LM Volume 2 Chapter 43

Volume 2 / Chapter 43

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Unlike the other Lifers, Cha Jun Sung did not have a problem with it. He had chosen this. He even thought it convenient that he did not have to do anything but watch.

Park Jin Hyuk was also relaxed and had a drowsy expression.

Several hours had passed since they entered the lab. In that time, they had engaged in fights just 3 times and each time, 200 mutants had turned up like the first time.

It seemed the mutants were coming at them with numbers since the Lifers came in as a force.

“We could handle the beginning on our own.”

“Level 3 is the issue. Since the goal is getting the path to the middle, it’s probably there, but it wouldn’t be weird if they turned up now either.”

What if they were at ease because it is the beginning and a Level 3 turned up amongst the Level 1s and 2s?

The aspect they must not overlook in missions even more so than the mutants is change. If a change in the flow occurs, everything becomes a mess.

“Looks like we’ll be here a few days.”


“I’ll draw a map.”

Park Jin Hyuk activated the hologram on his PDA. It had memo and drawing pad functions, so it was useful for writing information down.

He must memorize the entire situation including the terrain and mutants.

If it really is a linking mission, they may need to come here often.

He could not guarantee that they would be coming as part of a force the next time, but if they made the evaluation that they could handle it between the two of them, they would come in before Hocheon could make another attempt.

Whether it is 1 person or 2 people, no one else can enter a mission until the leader of the party that entered first comes out. Life is speed. There is no sharing.

‘Let’s enjoy this freedom.’

He looked peaceful, but his eyes and head were attacking the lab.




They went around and around for 5 days. Chun Myung Ik is a man and he kept his word. They did not move on to the next area until they cleaned one out.

A mission that started with tension became covered in annoyance.

Park Jin Hyuk swore about Chun Myung Ik randomly. He is ignorant and only hunting. As the same situation kept repeating, the mission became long and extremely tedious.

“I can’t take this anymore.”

“Me neither.”

“What is he doing? This is too much. We’re not just lookouts.”

The other Lifers expressed their complaints out loud. They could understand bribes and take-alls because they were told about this ahead of time. The issue was that there was no progress.

If they finish like this, all they come out with are 2500 reward points.

They wanted to speed up the mission even if it meant catching less mutants, but Hocheon did not seem to have any intentions of doing so.

A take-all and this situation are completely different. Lifers had participated in this level D mission while knowing that they are at a disadvantage, for the experience.

If this was a level E mission, they would have earned about 10,000 points by now.

“Looks like they’re going to start something.”

“It’s just that they ask for too much patience, but it’s not like there’s nothing to get out of this.”

They had stayed in the lab for a long time, but he had learned a lot. And in a broad view, they had been able to see the difficulty level of the beginning of a level D mission.

Nearly 2500 level 1 mutants appeared. There were over 30 level 2 mutants.

Even with that, they had not been able to reach the middle. The map is vast and according to the region to perform in, it is important to know how to use the facility.

Because power becomes the operation, there is freedom in a primitive life. The boiler turned on in the room with the Lifers and it would have even been possible to take a warm shower.

In the food warehouse, there was abundant food for all of the force members to eat for 1 year. Though it was worn out, it even had a medical facility as a lab should.

If only there were no mutants, they could have figured out the food, clothing, and shelter in the lab.

The more interesting thing was that if there was a well-informed Lifer, he would be able to dominate the lab’s main system like the helpers.

Then they would be able to find out the lab’s exact configuration and why it was founded. They might even be able to find out some secrets of Life Mission.

The question was of how many people there were in the world who would be able to do this.


15 Lifers went to Chun Myung Ik who was taking a break amongst Hocheon members. It seemed they were going to voice their complaints like Park Jin Hyuk had said.

“Look here, Mr. Chun Myung Ik.”

“Do not call the master by his name. Show respect.”

The raid leaders blocked the Lifers. They looked like loyal servants.

“Name? Respect? Are you filming a soap opera?”


Ha ha!

The Lifers laughed when the raid leader became angry. Chun Myung Ik is only a master to Hocheon. He is just Mr. Chun Myung Ik to Lifers.


“You get to the point.”

Chun Myung Ik had the raid leader back down and asked the Lifers why they had come to him.

“I’ll be direct. Until when are we going to keep going in circles?”

“I think we told you.”

“If you were going to take so much of our time, you should have told us on the notice or before entering. What are we supposed to do if you tell us once we’re inside?”

Chun Myung Ik looked into the Lifer’s eyes. In the sudden eye match, the Lifer was pushed down by his opponent’s force, but he endured it with his trust in his colleagues.

“Did you really not know?”

“So you[re saying you didn’t do anything wrong because this is something that other guilds do as well?”


“You’re joking.”

Hocheon’s infamous ways are like a practice. Lifers are not completely ignorant to this.

However, there is a difference between hearing about others falling to it and going through it yourself. There is no loss like this. There was a need for calculations.

Lifers needed to choose between quitting the mission and going through with the mission the way Hocheon wants to. Chun Myung Ik listened quietly and then filled the rest of their words.

“So it seems like you’re asking for the chance to hunt equivalent to Hocheon’s.”

The Lifer coughed as though he had hit the bullseye. Anyone, not just Chun Myung Ik, could think like this. He thought for a moment before speaking.

“You 15 take part time shifts at the front, hunting the mutants.”


“Really. Just one thing! You have to fall back right now if you don’t have the confidence. I really don’t like people who take back what they say.”

The Lifers were happy with Chun Myung Ik’s decision. They had already gotten an idea of the lab’s pattern. They could kill hundreds as long as a level 3 does not appear.

Even if it does appear, the force members would help. It is a golden opportunity.

“Are you finished?”

“Ha ha! It’s a good thing the master of Hocheon isn’t too stiff.”

The Lifers were satisfied with the result and went back laughing.


Cha Jun Sung saw everything that had happened and felt off about it. He thought Chun Myung Ik would have rejected them, but he gave in so easily. He is less fun that expected. Unless he is up to something.

-[Let’s go.]

The short break ended and Chun Myung Ik stepped in for the progression. After solving the problems of the discontented, the mood of the force became much lighter.


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