LM Volume 2 Chapter 59

Volume 2 / Chapter 59

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[TN: The slayers! What will Koharu and Kyoko do now??]

-[The tracking has faded. For 5 minutes, 3 people can quit.]

With the helper’s notice Koharu, Kyoko, and the other Lifers’ eyes widened. There are 14 members, but only 3 people can quit the mission?

One Lifer who was looking around at the others requested to quit the mission.

It would not take more than 5 seconds to return, but a Lifer next to him pushed him.

As their locations were twisted, the return was canceled. They are both requesting return. Time to discuss? There is none. At this rate, all 3 opportunities will disappear.

“Kyoko! Listen to me! I’ll buy you time. Quit in that time!”

“I don’t want to!”

Koharu took her twin daggers and blocked Kyoko from the front. A few Lifers drove their attention to her. If they want to live, they need to block her return.

“I’ll stay. Just give one spot to my sister. Don’t come.”

The Lifers witnessed Koharu’s skills as they were running away to the prison.

She had never fought an adult, but she is strong enough to battle a child one-on-one. If she goes at it blindly, she could die before the return happens.

With a mutual agreement, they handed one spot over. It is better to go after 2 certain spots instead of 1 uncertain spot. Then they fought again.

“Why aren’t you going back!”

“I’m going with you!”

She cannot go back no matter what. One of the two need to go back, but Kyoko cannot drag out time in battle as a medic. She needs to be the one to stay.

She completely forgot about the special facilities, which had been her goal. While the Lifers were fighting each other to go back, the baby Slayers had caught up to them.

The Slayers ran around and hung upside down from the ceiling. The Lifers did not get themselves together until then and started fighting amongst themselves.


Kyoko cried as she requested to quit. Neither the Lifers nor the Slayers stopped her. To do that, they would need to get through Koharu first.


Kyoko gradually began to fade. It was right before her return.

“Live strong.”

The tears that Koharu had been holding back, spilled down her face. There was no transition. She was already sad that she was dying, but also sad to be separating from her sister.

‘I love you.’

‘Me too.’

Kyoko returned to reality. She wanted to at least hold Koharu’s hand for the last time, but the return becomes canceled if she moves. She could only express her feelings with her eyes.

-[The time to quit the mission is over. It is no longer allowed.]


“2 more people could have lived but couldn’t because of you guys!”

The Lifers blamed each other. It is not an issue to argue over blame. There was not one person who had not been selfish with the requests to quit.

Koharu had also turned a blind eye to what they were doing for Kyoko’s return.

‘It’s dangerous here.’

The Slayers watched the spectacle below them and did not attack. The adults did not act either.

Koharu was watching the situation and went into the special facility. Even if she dies, she would die while doing what she could. She would not just stay still.




The atmosphere in the special facility is like that of a funeral home. She did come in, but could not exit. The prison had become the Slayers’ new habitat.

Including Koharu, there are 13 Lifers. Even if they put together a plan, there was not enough power to take on 4 Slayers.

“Let’s forget the scene from before. We showed shameful behavior because of survival.”

Hm hm!

The Lifers who had just tried to return even if it meant killing others, were busy apologizing. Is this sincere? If they are given another chance, they would do the same.

Mutants also have the duplicity that humans have. There is nothing to gain from showing their true selves in an enclosed state, so they are just hiding their inner feelings.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll speak for everyone. We need to gather all of our goods together. If they wait it out, another force might enter.”

The Lifers looked at the man negatively. 8 people have space compression bags. 5 have their packs but it seems he lost his as he was running away.


Gathering their necessities together meant giving to the people who do not have. Why do they have to share? If they keep everything to themselves, they can stay alive longer.

“I don’t want to.”

“Excuse me?”

A short Lifer revealed his rejection. It does not make sense. If even 30 days worth is shared, it becomes 15 days. Is he crazy to do this?

“Seeing as how you have a pack as well, shouldn’t you agree?”

“That’s right.”

“How did you think of coming into a level D mission without a space compression bag? Take responsibility for it if you came in without knowing your state.”

He criticized the Lifers who went into a top mission when they do not have the skills to do so.

The owners of space compression bags discussed and put distance between themselves and the Lifers without bags. If they try to come take the bags, they would put their strength together to fight back.

“We fall short of food and supplies to use in battle.”


“People need to help each other more in times are difficulty.”

“How are you saying that we must help each other when you tried to prevent others from returning?”

The people who wanted to share and those who did not continued to argue. Koharu did not get involved, but she felt negative.

If they wait it out, would they be able to live?

Would she be able to see Kyoko again?

If they share their necessities, they need to also share that hope. If they eat sparingly, they can last 2 months. The important thing are the supplies for battle.

As they had basically had a shootout while running away until now, they could not guess how much they have left before opening it. It could all be gone.




While the Lifers had been arguing for a while, a Slayers eye was looking around through the bulletproof window of the facility.

The facility’s purpose is to imprison criminals. Even though the door is sturdy, the entrance would be opened if the Slayer uses its knife or kicks it down.

The Slayer looked over the Lifers and hid itself. Since they can be hunted and killed at anytime, there is no reason to rush.

Koharu watched a few Lifers and hardened her expression. The fact that their sanities have been compromised because of fear are displayed. It is a bad sign.

‘They’re in a bad state mentally.’

It is a Lifer who does not have a space compression bag. He is a ticking time bomb. There is no way of knowing what could happen in an extreme situation.

They are facing 2 problems. Getting past the problem regarding the Slayers, they need to figure out the 5 Lifers who would not be able to last long without supplies.

What if they pull out their guns? They’ll die from internal fighting before the Slayers could even get to them. Koharu was also against sharing supplies, but she was running out of options.

‘Be straightforward.’

Koharu thought about it calmly. It is difficult to claim supplies in this closed off situation even if she purchased them with her own points.

If they want to stretch their days of survival, they need to work in harmony.

“Let’s split it in half.”


“Who are you to say that!”

“Should we die amongst ourselves while fighting over supplies? Look at those 2 people. They are having trouble accepting this situation with their weak mentality.”

The people with space compression bags looked at the Lifers that Koharu pointed out. Just by looking at them, they could tell that the two are in a bad state. It is the perfect state to create a ruckus.

“This place is lawless. There’s no use in distinguishing between what’s yours and mine.”

The Lifers wavered. The people with bags clenched their teeth and faced reality, while the people without felt shame at these words meant to reduce their worth.

“Fuck! These assholes! Don’t you guys have any shame? You should have just kept playing in level E. Why did you crawl into level D? If you don’t have the skills, build them!”

He spits out a lot of offensive rhetoric. His chest feels like it is on fire.

No one stopped him and no one refuted him either. He did not say anything wrong. They were not prepared and were only full of will. Lifers who are at no fault have to work harder.

“Save the resentment for when you die. If you live, make sure you repay the favor.”

Knock knock!

The Lifers took their supplies out bitterly.

Koharu helped. Whatever it is, the mediator needs to go as well. Even if you cannot take the high road, you should not shortcut yourself. The 5 people without bags broke this completely.

They are nuisances, but they need to all be fit to fight the Slayer.


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