LM Volume 2 Chapter 62

Volume 2 / Chapter 62

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[TN: Cha Jun Sung to the rescue!]

The day is bright. The prison is clearly visible. It is the same, without a single change. They wantched for a few hours, but a Slayer did not come out.

Park Jin Hyuk had installed the Head Hunter in a bush and aimed at the prison. Going in blindly is a suicide mission. They need to clean up the base.

Originally, Cha Jun Sung was going to handle capturing the Slayers. However, they could not find a way to get inside without reducing their numbers.

He will ignore the children and kill the adults if they come out with the explosive bomb. If that happens, the number of cases will increase. No matter how good the small child is, it can only be level 2.

The adults are scary, the baby is not. They are sure the large child is weaker than a Spectre. They can take on that much with the Wolf Kill.

If all 4 come out and go somewhere, that is an opportunity.

‘Jun Sung.’


Something jumped down from the 3rd floor window of the prison. 2 Slayers.

A female with its breasts sticking out and its reproductive organs inside, and a male that is 2 heads shorter. There is no way that can be the baby, and it must be the large child.

‘You guys are living beings too. I’m sure you don’t want to stay inside to wait for death.’

It seems each child has an adult sticking to it. The large child has the female, the baby has the male. They are distributing their attacking power.

With most mutants, the males are stronger than the females. That is why the male is paired with the inexperienced baby. The large child could take care of itself.

‘Look how intimidating.’

Park Jin Hyuk briefly assessed his first impression of the female Slayer. Kyoko put her head down and got on her stomach as soon as she saw the Slayer.

‘What kinds of blades are that big?’

‘Those aren’t used only for attack. It also acts as a shield.’

The female’s blade is large enough to cover Park Jin Hyuk. It is 3cm thick, but it is used to shield an attack in addition to killing enemies.

‘The adult won’t do. I can definitely kill the large child.’

If he just hits the female, the Slayers’ power will be reduced by 30%..

‘Shall I shoot?’

‘Do you think you can hit it?’

If they just move as they are doing now, he can hit it 100%. The problem when that the Slayers hear something and react. The silencer cannot be installed for the explosive bomb.

‘Give me a sniper rifle too. I’ll shoot the large child. You shoot the female.’


Park Jin Hyuk was pleased with Cha Jun Sung’s suggestion, and pulled a sniper rifle out of the space compression bag. It is what he used until he bought the Head Hunter.

‘Don’t breathe when you shoot. Your aim moves. Pull the trigger slowly.’

Park Jin Hyuk told him the basic methods. Cha Jun Sung laid next to him and aimed at the child. If they kill 2, they could even fight the rest face-to-face.

Of course, it is not really going to happen like that. Are they crazy to go running to a fully grown male?

‘Jun Sung, give me the signal.’

‘Hang on.’

Park Jin Hyuk is ready to shoot at any time. The Slayers were getting fresh air on the lawn of the prison. Their movement is extremely limited.

‘3, 2, 1. Shoot!’



The bullet and explosive bomb fired and flew hundreds of meters.

The bullet is faster than its sound. The Slayer’s instincts awakened and realized that something is coming at them. They scattered to the sides.


Cha Jun Sung’s bullet penetrated the child’s chest. He had aimed for its head, but the aim moved when he pulled the trigger. He still hit a vital spot.

The nature of a bullet is to rotate, so it will not be able to survive.

“No way!”

Park Jin Hyuk’s voice grew louder. The female brandished its blades in the direction of the explosive bomb. The bomb flew up at the sky.


It blew up in the air. No matter how much it is slower than a bullet, it is unbelievable that it could bat at it like a baseball player to hit a homerun.

It was like watching a circus act. The female adult was not safe either. Its blade was broken, the white bone showed through, and blood was flowing out.

Just as there are failures in item production, there are bomb misfires. They had been unlucky and got caught in that percentage. If not, the bomb would have gone off the second it touched the blade.

A window broke and the male and baby jumped down. Cha Jun Sung and the others quickly packed up their gear. Their location will have been identified. They need to get away.

The female points to the mountain where they are hiding. The male goes running at an incredibly fast speed. It would not even take 10 seconds to go hundreds of meters.

The female goes toward the large child. It is staying alive out of its tough nature, but it is dying because its chest has been ripped apart.

Eventually, it died. The female let out a sad roar and became angry.

It fixed the wobbling blade with the other. It cannot cannot fix it, but can stick it back on with its resilient nature so it does not drop off.

As its blood boils, the blade sticks. The female’s muscle shrinks back.

It has enough nutrients for this. Even if it cannot use the blades right now, it can move. The baby is prowling next to the large child.

There is an understanding of family even among mutants. This is one of the things that they have in common with people.

The female repaired its blade and followed the male with the baby. Only the large child’s corpse was left on the prison lawn.

While Cha Jun Sung was making noise outside, the surviving Lifers inside the facility realized that they had help.




-[The mutant tracking has halted. It is possible to quit the mission.]

The 4 Slayers had left the prison. The adults and baby were out for revenge for the death of their older chid.

When their attention went elsewhere, the lock holding the Lifers was undone.

“Is this for real?”

“Has a new force entered? Then this is our chance to quit!”

It was short, but they heard the gun, bomb explosion, and Slayers’ roar. Their saviors had appeared after a few days trapped in the facility.

“I’m leaving!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore!”

The 2 Lifers who had shown anxiety quickly requested to quit.

This annoyed Koharu and she held her dagger to them.

“You’re saying it’s okay to abandon the force that’s here to save you so you can save yourself?”

“You said they’re here to save us? How do you know that! It’s 8000 points! I don’t need to see to realize that it’s a large guild coming in for a high level mission!”

Do these idiots think? Fortunately, the other Lifers were able to think, and understood what Koharu was saying.

“It makes sense but it’s only been 2 days since this happened. If we do it by hour, about 50? To find a prison on top of a mountain in that time?”

They did not know where the summons area is, but they were abnormally quick in finding them. It is as though someone escorted them here.

“I’m sure you remember that my little sister quit the mission 2 days ago?”

“You don’t think!”

The Lifers drew a picture of the situation. If she were to put a force together, it is possible that it would take her 2 days to come back.

“Don’t be stupid! Is your sister that great? Is she part of some great guild or something?”

“I’m Mizuki Koharu. I’m sure you know that Tyrant of Anger is a huge fan of mine….. Do you get the gist of who is outside?”

100 people entered. Though 86 people died, not one of those people did not recognize model Koharu.

“Anger is here!”

“Tyrant Tanaka!” “You think they’ll be happy about it if they came all the way here to save us and we just went back?”

Koharu was pressuring them with power, but her heart was sinking. Kyoko had gone to Tanaka for help in rescuing her.

What will he ask for in exchange? She could guess his sinister intentions.

These Lifers would be benefiting from Kyoko and her sacrifice. She could not let them go this easily.

She will hang on to them until the mission is handled. Even if she has to use force to do so.

Tang tang!


While the Lifers were giving their opinions on the situation, someone knocked on the door. Everyone held their weapons and put their guards up.


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