LM Volume 2 Chapter 60

Volume 2 / Chapter 60

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Meanwhile, Kyoko returned and weeped with her hands to her face.

The guilt of leaving Koharu in that hell broke her heart. But she did not just cry without doing anything. She thought about how to rescue her.

“What do I do? Re-entry by myself is impossible. It became an 8000 point mission. It’ll become deleted from Lifers’ mission lists.”

While choosing a mission, there is an extensive list that is dizzying. Beyond a certain number of points, they are private.

To do 8000 points when people are iffy about going into 6000 point missions.

She is running out of options. The mission names show what types of mutants might be appearing. If she tries to recruit a force, no one would apply and people would say that she is crazy.

She needs a full force with the complete 100 people, but she does not have the ability to find all of those people.

“Ask him for a favor? No! Koharu told me never to get involved with him.”

Of the current large guilds in Japan, there are only a few that would make an attempt at an 8000 point mission. Of those, the best is Anger.

Anger’s master is among the 36 rankers and called Tyrant – Murayama Tanakada. He is a roughneck who acts without plans, but his abilities are real.

His personal link to Koharu is that they went to middle and high school together. He showed bad behavior when he was young, and that became worse as he grew older.

He likes Koharu. Pure intentions? It is obsession and possessiveness.

It is the exclusiveness that differentiates from the average person. Koharu is a famous model in Japan. Men love her for her attractive body and face.

Tanaka might grant it if she asks him to rescue Koharu. The only thing is that Koharu or Kyoko would have to pay the corresponding exchange.

“Koharu didn’t save it either.”

She looked through Koharu’s phone left on top of her desk. Tanaka gave his contact information to the both of them, but they had erased it after pretending they saved it.

Kyoko turned on the computer and went onto the Anger homepage. She has no choice but to find the guild’s contact to work up to Tanaka.

If she reveals her real name, Mizuki Kyoko, a few times, she will get in direct contact. The Anger guild members also know who the sisters are.

It is obvious that around now, Koharu and the Lifers will have gone into the facility to buy time. There is no room to hesitate. Time is urgent.

She wrote the number on a piece of paper. It is naive to put all of her trust in Tanaka. Before calling him, she needs to get a few trustworthy Lifers together.

-[How, how many points did you say? Are you telling me to commit suicide right now?]

-[I’m sorry.]

-[Are you going with the elite of the Anger guild? Excuse me? You’re saying I’m the first?]

She called Lifers she had maintained relationships with in order.

They get scared and reject. Kyoko could understand them. It is the same as her saying that they need to put their lives on the line in saving Koharu, not for the mission itself.

People who risk their lives for others’ danger are only moralists who appear in books.

-[How about Anger?]

-[Aren’t you friendly with Mr. Tanaka of Anger? Try asking him.]

Looking for Anger guild conspicuously. Tanaka had let the bomb go off on a broadcasting station that he went to school with Koharu, is her fan, and loves her.

For a few days, Koharu’s phone did not stop vibrating. Tanaka does not care about others’ personal lives more than he does of his own opinions.

Lifers got excited and thought that Anger would go into the mission because Tanaka explicitly expressed interest, but fell back once they realized that they are not confirmed to go in.

Kyoko looked at the phone number on her paper and hesitated. All types of thoughts passed through his mind. Is this right? Is there no one but him?

Kyoko went into Koharu’s blog before calling. It is limited to private, so anyone who is not close with Koharu will only see a basic window.

It is full of photos of the two sisters. Koharu has a minor hobby. She likes to take pictures and upload them to her blog.

“I need to save her.”

She made up her mind. She will go to Tanaka for the favor. She’ll give him whatever he wants.

When Kyoko made up her mind and was about to call Anger guild, the message window blinked brightly. She subconsciously clicked on the window.

She saw a few spam messages. There are very few because there are few visitors on the blog. However, there was a strange message in the midst.

-[Koharu, this is Pails. I received your message. I’m answering very late, aren’t I?]

-[I ignored it, thinking that it was spam. I’ll give you my response first. I would welcome you as a fixed party. It’s just the 2 of us here, my close friend and myself.]

-[After checking, send me a message. If you get in contact through my helper’s name Odin, I’ll respond right away. We were short on members as it is!]

“Pails? Pails, I heard that name before.”

Kyoko also played Life Mission. She is not the standard of a ranker, but she made her name known as a medic. It is an unpopular profession, so more respected.

She opened the sent window and read what Koharu wrote. She left some distance while seeming extremely friendly and going past acquaintances.

‘I think we’ll be gaining a good colleague.’

‘Who is it?’

‘Pails! Think about it. You know him too. Maybe you don’t remember because you only know him by his alias?’

Kyoko’s eyes shook. She remembered who Pails is.

“O, Overload!”

Once she recalled who it is, she remembered everything Koharu had said about him. Kyoko had also hunted as a party with him.

She crumpled up the phone number for Anger guild. She needs to contact Overload.

If it is him, he would rescue Koharu without conditions. He is her only hope.

Kyoko sent a message to Cha Jun Sung and requested to speak with Odin. It could not be missed since the PDA is on their wrists as if it is a watch.


-[Odin has accepted Aphrodite’s request to speak.]

Kyoko clenched her fists. She got through the first obstacle. What follows is important.

-[Ms. Koharu?]

-[Do you remember me? I’m her little sister, Kyoko! Please, save my sister!]

The conversation started.


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