It’s been a while.”

When Koharu approached, Cha Jun Sung greeted her. How long has it been since they had seen each other? The last time was a few months before the virtual version was halted, so it must be about 9 months.

A bubble formed on the male’s blade as it had for the female, to heal its wound.

It ripped and ate the Lifer that the female had killed. The female may not have brought him for this purpose, but he had come in to good use.

“Is that a weapon with vibrating function?”


“Of course! I thought Pails would be ahead of the rankers!”

Koharu had given all of the points to Kyoko while going through missions, so she had not gathered enough to buy a vibrating blade.

On the other hand, a medic like Kyoko made it so that she could recover most injuries without going through the briefing room. There is no reason to use points on treatment.

As she does not fall too short on points, she will be able to buy a vibrating weapon soon if she works on missions diligently. To use her twin daggers, she needs 2 of everything.


The male fell back when he was about to attack Cha Jun Sung. It was due to Park Jin Hyuk’s timely defense. Since he shot from far away, it must be very annoyed.

But what could he do? He did not want to go into the Slayer’s stomach.

“You three there. If we put a sniper on you, will you be able to take on the female?”

Just by appearances, they can tell that he had gone through the 1st stage of body modifications. They need to distribute the power. He cannot fight the male alone. He must fight it with Koharu.

“We’ll try it.”

-[Jin Hyuk, shoot only the female. Ms. Koharu and I will hold the male.]


Park Jin Hyuk turned the muzzle of the gun to the female and shot 1 as a fire risk.

The female ran around. It looked at the mountains and shrieked. The male could pay no mind because it was fighting with the 2 powerful prey.

Should they send the baby? They cannot do that. If the prey on top of the mountain is strong, the baby will be killed.

The female made up its mind. As long as it covers the vital spots, it will not from a few shots.

It will kill the 4 prey, go into the mountains, and kill the rest. If the male kills those 2 before then, the situation becomes even better.

“Oh, it’s coming!”


The female tried to take over the Lifers at a fast speed.

It is faster than a cheetah. Even if they shoot at it, they hit the place it passed. If they could get the shot, it deflected it with its blade. Kyoko also helped the Lifers.

She takes on the fight against Slayers as much as she can. There is nothing to gain from not doing anything.

Pew pew!

Park Jin Hyuk stops the female’s approach. Because he is there, it’s movement becomes complicated.

On the other side, Cha Jun Sung and Koharu put their strength together to fight the male. Even though they are fighting it from the front and back, it is taking them on. It is even pushing them back.

“We need to chase them away.”

From the way the Slayers are acting, they are so angry that they will not fall back until they get to the conclusion of this fight.

He thought as he fired. It is avoiding all of the shots while pressuring the Lifers. He needs to find its weakness. Weakness….. Weakness? The baby! How do they get to the baby?

He he.

Park Jin Hyuk smiled sneakily and installed an explosive bomb in the Head Hunter. He took dozens of explosive bombs from the space compression bag and placed them next to him.

“I’ll make the prison collapse. Let’s see if you guys don’t leave and stick it out.”

It is as powerful as a grenade. He will need to take the outer wall down bit by bit.

He cannot kill the baby. If he does that, it is obvious that they will go crazy. He needs to make them feel the danger. ‘If you don’t go, your adorable baby will die.’

“Am I a genius?”


The first shot is fired. This action is the starting point of extreme fear for the opponent as well as a way to let them know that there is a new system.




The female Slayer was more surprised than the Lifers were by the deafening noise of the explosive bomb.

It could avoid the blast somehow, but it could feel the danger in its body. It had been surprised when the object flung into the air had exploded.

Judging from the tremor in the air, it would die if hit without protection.

The female yelled to warn the male, and put as much distance between itself and the Lifers as quickly as it could. If the Lifers come at it, it could just move to avoid them.

However, the attack did not come to the male and female. This series of events had occurred within seconds, and the explosive bombs were going off in a strange place.


Pung pung!

The prison entrance exploded. The following bomb blew up a place where the baby could come out of. The female realized its prey’s intentions.


The baby is howling. It is looking for its parents, saying it is scared and asking where they are.


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