LM Volume 2 Chapter 44

Volume 2 / Chapter 44

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-[You have gotten through the beginning of the Biology Institute and entered the center.]

As soon as the door to the cargo lift opened, they received a welcome and unexpected notice.

The journey through the beginning had finally ended and they were moving on to the next step. The lifts were large enough to hold all of the force members with space for more.

It had not been created for transportation at first, but since it was aimed for large capacity loads, it was easy to load and move people with it.

“The warehouse is as big as a gym.”

“What do they have saved here? Is this too related to the linked special mission?”

One Lifer approached a container box and tried opening it. It has a padlock on it but that does not matter.

-[You have discovered a large object. The linking special mission is starting.]

-[Level E Special Mission: Procurement]

-[Goal: Attainment]

-[Content: Move the materials into the briefing room regardless of the type.]

-[Reward: 1 point per 1kg]

“The food storage and hospital are the same.”

“Tsk! If the space compression bag were big enough, we would have gotten a few thousand points.”

There was so much that Hocheon could not keep all of it to themselves, but they did not bother putting their hands on it. The absence of space compression bags is a big reason why.

Even if they had them, there would be no room inside because it would be full of items they need to take care of the mission.

“What a waste.”

“It’s however you think about it.”

Cha Jun Sung looked around the warehouse. If all of it was taken to the briefing room, it would be worth a few million points.

If the food warehouse and hospital was added, they would no longer need to worry about points. If they complete the mission however, there is no re-entrance.

It is a type of balance. There is a limit to the points that they can obtain.

With the underpass that Park Jin Hyuk found, it could not be seen as a completing with killing the blood-sucking insects. The blood-sucking lord needs to be killed for it to be over.

Repeating the task of emptying the bag and filling it again seems to be ignorant.

If someone enters the mission during that time, it becomes like a dog chasing a chicken. The reality version that Lifers experience is not forgiving enough to allow for tricks to work.

It is an enclosed space with restricted access, save for a few cargo lifts. It was ominously silent. They could only hear the sound of wind leaking in from somewhere.

“It’s the entrance.”

“Is there just one?”

As they walked along the container box, they quickly found the entrance door. Unlike the lift, there was just one. It seems they have to leave through that door.

It has a door like a valve because it stores important material. The handle did not turn whether it was because it is locked or rusted over.

Chun Myung Ik called one of his guild members. The man cut the valve with a fever cutter from the space compression bag. They carried with them all sorts of items.

It did not cut in one try. It took quite a while to open the door, but it was still better than making a lot of noise by trying to open it with a bomb.


The door opened up to a narrow passage like a train compartment. One person at a time? If they tried to fit two people in, it would be packed tight.

Now it was time to input the seekers, but Chun Myung Ik spoke to the Lifers who asked for equal hunting opportunities.

-[Go in.]

-[You’re telling me to go in there?]

-[Of course not. I’m telling all 15 people who came to me yesterday.]

-[I’ll turn it down. If we go in and a mutant comes at us, won’t we be the ones taking the hit? Put in the seekers like you normally do!]

At that, Chun Myung Ik touched his face. Hocheon’s guild members held their breaths. It is behavior that he shows when he is really angry.

-[Do you swallow it if it’s sweet and spit it out if it’s bitter?]

-[What are you talking about?]

-[I told you to fall back if you don’t have the confidence and now you’re saying that you want to put the seekers in because it seems dangerous? I’m sure I told you that I don’t like people who don’t keep their word.]

The Lifers shut their mouths as though glued. Their shock was apparent. Everything that Chun Myung Ik was saying is correct.

“They’re caught.”

“Chun Myung Ik is obnoxious, but they won’t be able to refute that.”

He had given them the opportunity to hunt because they had frustrations about the slow progress. However, they are trying to pull out now because it is a dangerous situation.

No matter how much they tried to look at it in a good light, they could not. They were completely trapped. Chun Myung Ik had justified reason to condemn those who disobeyed him.

-[If you will not go in, I’m going to send the list of your names to all guilds in Korea. If you can’t follow through, you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place.]

-[You can’t do that!]


It is an extreme measure and it is possible with Hocheon’s influence.

The 15 Lifers looked at each other. It is safer the later they go in.

If they are being forced to go in, they need to avoid being at the forefront. Everyone looked at one person. The first Lifer who brought up the issue to Chun Myung Ik.

He looked like he was going to cry. He would turn back time if he could.

The Lifers went into the passage. They do not have a choice.

It is not a width that can hold 100 people, so they went in 20 people at a time from the beginning. Cha Jun Sung was in the 2nd half of the group.

There were thick and thin pipes all over the passage walls.

The surface itself is a sturdy steel. It would be difficult for a mutant to get through. The ceiling and floor were similar. All they have to do is be careful with the front.

Since it was the basement and there was not much ventilation, the internal temperature was high. Tension and heat mixed to make them sweat. It felt bad, but they endured it.

Each time they opened the door, the group leader was relieved. They were on edge just in case a mutant might appear.

It was when the door opened for the 4th time. The view changed suddenly from that of a place they needed to go into a place that they need to escape from.

They could not go out recklessly. They were going out as though waiting for something.

The group leader put his vision goggles on. The range is short because it is a basic model. The effect was weak as well because the wall is thick. Only the open front is clear.

-[Go forward.]

‘Damn it!’


Chun Myung Ik’s radio reacted the same as if it were the leader’s.

It was strangely dark even though the power had been turned on. Why is this? Is it something the mutants did? As they relaxed, they started having other thoughts.

Their feet became heavy with tension. They could not get out because they might be attacked by surprise in their blind spots. One Lifer threw a photothermal grenade after thinking a while.

The grenade flung far hit the ground and gave off a bright light. As it is an open space without obstructions, the brightness had its best effect.

‘Chair? Table? Vending machine?’

‘Is it a rest area?’

A few people from the leading group stuck their heads out and looked around.

They could not figure out the situation outside by seeing what is inside the door. What could they do when they did not want to expose their bodies but stick their heads out.

They were in desperate need of navigation equipment, but the point consumption for that would be severe.

There are commonly seen products on the market.

Their first impression was that it is a rest area for public use. They could be wrong but this was their feeling. Fortunately, they did not see any mutants.

‘Seems empty.’


One Lifer let out a deep breath. The hot breath rode the air and spread throughout the rest area.


A sound similar to a heartbeat rang in the leading group’s ears.

It was weak at first, but it grew loud enough for all of the force members to hear. It is a living sound that a machine cannot make – there is no doubt that it is a mutant.

Sniff sniff!

They are certain that it is the heartbeat of one being. It just seems like several hearts were beating at the same time and after overlapping multiple time, it was like a drum was being pounded mercilessly.

-[It’s a hatchery.]

Cha Jun Sung unintentionally revealed the mutant’s identity in the radio.


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