LM Volume 2 Chapter 42

Volume 2 / Chapter 42

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It is an open space like a tunnel. Nothing was visible because of the darkness where no light entered. It was damp and heavy.

The starting point was quiet. It is as an area specified by the helper should be.

A red light flashes. The force members’ vision goggles had turned on. As their vision sharpened, they could see around them.

There is a difference with built-in features, but everyone had vision goggles because their equipment was on the better side.

“Is this the path to the laboratory?”

“This scale is no joke.”

It is not certain where it is open until. It was not uncomfortable even though 100 people had gathered. If the path is to this extent, the laboratory will be incredibly large.

“I think it’s a linking mission.”

“It could be.”

Park Jin Hyuk whispered. He thought that it was impossible to reach the sample on the last floor with the current Lifers’ standards.

There is a high probability that as with the underpass, it is a linking mission where the level of difficulty becomes higher as they travel in. Until the middle is the limit that the force is to be allowed.

A catastrophe could arise if they stepped into this without tension, but he did not think that Chun Myung Ik would be that stupid.

“Who activated the radio feature?”


“I did as well.”

“We can do it too.”

Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk also raised their hands. If they use the radio feature, it is possible to deliver a messy situation and react quickly.

“We’ll match them to frequency number 6.”

-[Ah ah! Can you hear me?]

-[I can hear you.]


The voice is clear. It was just right in dealing with a large scale of members. Those without radio features agreed to follow the Hocheon guild members’ orders.

-[Seeker input.]

10 seekers in simple gear went into the tunnel ahead of the force.

The vision goggle range is 100m. It is extremely efficient on this kind of straight road. It is an invisibility cloak that conceals a moment’s appearance.

A clear system is not visible because it does not have the former system of the virtual version, but they could work out a frame.

A mechanical engineer who uses all sorts of means like stealth, search, laser, sniper, hand-to-hand combat blader, professional terrorist.

There is even a medic who has the ability to fight and is also specialized in medical equipment.

There are hundreds of occupations in the virtual version. If they gather points and purchase equipment, Lifers’ styles will become more determined.

“Do you think there will be something outside?”

“Don’t you think it’ll be a desolate desert, the middle of nowhere, or in the middle of the sea?”

There is no detour.

It is a cul-de-sac.

Behind them, an iron door of a thickness they cannot guess is blocking the way. There has not been a Lifer who escaped the mission area, and no one who escape had anything good to say.

Unnecessary curiosity brings trouble. It is wise to only do what they are being told to do.

-[200 meters in front, we’ve discovered an object similar to the iron door behind us.]

-[We found a door that one person can go through. Force, proceed.]

Chun Myung Ik signaled with his hand to move them. The force formed a long line and took one step at a time. Cha Jun Sung was going to follow as well, but he did not see Park Jin Hyuk.

He looked around for him and saw him stuck to the iron door behind them.

‘What are you doing?’

‘There’s a door here too. I want to open it.’

‘Follow me.’

Cha Jun Sung took him by the hand and dragged him. Park Jin Hyuk still looked like he wanted to open the door.

When they arrived at the front, a seeker was waiting with the door open.

It seemed opening the door was not difficult. They went inside in turn. About 5 minutes passed and everyone on the force had succeeded in entering the laboratory.


“It’s incredible.”

Even if it is a laboratory, it is a building. When the force members looked at it however, it did not seem to have the configuration of a normal building. It was so wide that it was like looking outside.

It was to the point where they could hold a soccer or baseball match there.

“There are a lot of strange things here because it is a laboratory.”

“It’s perfect for a mutant to ambush in.”

“Be careful.”

“You be careful.”

The Hocheon guild members were quiet but as there were so many Lifers, they could hear a reckless local broadcast. It was difficult to control each person.

-[For a smooth mission process, we will temporarily operate the laboratory power.]

The dark lab lit up brightly. The Lifers took their vision goggles off. More than what they could see, there is nothing they could do about the cumbersome aspect.

“He should have just left it off.”


“We can’t avoid battle anyway. This kind of environment is easier to fight in.”

“We have to take care of it manually if the power doesn’t come in, but how could we do that? If the path to the middle is blocked by an automatic door, what are we going to do then?”

The force members were divided by positive and negative thoughts. If a mutant wakes up, the risk becomes higher but it is convenient in some ways.

Cha Jun Sung was on the positive side. In a mission, not being able to avoid mutants while trying to is an added option. On top of that, is this not their living room?

Since they are used to the darkness, using them is another option.

-[We will not move on until we completely attack one area.]

Chun Myung Ik radioed in. To interpret, that meant he wanted to make sure they kill all of the mutants to get the points before moving on.

The average time to complete a level D mission is 1 week if it is short and 2 weeks if it is long. In this situation, it would take 2 weeks because they are cleaning up the entire place.


“You heard that, right?”


They heard the noise of metal colliding far away. Because obstructions blocked their view, they could not tell what was making the sound.

The force members were not able to hear it and were busy chatting amongst themselves. Chun Myung Ik and Oh Min Ho who had only gone through the 1st stage of body modification were focused on explaining the operation.

If the first metal sound was a fricative noise, the sound now is clearly a mutant’s cry. It is getting closer. As the sound grew louder, Chun Myung Ik reacted later.

-[To the raid circle.]

Hocheon’s raider took out his SMG. It is not visible yet.

“Slow and frustrating, it’s those guys.”

“What type is it?”


“Ah! Demon.”

The cry of demons is unique. A few force members realized what the approaching mutants were. It is similar to zombies that appear in movies.

The difference is that it is not a corpse but a living being. It is an easy opponent as long as they are careful of its vomit, salient with acid solution.

Demons swarm in from everywhere. It is ugly as though a person was melted down.

They were covered by obstructions, but there looked to be 200 to 250. With so many of them coming in early, it shows the difficulty of level D.

-[Aim a shot each and fire.]

Pew pew!

They could only go as fast as human speed would allow them, so they could not even approach them and fell to the floor one by one.

When a bullet goes through them, blood splatters. Compared to their numbers, they were pushed back relatively easily.

There is no reason to take their heads off. Wherever they hit them, all they have to do is get the shot. On the other hand, Chun Myung Ik did not kill them instantly and hoped to end it without acting.


The hail of shooting stopped. Chun Myung Ik and Oh Min Ho looked among the demons sprawled on the ground and happily killed the ones that were still alive.

They are getting all of the points at one time. That is why the point accumulation speed of large guild cadres was so fast. They take others’ points and take the easy work.


They are remaining by the iron door because of Chun Myung Ik’s predation. They need to move diligently if they want to get to the middle. The Lifers followed orders well.

Cha Jun Sung watched the Lifers’ actions and focused on understanding the mission.

He had given up on points before entering the mission.

Instead, he would be gaining something better. First, he needs to find the changes. Even if the answer is different, the goal is to find the formula.

If the points are the same, the difficulty will be similar. Level E was like that as well.

The lab is a large maze. No matter how much they wandered, the terrain did not become more familiar but instead, more complex. This is how large the map of a level D is.

C and B could be guessed to be about the size of a small town. Then the time it will take to complete? It could take at least a few months and up to a few years.

“They’re scraping everything up.”

“They’re persistent.”

There are dozens of rooms where people sleep and warehouses that store items.

Hocheon went around digging through each to see if there would be anything to take.

The comical aspect was that outsiders like Cha Jun Sung were under control, ordered to just follow them everywhere without any other rights.

The tyranny of a large guild. Hocheon was showing them the epitome of a take-all.


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