LM Volume 2 Chapter 36

Volume 2 / Chapter 36

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The Blue House.

The heart of Korea where the president lives. 2 visitors came to this place where not even senior officials could enter without permission.

“Mr. President, the Chief of Staff is here.”

“Send him in.”

When the Chief Secretary opened the door, the Army Chief of Staff with 4 stars on his hat and the Captain with 3 diamonds entered the President’s office.


“Welcome. I was waiting for you.”

The President welcomed them both. It was a light atmosphere where it felt like he would ask how they are, but the reason for their meeting is not light.

For an hour, entry into the Blue House is banned.

Not even the Prime Minister would be able to enter. Dozens of security guards and soldiers were outside the office.

“So this is him.”

“Yes! He is very talented and placed 1st in the exam for Lifer skills in the entire army. He even surpassed the soldiers who are UDT Lifers.”

The President observed the man in his mid-30s. With his 190cm height and strong physique, he seemed invincible.

“Captain! Han Chang Jin!”

“I am familiar with the basic information through the report from the Chief Secretary. For a brief summary, you are saying that you would like to figure out the issue in the army first?”

Months had already passed since Life Mission became reality. As Cha Jun Sung had expected, the government had already completely identified the situation.

“Sir, do you believe that you will be able to control Lifers?”

The President shook his head. There is no way that he would be able to control them personally.

Even super power America was looking into each Lifer’s identity and mollifying them one by one. Clear measures do not come out for Korea.

“Korea’s land and population are small. If we lead the army, we can protect the nation from Lifers with rogue intentions.”

What if a criminal is a Lifer? What is there is no personnel to control these people? Even for an old man, becoming lawless only takes moments.

Sword possession permit?

Firearm possession permit?

It had been a long time since such formal documents had just become pieces of paper. As long as one has the points, they can go shopping for all of the firearms they desire.

Countries have been forced into situations where they need to take measures for national security but as time passes, nations are bound to form unions because they will grow as they combine.

“We’ve seen movements from large companies to create private organizations as well.”

“I know that as well. I am just not doing anything because there is no way to sanction the laws. Within a few months, there will be laws established regarding Lifers.”

If they could not force them, they could place sanctions. They cannot just let Lifers act freely.

“Countries are also trying to create army units made of Lifers.”

The start may be humble, but the goal is to increase the personnel and make it a symbol of Korea, while placing his son, Han Chang Jin, as the Commanding Officer.

This is not because it is his son. Han Chang Jin is a great soldier and Lifer.

He is patriotic and is skilled enough to complete 1500 point missions alone. If he leads Lifers, he will establish his place quickly.

“What extent of treatment are you thinking?”

“I was hoping for the most benefits and precedence that the country can offer.”

“Since we cannot decide it specifically here, I’ll meet you separately.”

The President finished speaking and looked at Han Chang Jin. It seems there is something he wants to say.

“I don’t know this Life Mission game because I have never done it but if it is as the report says, Captain Han was a very famous Lifer.”

Iron King Han Chang Jin.

Like Cha Jun Sung, he was one of the 36 rankers who surpassed the nightmares. Of course he had a separate ID, but he was just called Iron King in the second half.

“It is a meaningless virtual name, President!”

“Even if it is virtual, strictly speaking it is training for reality.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Then I’m sure the other 35 rankers will have achieved what you have?”

Han Chang Jin hesitated in answering the President. The two worlds are different. There is no guarantee that the abilities from the virtual version are manifested in reality.


“If someone’s name is among the rankers, they will be active somewhere.”

The monsters he remembered would be laughing as they ripped mutants apart.

“How many are there in Korea?”

“There are 3 people including me.”

“Are you able to contact them?”

“I would be able to find Ghost Gun through acquaintances, but Overload is difficult.”

Han Chang Jin felt embarrassment as he said the names aloud. He is over 30 years old and saying things like Iron King, Ghost Gun, and Overload like it is a children’s cartoon.


“What is it?”

“Overload has a blog.”


“Yes. That is where he writes his know-how on matters like strategy and weapons. If we find the blog and track the IP address….. we could find him.”

Han Chang Jin swallowed his last words. Tracking an IP address is illegal. It is not looked kindly upon if someone is being tracked.

“Don’t you think there would be an understanding as it is for the country?”

“President, are you thinking of him as a member of the Lifer unit?”

“If he is as great of a Lifer as he is in the game.”

“He likes to play the game solo. He went around by himself inside the game as well. I can tell you for certain that he will not agree to it.”

To start, the way they are trying to find him is wrong. Even if it takes time, they need to find him in a normal way in order to maintain a relationship.

“There’s no reason to get ahead of ourselves. We can talk about that issue later and establish the Lifer unit first. As the President, I approve it.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The father and son saluted. Just as large companies were trying to form private organizations, the government is preparing to defend the nation.




The Director of the U.S. CIA had been under pressure for 2 months now because of an order from the top. No matter how much he investigated, the situation was not resolved.

He was so stressed that his hair was falling out.

“Until when do I need to monitor this? Something needs to come out in order for me to investigate.”

“There really isn’t anything?”

“No, it’s clean. It’s as if an alien came to Earth for a moment and disappeared. All information regarding Life Inc. evaporated.”

Life Inc.

It is a company that appeared 10 years ago and released Life Mission that was like a nuclear storm. This monster game broke countless records.

While it was running, there was never a time when it lost its 1st place position in the game ranking, and it accomplished reaching over 100 million subscribers.

Even now when all traces of it are gone, it is the center of controversy – a secret. Does this make sense? They were not satisfied with the game and made a reality version.

The director was implementing the order to investigate Life Inc. with dozens of agents.

The headquarters of Life Inc. was erected in the center of U.S. Washington DC. The greatest gaming company in the world was operating from a mere 10 story building.

“300 employees disappeared at the same time. We cannot search their identities and they do not have families. No one has seen them since May 9, 2020 either.”

Life Inc. was a strange company from the start. It appeared unexpectedly as if it had fallen from the sky, and it cruised by from then without any problems.

They had 100 million cumulative users, and they always had more than 10 million current users at any given time.

In a state where they had such a strong fan base, if someone just calls for a fee, they would see astronomical profits that large companies could not even speak of.

If they put an advertisement up through the game? The profits increase even more. It is a goose that lays golden eggs. But Life Inc. did not have anything like that.

They offered the game for free and they kept a distance from actions that would bring in profits. They just left the game to become what it may because there were no bugs either.

Money hungry authorities and enterprises made huge efforts to create smooth relationships with Life Inc. in any way they could, but it was all in vain.

When they shook it, not even dust came out. When they set traps, it did not get caught.

Who could have known that gaming company success story Life Mission would create such a fiasco? If they want to find the cause of the reality version, they need to find anyone whether it is the Life Inc. employees or executives.

“This is driving me nuts.”

“I think it’ll be better to pretend you’re searching and to ignore the orders. Nothing comes out no matter how much we dig. It’s not like we can make information up.”

The director sat at his desk and massaged his face. It is easy in words, but the pressure he is receiving in reality is not something he wants to suffer again.

Even if he cannot implement the order, he does not have a problem because he gave it his best. However, that is a cause for being criticized that he cannot do his job properly.


A phone rang with a text message. The agent looked at the director. It is discourteous to check his phone without permission from his supervisor.

“Check it. It could be important.”


The agent took out his phone and checked his message.

[2nd preliminary Lifer selection complete.] [Selection criteria: random 0.1% of men and women from all over the world in their 20s-40s.]


“What is it?”

The agent just blinked and gave his cellphone to the director.

“2nd preliminary Lifer selection? Hey! Hurry up and track the sender to find the location!”

If they track the text, they can find the person who sent it as well as the location that it was sent from.

They are going to find it even if they need to dig through the ground in the middle of a desert. The CIA became busy. A clue they had been so longing for had appeared and they needed to go with it as much as they could.


This time, the director’s phone rang. It was a call, not a text. He subconsciously checked the caller and became tense.

“I understand.”

The director’s tone was serious. The agents could feel that something was off.

“Call all agents who receive a selection text going forward. If you are working, bring him to me even if you need to employ someone else.”

“Who is it that you are being like this?”

“The White House secretary office.”

The agents did not ask questions and left right away. If it is the White House secretary office, it would be the Chief Secretary and the person who had moved him is the President.

August 2, 2020, 5pm.

After the 1st preliminary Lifer selection, the 2nd preliminary Lifer selection began.


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