LM Volume 2 Chapter 57

Volume 2 / Chapter 57

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“Fresh air!”

He stroked the Wolf Kill. All he had done was to purchase a weapon, but he felt reassured.

If he gets an item like the battle shoot later, would it feel like he has the whole world? It could, but his heart would not flutter as much as it did the first time.

Cha Jun Sung whistled and entered an area covered in housing.

This is a small village with a population of 20,000. The mission goal is annihilation. He just has to sweep them. His Wolf Kill and red fire hung from either side of his hip.

A gun is absolutely necessary unless it is a mission far below standards. Lifers who are part of a melee like Cha Jun Sung have restrictions to how much of their ability is shown.

Even with Park Jin Hyuk, he can do his worth as a sniper as long as he has a rifle.

However, an attack group could go wrong if a move is even slightly off. Gear makes the difference to go up against mutants. That is why they hold guns.

There is no way to get rid of these tiring restrictions other than to go through the 4th stage of body modifications and use the battle shoot. Until then, he must always be careful.


“Stop waiting around and come out. I came to go to war.”

A mass of mutants holding crude weapons walked out from a shaded area. There were only a few level 2 mutants and the rest are level 1.


The transition of the A virus is decided in the first infected tribe. Just as an infected human cannot become an infected plant, the reverse is also impossible.

Walkers, cannibals, Crawlions and Spectres all started as humans.

Hatcheries are very rare, but it is known as having come from a cell like an amoeba in the virtual version. It is not a human victory, but a cell victory.

Walkers come gathering in. Their physical ability is somewhere in middle to top of level 1.

They use tools to support their lack of physical ability, but there are more humanoid mutants that use weapons than those that do not.

“After playing with Spectres, you guys are frustrating.”


Cha Jun Sung approached the Walkers within moments. He had been about 60m away, but he moved that distance within 5 seconds.

If the weight of the gear on his body is all combined, it is that of a person. If it had been his bare body, it would not have even taken 4 seconds. That speed is running 100m in 6 seconds.


Cha Jun Sung leapt with a running force and slashed down his Wolf Kill. A Walker raised a metal pipe and covered its head. It is a reflex action.

As the metal pipe cut, the Walker was broken into pieces. There was leftover power and he stabbed down to the ground. He had not even turned on the vibration function. It is a tremendous cutting force.

Cha Jun Sung rotated his body and swept the Wolf Kill 360 degrees. Walkers coming at him from all directions were cut up and squirmed in pain.


The Wolf Kill’s blade is electric. A weak vibration rang through his hand. In that state, he stabbed a Walker and brought it up. Nothing was blocked.


Cutting tofu with a knife? Slashing through water? Bones and muscle did not get caught. It was over if the blade touched it ever so slightly. The offensive power increased abnormally.

A Walker hit the back of Cha Jun Sung’s head with a stick. He was okay because he was protected by a helmet. Even without the helmet, he would not have been wounded.

His current skeletal strength is almost that of steel. His muscle is also as firm as rubber. He is not in a state where he can be brought down so easily with a few hits.

Cha Jun Sung brandished the Wolf Kill diagonally at the Walker that hit him. It hit the wall behind it and left a mark.

Once he hit the whole wall, the mounting antagonism was felt.

The Walkers were surprised and stepped away from Cha Jun Sung. Dozens of them died. He is too strong. He is fine even if he is hit, and he did not even get tired.

“I guess they’ll die even if I throw them slightly.”

Cha Jun Sung took the pin off of the grenade. When one fights with many, the advantage is that he only needs to watch himself. Other than that, everything is a disadvantage.

The grenade went off in the middle of the Walkers. Their flesh scatters. Since they are all gathered together, he did not need to put in much strength to get rid of them all at once.

Ha ha!

Cha Jun Sung’s eye became red. He had gone slightly crazy. Lifers who went through body modification always work to keep their sanity under control.

It is an unofficial aftereffect, so it becomes nothing if it is not focused on. It is not difficult since they only need to pay a little attention to it.

The problem is the building stress. They need to release it occasionally. That is why Cha Jun Sung does as he wants when he goes into a solo mission.

If he leaves his body to the madness, the offensiveness to killing mutants disappears.

He is becoming a killing machine. In a militant aspect, it is more effective to go crazy than to try to maintain sanity. The only this is that it is only useful when alone.

They need to go crazy while seeing the state of the party or force. Whatever they can see in front of their eyes is an obstacle. In this regard, there are bad cases with Lifers.

He has not completely lost himself to the madness. There is still some sanity left.

Usually, it takes 5 days to complete a 3000 point mission. At this rate, it could be shortened to 3 days. It is record-breaking. He gives this honor to the Wolf Kill.


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  1. didn’t seem like he needed the new weapon for this mission. I had thought 3000pt was a risky mission but this seems many times easier than what was mentioned.

    1. It said that he could’ve completed the mission even without it, but it’s a fact that it was much easier with it.

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      ‘It is an unofficial aftereffect, so it becomes nothing if it is not focused on. It is not difficult since they only need to pay a little attention to it.

      The problem is the building stress. They need to release it occasionally. That is why Cha Jun Sung does as he wants when he goes into a solo mission.’

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