LM Volume 2 Chapter 58

Volume 2 / Chapter 58

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“I got ramen, but you got something like this! It’s not fair!”

Park Jin Hyuk looked all over the Wolf Kill and complained. He had told Cha Jun Sung to get his worth as well, but he is now speaking differently.

“It’s not like the Wolf Kill came out. I used 250,000 points to produce it.”

“Since the black iron alloy gave birth to this guy, it’s your fortune.”

Hearing it, it is so. Without the black iron alloy, the Wolf Kill would not have existed.

“How many points is this worth?”

“I didn’t ask how much it is. Odin, how much is it if you calculate it by points?”

-[Since the materials are not constant, it is not sold as a completed product. If you need to calculate, 450,000 points is appropriate.]

450,000. Just as Odin expected, it is a weapon that could be used until level C missions. For now, he only needs to focus on upgrading basic gear.

Park Jin Hyuk scratched the side of the building with the Wolf Kill. A line forms.

Since he switched the on function, it dug in deeply. It would not be a problem to cut not only level 3 mutants, but also level 4 if they are unprotected.

“What do you think?”


Park Jin Hyuk drew a line across his neck with his hand. It is a certain gesture.

The way he looked at it, getting caught on the Wolf Kill means death. The more minor mutants will be done with just a slight cut. It is the legendary excalibur sword.

Cha Jun Sung did a time attack of 3 days in the experimental mission for the Wolf Kill. After killing and killing, the place had turned bleak.

“The Head Hunter looks stupid.”

“Let me see it for a second.”

Park Jin Hyuk handed him the Head Hunter. It is twice as heavy as the Wolf Kill.

It is 2m long and weighs 60kg. It looks like a grenade launcher with a muzzler. It is clunky.

“It’s heavy, so I can’t snipe with it while on the move.”


Sniping on the go needs a clean shot. Forget the weight, the rebound is severe. The average person cannot lift it and it could break a shoulder when shot.

“I’m going to try shooting it.”


This is the first mission they are going in together in 10 days, but they are only playing with their weapons.

A shot fires from the Head Hunter. Even a target 2km away is captured in the scope, and has the power to kill through a steel sheet.

“It hurts. Someone wouldn’t even be able to shoot it if you gave it to them.”

He only fired one shot and his shoulder is stiff. Rest is needed every time a shot is fired.

Cha Jun Sung aimed at a nearby building. He wants to see the strength of the explosive bomb. The purpose of purchasing the Head Hunter is for the explosive bomb, capable of mass destruction.

Something resembling a k4 grenade flew out and reduced the building’s outer wall to ashes. The rebound was worse than that of the bullet, but it is comparable to a grenade as the description had said.

“You’ll have to be careful when you shoot it. With the wrong move, you could kill your allies.”

“Input complete!”

There is always danger in using weapons. It would not be a weapon if it is safe. A weapon is a weapon. They must keep that in mind. With this, they ended their personal maintenance.

“When do we meet the new candidates for a party?”


There is no contact from Koharu yet. Cha Jun Sung worries that something may have happened.

He only received her message 6 days after she had sent it. He had seen it too late. Since he sent his response 10 days ago, it has been 16 days.

“Is her sibling also a woman?”


Hee hee!

Park Jin Hyuk smiled widely. He had not shown it, but it was a drag to always be going around with a man. They will be revitalized if there is a flower in their team.

Woo woo!

A mutant heard the explosion and is approaching them. They prepared for battle.

“It’s coming.”

“I want to hurry up and meet the new party members.”

Cha Jun Sung admitted it. He fully trusted Park Jin Hyuk. He is pickier than anyone else. If he does not like them, they cannot enter their party.

‘I am waiting.’

Mizuki Koharu, what are you doing that you are not responding?

A mistake? Letting their guard down? They had been unlucky. They had gone into the wrong path during the mission. The result was that they had invaded the habitat of level 3 mutants, which had nothing to do with their mission.

It only took moments for the reward points to increase from 5000 to 8000.

If it had been a formal force operated by a large guild, they would have been able to retaliate in some way. However, the limitations to a piecewise force are clear.


Mizuki Koharu took her sister, Kyoko, by the hand and ran away.

13 Lifers are following behind her. They cannot quit the mission because they are being tracked. They need to get away from the mutants or kill them.

It is a mutant that is impossible to kill with the current members’ skills and equipment. Even the mutants in the original mission were scared of these.

“Ko, Koharu!”

“Run! We’re dead if we stop!”

Koharu held tightly to Kyoko’s hand. Even with the 2nd stage of body modifications, the female body is weak. They do not receive the effects that healthy men get.

The escape lasted for 1 week. They cannot help but tire out in this environment.

After wandering around the same place, they retreated to the area where they were first summoned. It is a prison where hundreds are held. As the outside is blocked, they have an advantage in defense.

They hunted the Lifers one at a time. Very slowly. Even though it is a piecewise party, 100 people was reduced to 15.

They had been massacred without even being able to go through with the mission that they needed to do in the first place. The more surprising part was that they had not fallen to adults, but 2 babies.

Koharu stayed alive until now because of her skill and because 85 people died before her. The order of killings was decided randomly.

“It’s the prison!”

At that cry, the Lifers brought up the remainder of their strength to speed up.

They can see a building on top of a secluded mountain. The exact destination is a special facility that imprisons criminals. Other than the entrance, everything is closed in.

“Ah! We survived! Let’s all take a break and figure out how to kill them!”

The Lifers had been devastated while taking advantage of the features.

They were in a rush to run away, so they did not have the chance to think about it. Since they have some of their basic necessities, they need to plot how they will get rid of the crazy monsters.

A few seconds passed since they yelled that they are alive. A crescent-shaped blade the length of half of a human penetrated and came out through the waist.


The Lifers’ faces went blue at the painful groan.

They had been mistaken in thinking that they had gotten away. They were moving similarly. They had been playing into the mutants’ hands in the first place.

A mutant 2m tall slices up the Lifer. It is big, but it does not look to be an adult. The way it uses the knife on its arm is also awkward.

Behind the baby, 3 mutants dropped down from the trees. 2 of them are complete adults and 1 is about two heads shorter because it is still developing.

The 2 adults looked at the baby with pleased expressions. It is inexperienced, but its hunting skills are advancing. It just needs to work a little bit harder.

It would have been nothing for the adults to hunt and slaughter the Lifers, but they had left them as practice for their babies. They only wanted to get involved when it is dangerous.

Koharu went into the prison and turned her head back. She saw a Lifer who had been ripped into a rag and the mutants standing still and looking at them.


The strongest level 3. Slayers, which are gifted in hunting, are the culprits that had killed 86 of the Lifers. The other 14 lives would be the same.

The male Slayer said something to the larger child. At that, it chased the Lifers with the small child. The adults watched without moving.


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