LM Volume 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1 / Chapter 8

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-[A Kawod has picked up your scent. You had sweat so much in fear of the Cyclops that you got rid of the odorless spray’s effect.]

“You should have told me earlier!”

Cha Jun Sung yelled as he ran to the vent. He had gone up and down it so much that he got up to it with much more ease.

-[It is too late.]


Two Kawods entered the room. Cha Jun Sung stopped his useless movement and grabbed his dagger. He could not show his back to the enemy.

-[The rest of the Kawods are observing the Cyclops from the first floor. This is your chance.]


Cha Jun Sung acted like he was attacking and closed the door to the room. The Kawods who were suddenly trapped scrambled around before giving up and lunging at him.


His long leg hit the stomach of a Kawod running at him.

It was light and flew to hit the wall. Cha Jun Sung threatened the others with the dagger and went to the one against the wall and stepped on him.



There was a sharp pain in his shoulder. The one in good condition had taken advantage of him. He could hear his skin ripping under its sharp teeth.


He was angry. Because of the pain? Because he had been bitten by something half his size? More than that, he was angry with the entire situation he was stuck in.


He stabbed the Kawod’s head with the dagger he had clenched in his fist.

It relaxed its grip as its brain was penetrated, and it fell to the ground. He took out the dagger and stabbed the one that he was stepping on.

“Four Kawods.”

A vehemence came from Cha Jun Sung’s eyes. There were only a few left.

This hell was over if he could just kill those last few. He did not go back into the vent. He intended to just kill them as he saw them.





The last Kawod fell over. He could finally head back.

-[Congratulations. You have cleared the closed area tutorial mission.]

-[You have earned 100 points.]

-[The store is open. Would you like to go to the briefing room?]


When he nodded his head, his vision faded to white just like when he had come to the closed area, and the briefing room appeared. The principle seemed to be similar to dimensional movement.

-[Will you treat your injuries? You will be cured to your normal state with 50 points.]


His clothes had been ripped to rags and he was caked in blood all over his body.

If he went back like this, he would have to live in a hospital.

-[Your treatment will start once you lay in the capsule to the left.]

Cha Jun Sung followed Odin’s instructions. It felt cool. His injuries were healed with 50 points. His clothes remained the same.



He was bewildered. If Odin was a person, he would have beat him up.

-[If you take advantage of the 5260 points you have, excluding the 50 you used, you will be able to raise your chance of survival to the highest for your next mission.]

“Ha ha! It’s so funny my stomach hurts. If I come back here, I’m not a person.”

Why would he come back here? He had a leisurely life where he lived in a good house with a good car and good food. This was the last time he was coming here.

-[You will return.]

“You’re sure?”

-[I am sure.]

“And your evidence for that?”

-[The virtual Overload can become reality.]

Cha Jun Sung blinked at the unexpected response. Odin continued speaking.

-[I will tell you one thing. Body modification is possible in the Level D store.]

-[You can purchase the battle shoot in Level C and the ultimate Hades blade that you prized will be in Level A.]

His head was spinning. Cha Jun Sung was on the smart side. He was interpreting what that meant. He spoke again to check, “You’re saying that what I did in Life Mission is possible in real life?”




Nothing was impossible through science in Life Mission.

As long as he had the money, he could make anything. A fearsome weapon was an accessory and cyborgs that resembled people rolled around like rocks.

If that were to happen on the Earth? It would disrupt law and order.

-[An age where one cannot live without power will soon come to the Earth. You may not want to come at your own will, but something else will push you to return.]

“It’s because of you guys. You can just leave it alone whether it’s reality or virtual.”

-[Are you sure that is so?]

He could not say anymore. Going further than this was going beyond what Odin was permitted. He knew Odin would not reveal any more.

But there was one thing he was clear on. There would be a time when everyone, including Cha Jun Sung, would understand this whole situation.

“Ah! I don’t know! Just send me back for now. I need to clear my mind.”

-[There is a basic manual in your pack. Read it when you have time.]


The light flashed. It made his eyes sting, but he would go through this countless times if he could just go home.

-[Lifer Cha Jun Sung.]

-[Tutorial at Level E, succeeded at Level D special mission.]

Odin recorded Cha Jun Sung’s information on the successful mission after he disappeared, and Cha Jun Sung returned back to his real world.




Cha Jun Sung laid on his bed and laughed. Because he was happy? Because he was baffled. The pack he had received in the briefing room was sitting right in front of him.

He was 99.9% sure that it was reality. But 0.1% of him still believed it was virtual.

“I almost died.”

He had experienced the fear of death that he thought he would not have felt within the next 50 years.

He was not sure if it was a joke from the gods or if it was a test from aliens, but he was sure that it had happened and that it was going to continue to happen.

“Let’s see what happens.”

They had said that the first round lifer selection criteria was creating an account in Life Mission.

That meant that Cha Jun Sung was not going through this alone. If he waited the situation out, forums on this issue would be created.

The human psychology likes to explore. He did not have to bother with it because those with impatient natures would get involved instead.

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    1. This story, as it is right now, reminds me of Terror Infinity…But not without its massive differences as well. The only similarity I pick up on, is simply the tension and mood of the story.
      Psyren, huh? I’ll keep a note about that one.

  1. ….Well.
    It’s kind of silly how many tips the AI gives him. It feels like it takes away from the MC’s self-agency, and his experience. I expected the MC to do a bit more than just operate automatically and let the AI give him all sorts of vital hints.
    I mean, the only thing that’s currently explored, is what the AI is saying. Most of anything else, is already known and done by the MC with very little notice or focus in the narrative. It’d honestly be better if the MC did not have this magical-pet helper, and instead had to rely entirely on himself for crucial decisions.

    Abrupt mission acquisition is still a nice mechanic to the story, but I could certainly do without the extra character.

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