LM Volume 2 Chapter 61

Volume 2 / Chapter 61

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Cha Jun Sung’s expression is dark. It is ever since he picked up Kyoko’s call. He saw the mission written on his PDA and started worrying.

-[Level D Mission: Slayer’s Prison] [Goal: Annihilation]

-[Content: Slayers who became involved in crimes beat Lifers to death. A section survived, so they ran away to the prison but the Slayers followed them there and occupied it. Annihilate the Slayers and return the mission to its original state.]

-[Reward: 8000 points]

Annihilate the Slayers. According to Kyoko’s explanation, there are 4 Slayers.

It is unbelievable. There are 2 adults and 2 children, and the large child is about 2.5m large. Its attacking power would fit on the weak side of level 3.

“Even after ignoring the small child, there are 3 others. Are the heavens testing me?”

He had not known it would be so difficult to put trustworthy party members together.

If he accepts this request, he would go in alone or maybe have Park Jin Hyuk follow him in. It is a dangerous mission.

If Cha Jun Sung himself had been involved, he would have used his connection to ask Lim Si Hyun. He can just repay as much as he receives.

Strictly speaking, Koharu is an outsider. It is impossible to drag them into it when he himself is deciding whether or not he will accept.

Tick tock tick tock!

The second, minute, and hour hands moved. 2 hours passed as he contemplated.

He asked Kyoko to give him time to think about it. It may feel like she is being dried out by the second, but he could not act as if he is choosing from a menu at a restaurant.

“Kyoko will know the spot, right? If they’re alive, we can join them.”

There are 13 survivors including Koharu. If they join, there is added power. The goal is to quit and leave the mission rather than complete it.

“What do I do about Jin Hyuk?”

He searched Zephyrus in the PDA list. Should he tell him? If he has the Head Hunter, he could kill a Slayer in one go. He had seen the power for himself.

-[What are you up to?]

-[Playing a game. When do we go into a level D mission? Regular life is boring.]

Good. Should he tell Park Jin Hyuk that the candidates to join their party are stuck in a mission and ask if he would like to go into an 8000 point mission to kill 4 Slayers?

He could not get himself to ask. The level is too high. Saying it is giving him a burden. He does not want to use this method, but he needs to get an idea of Park Jin Hyuk’s thoughts.

-[A party candidate is stuck in a mission. Her sister barely got out.]

-[We need to save her!]

-[It’s 8000 points. The mutant that comes out is the Slayer. I’m going to say no.]

He is not speaking. It is a natural reaction. The difficulty of the mission can be guessed from the reward points and mutant name. Cha Jun Sung was also speechless.

-[How trustworthy is the person?]

-[Do you know why I liked solo plays more than parties in the virtual version?]

-[Because it’s more comfortable?]

-[As you know, the game is where troublemakers hang out. They do all kinds of things with things we can’t see. Lying and backstabbing are common.]

Cha Jun Sung is the respected Overload, but his network is weak.

The people he meets just pass by him. He did not contact anyone in the reality version and put in the legwork to find Park Jin Hyuk.

He does not have light friendships where he exchanges light chatter. Koharu is the only friend who he thought he would be able to trust in reality.

-[But I can’t risk my life for that.]

-[Let’s go.]

Park Jin Hyuk accepted the mission. He is not saying it recklessly.

-[We could die.]

-[You said she’s trustworthy. As long as we’re in Life Mission, we’re risking our lives whether it’s a 5000 point mission or 8000 points.]

The number of points judges the difficulty, but they could get unlucky. Life and death is decided upon entering.

-[You were just testing me, right? You said we shouldn’t go but were going to go by yourself?]


Park Jin Hyuk’s answer is 60 points. 40 points were really that he did not want to go in.

-[Is it the 2 of us?]

-[There’s a Japanese woman, Kyoko, who will also be going with us. She is that rare medic. I think I remember hearing that she goes to medical school.]

-[Her level?]

-[I didn’t ask. But she is Amhu’s little sister, so you think it’ll be low? She’ll have at least a few pieces of medical equipment from the level D store.]

Types of medical equipment are categorized as external, internal, and trauma injuries.

Of course, trauma injuries are expensive. How much was it? 400,000? 450,000? All intermediate procedures are possible without visiting the briefing room.

Arms and legs could be attached again if cut off. A medic cannot help but be respected.

What is more is that she is a medical student. If a doctor is a medic, he is led by a lot more medical knowledge than the average medic is.


-[She’s a candidate to join our party. Since she’s my successor, she’s worth saving.]

Reward points 8000, mission name is Slayer’s Prison, Cha Jun Sung created a party. As soon as he created it, Park Jin Hyuk applied.


Cha Jun Sung told Kyoko that they accepted. She was so happy she could jump, but was shocked that only 3 people including herself would be entering the mission.

However, it would take too much time to get in contact with Tanaka to get Anger’s guild together. They would need to go like this.

-[Ms. Kyoko, can you hear me?]


They are tied as a party. Park Jin Hyuk and Kyoko could hear him.

-[Leave the mutants to us and lead us through the fastest way possible. Since you’ve gone in before, our chance of survival increases if all goes well.]

They will enter the mission, work out their operation, and move.

-[We apply.]

-[Application complete. You are being sent to level D mission Slayer’s Prison. Mission start.]



Cha Jun Sung looked around him. There is nothing special. There are stairs going upstairs to lead outside at the end. It looks to be a subway station.

He went toward the stairs. It is a 1m rectangular iron door. It is a warehouse or bunker.

It is frustrating because all of the summons areas, indicated by the helpers, are blocked. They must think that completely closed areas are perfect.


The door must be rusty because it creaked no matter how carefully he opened the door. It is enclosed in silence, so it rang far.

‘Is it a factory?’

Warm sunlight coming through a broken window shed light on machines that are used to cut through metal. It is covered in spiderwebs. It is evidence that they had been left for a long time.

Cha Jun Sung closed the iron door and went back to the people he was with. The moment he goes out, it is a fight for survival. They need to know what Kyoko knows.

“What do you think?”

“I looked over it roughly, but I think it’s a waste plant. I don’t sense any mutants.”

“Waste, waste plant?”

Kyoko stammered. Her eyes are full of fear. It is not hot, but there is a cold sweat on her forehead and she was anxious in fear.

“Kyoko, what’s wrong?”

“Including the waste plant, this entire area is the Slayers’ habitat.”

The force was passing this place when they were identified as intruders and were hunted.

When they were taking care of mutants here and there while moving, the Slayers killed Lifers in order on the outside. They avoided facing them cunningly.

“There’s no way the helper would have summoned Lifers to the mutants’ living room. This place is safe.”

The Slayers moved their habitat to the prison. What had been the most dangerous place is now the safest.

Mutants living in the vicinity will still think that Slayers live in the waste plant. They do not have a concept of moving like humans do.

“The mission purpose in annihilation, but our goal is to save Koharu.”

To come up with an appropriate plan for their mission goal, it is important to identify the situation.

If they kill the 4 Slayers, they can complete the mission and rescue Koharu. However, the burden is large and the possibility is low.

It takes 1000 points to quit a level D mission. There is no disadvantage to quitting, so they need to end it as quickly as possible.

There is nothing to gain from being greedy in trying to catch the Slayers. If it becomes a situation where they need to kill, they will catch the Slayers.

It is the same for Koharu and the 12 Lifers who are hiding in the facility. He feels bad for them, but he will say it emphatically. He will not take care of them.

If they can keep up, they will live. If they cannot, they will die. He needs to keep in mind that they received someone’s request to save someone.

As the iron door opened, the entrance was completely opened. The outside is still peaceful. Kyoko’s anxiety did not go away and she hid amongst the people she came in with.

“Let’s go out. Jin Hyuk, guard Ms. Kyoko well. I’ll be the only one to act alone.”

If there is a reason to move alone, he will go around by himself. If there is no one to take care of, he is confident that he will not pull back if the situation calls for it.



The Wolf Kill hit their necks. Even if dozens of mutants come at him, they cannot overtake Cha Jun Sung. It is the limitation to a level 1.

Park Jin Hyuk helped him with the automatic crossbow. They refrained from using guns. It feels bad to use them, and they are not in enough trouble to use them.

A dog as large as a wolf pulled its tail down and ran away. It is its way of surviving.

50 to 55 of them came running, but the situation was handled within 10 minutes. He did not go after them to get a few dozen points.

He will kill them if they come at him, but he will let them go if they run away. They were attacked 5 times on the way to the prison. Each time, they gratefully took the points provided.

Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk took all of the mutants. If something made it out of the attack, they left it to Kyoko to handle. She shot them to death with her mild eyes.

“It’s almost the prison.”


They are following an open road in the mountains. Both sides are mountains, so they could not see but it is good because the road is wide for attack.

If they go about 10km from here, there is a forked road. It is not far. If they choose the one on the right side, they can go up to the prison.

“Let’s turn.”

“You want to go in the opposite direction?”

“If you go through the front door, do you think they’ll welcome us warmly?”

As they walked, Kyoko explained the configuration of the inside of the prison. The difference between hearing about it and seeing it for themselves is the difference between heaven and earth.

They need to stand from a distance and take it all in. They need to scope out and memorize suitable locations for battle and places to retreat to.


Park Jin Hyuk used his vision goggles and Cha Jun Sung did not. If they are within range, they can identify the mutants 100% of the time but it is better to see the outside for themselves.

Kyoko held the SMG and went with Park Jin Hyuk around as a pair.

Before the forked road came out, they got over the safety net and entered the mountains. If the sun goes down, night will come for them. The atmosphere went down with the sun.


“Be careful.”

Cha Jun Sung went to the front. He needs to examine the dynamics of the prison. Humans have worse vision at night than mutants do. They are at a disadvantage to make a move right now.

‘It’s dark.’

There was complete darkness. The prison looked like it had lost its vigor like a dead building. There are 4 Slayers and 13 Lifers in there.


They changed the vision goggles to night mode. Detecting life form is not easy, but their sight became bright as if it is daylight. It is appropriate to check the prison.

The prison is 4 floors above ground and 1 below. The purpose of creating the building was to confine criminals, so the layout is different from an ordinary building.

It is separated into floors, but there is a layer. No matter what floor they look down from, they can see the 1st floor.

The facility is at the end of the basement. If they just get inside, defense is easy.

The key is how to get in. They would like to get in without the Slayers knowing, but that seems difficult and there is no reason why the Lifers would come out to greet them.


He does not answer. If they go into the mission, there is limited functionality to the PDA.

Without the installed function, it is basically just a watch. But if the helper connects them to a Lifer in the facility? It is game out.

“Can’t you help me just once? You guys are god here.”



Cha Jun Sung mumbled and cursed out Odin. Odin was listening.

Once becomes twice. He did not help because he knows that.

If the rumor spreads, it becomes lawless. They need to guard what they need to. Even though Cha Jun Sung is a great Lifer, it is unfair to give him preferential treatment.

“Just tell me if she’s alive or dead.”

Phew! How consistent! He keeps his mouth shut until the end. Cha Jun Sung gave up. He will need to find out on his own.


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