LM Volume 2 Chapter 48

Volume 2 / Chapter 48

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The Spectre that made a fuss in the middle of the force fled the spot without delay. It wanted to escape without getting greedy.

Somehow, it escaped to the spot where Park Jin Hyuk was standing. He was clenching his teeth and holding an automatic crossbow. His rifle is on the container box.

“Hey, what are you going to do with that? Get down!”



Park Jin Hyuk quickly bent over. Cha Jun Sung appeared from behind and jumped a few meters into the air. He pulled the sword from his belt and brandished it.


The Spectre swished its nails and blocked the sword. The repulsive force was great even though its muscular strength is incredible. However, it did not back down.


Cha Jun Sung fought with the Spectre. The force could not shoot. They were moving around so much that they could hit him by accident.


While Cha Jun Sung bought time, Park Jin Hyuk climbed up the container box and retrieved his rifle. He did not go back down. He aimed at the Spectre right away.

Bang bang!

“Mutants entered the passage!”

“Diversion tactic?”

The iron door was torn off. A mutant that looked as if it was wearing iron armor all over its body, walked into the passage. Just by looking at it, it was clear it had the role of a tank.


Bullets bounce off of its body. The Tanker covered its face with both arms and it was as though a barricade was coming through.

It is a species that had not been seen in the virtual version. The nest could identify the force’s weapons and style to create new mutants to take them on.

It is pushing through. Guns do not work. They need to raise their fire power.


The Claymore went off. The Spectre’s defense must not work against a bomb, because its arm fell off. They had no time to suspect that it was dead.

“Keep setting them off! Throw bombs too! Grenades too! They’re coming at us in a line!”

There was not just 1 Tanker. Excluding the one that is dead, there were 7 of them.

The Tankers did not advance together. If the Claymore goes off, they would all feel the impact. They came in sequentially, a few meters apart.

Impact and shot grenades only buy a bit of time. Shot grenades had less effect in particular because are for noise rather than destruction.


They were through the Claymores they had installed ahead of time. It is dangerous, but they even threw them and then clicked the switch. They need to block the advance in any way they can.

“Push forward!”

“I’ll wrap it up!”

After killing without thought, only 1 Tanker was was left. It would be over with 2 grenades. They could kill the Crawlion outside with a gun.

The Lifer who was about to throw the grenade felt pain in his neck and touched it. Blood was flowing out. He lost strength and fell to the ground.


Kya kya!

A Snatcher cut the Lifer’s neck and immediately changed its target. It is a level 2 mutant as small as a Kawod, but with blades like scythes on its elbows.



There are 10 of them. It used its speed to fly around the area.

The Snatchers followed the path the Spectre had taken. Since the Tankers and Crawlions cannot climb walls, they had the role of diverting attention.

The nest’s diversion tactic created chaos in the warehouse.


When the Snatchers’ entry halted the attack, the 8 Crawlions that had been waiting got through the passage while wielding their muscles. They had started battle.

The defensive ring that they had thought to be sturdy, had easily come apart.

Pew pew!

Puk puk!

2 shots that had been waiting punctured holes in the head of one Snatcher that was climbing on top of a Lifer. It flailed and died.


Pat pat.

As the Snatchers scattered, they figured out the source of the bullets. There is an enemy aiming at them from a high position. They need to get rid of the bothersome enemies first.



Park Jin Hyuk put his gun down and jumped to another container box. Aiming at such a fast and continuously moving target is useless.


He moved a distance of 5 to 6 meters in one go. He fell back and had his automatic crossbow ready for attack. The Snatchers hid their bodies at the siege of arrows.

They run on the sides and ceilings of container boxes to chase after Park Jin Hyuk. Even with his body modification, they caught up to him quickly because it is a limited distance.


“You think I’ll lose to guys smaller than me? You little kids!”

Park Jin Hyuk went at them with a dagger in his left hand and an automatic crossbow in his right. With his current senses, he could detect the Snatchers’ movements.

Snatchers are really nothing if he is just careful with their speed and the blades on their elbows. They have poor stamina, so the situation is over with one arrow.






Cha Jun Sung took a few steps backwards. He was dizzy from the Spectre’s attack. It went for all parts of his body – if he avoided its nails, he had to watch out for its tongue.

Its tongue changes shape freely. Long to try and catch him, sharp to stab him, and blunt to hit him. It used various methods to bother Cha Jun Sung.

He yielded his sword multiple times, but it bounced off like it is rubber and he did not even leave a wound. It is also so strong that he almost had his sword taken away.


Cha Jun Sung shouted and ran at the Spectre. He matched the speed he was running at and cut horizontally with his sword.

The Spectre’s lower body pressed to the ground. It hit the side of the container box, stuck to the wall, and hit Cha Jun Sung’s back with its tongue.


Cha Jun Sung fell. It felt like he had been beaten with a club.

It would be easier to handle if he could just incapacitate its tongue, but it provides him with a physical challenge when it can reach a distance of over 5 meters.

‘If only I had the blade!’

The blade has the strength to cut through cement. If he incapacitates the Spectre’s tongue and nails, all that is left is its physical ability.

If there is too much of a difference in the level of the mutant that he needs to face, it will not be able to handle even with good gear. However, he could take on a Spectre.

Pew pew!

His red fire drew a line on the wall that the Spectre is stuck to. Even when he identifies its movements and fires in the expected direction, it moves to avoid all of the shots.


The Spectre was also annoyed. Its instinct is at work, telling it not to lose the prey it had focused on. But that prey is stronger than it thought it would be.



“Over there! Chase it!”

“Catch it!”

The Lifers corner the Spectre. As there are so many of them, the Spectre had small wounds every time it killed a Lifer.

Park Jin Hyuk is in a bloody battle with 8 Snatchers from the top of a container box. And the passage is chaotic because of the Crawlion.


The Spectre that Cha Jun Sung was fighting with requested help from its brother.

If it leaves this prey and goes, there will be problems. It is not systematic thought, but it just felt that way.

“Where are you trying to go?”

Cha Jun Sung smirked. If its thoughts are elsewhere, it cannot focus on what it needs to do.

That is the same for humans and mutants. The Spectre was already conflicted between its instinct to kill Cha Jun Sung and the thought that it needs to save its brother.


The Spectre that the Lifers had cornered, expressed its pain. If it stays in one place for even a moment, dozens of bullets follow it. It needs to move without resting.

The Lifers beat the Spectre in a fight of volume. Unless it is extremely strong, it cannot underestimate the difference in numbers.


The Spectre made up its mind and got on the wall to go to its brother.

“I won’t let you go!”

Cha Jun Sung stepped on the container box and went up. He cannot ride the walls or ceiling like mutants can, but it is possible for him to chase it with the current state of his body.

Pew pew!

He used his red fire to make it go in the direction that he wanted it to go in. A few bullets hit it, but it did not penetrate the muscle because the fire power is weak.


“There’s another Spectre!”

“Even the one that was running away is coming back!”

The Spectre that Cha Jun Sung is chasing swiped at the side of the Lifers. To make matters worse, the one that had been running away changed its course and came down.

The troops are collapsing under the Spectres. It is normally a power that they can cope with, but the Lifers were stopped under an attack while they had their guard down.

“It’s here!”

Cha Jun Sung had his sword held inverted and jumped from a container box. The Spectre that had been fighting with him saw him and moved to avoid him. It knows that he is dangerous.

However, the other Spectre was drunk on slaughter and instead of moving, it scratched with its nail.

Cha Jun Sung turned in the air, avoided the nail, and stuck the sword in the Spectre’s head. It is its fault for mistaking Cha Jun Sung as an average human.


The Spectre’s brain had been penetrated, and it screamed and flailed to try to remove the sword. It was no use. Even if it got the sword out, the wound is there. It will die.


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