LM Volume 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1 / Chapter 7

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-[He is approaching due to the man’s noise. I recommend you flee.]

“His specialty is the same as it is in the virtual reality version?”

-[It is the same.]

“Then it’s okay. I can hold my breath.”

-[We will generate a special mission with your permission.]

-[Level D mission: Predation of Cyclops] [Goal: Attainment]

-[Scenario: The owner of the closed area appeared due to a reserved lifer’s drunken tirade. Avoid the Cyclops’ detection and watch its predation] [Reward: 5000 points]


It was a name given to him because he looked like the one-eyed giant in Greek mythology. The only difference was that instead of one, there were dozens of eyes on its face.

He boasted a steel-like strength with muscles covering his 9-10 meter long body. His strength was as intense as his size, so he could even crush a truck.

Among mutants with uncanny abilities, he was called an original strength. He was among the top of Level 5.


As the ground and building shook, powder flew. Cha Jun Sung held his breath and looked towards the next building. He could see a large figure.

The Cyclops detects life through their breathing. It is dangerous if one moves wildly, but the Cyclops thinks that someone is inanimate if he holds his breath and is careful in his movement.

The Cyclops’ method is to differentiate between what is potentially harmful and what is not.

“Cyclops? Hah! You’re so mad I killed you that you appear in my dream?”

The man spoke gibberish. Any skilled lifer needed to deal with the Cyclops as a required mission. It was popular one because there were a lot of rewards.



One of the Cyclops’ eyes focused on Cha Jun Sung’s exact location. It looked away after a moment because he did not move and held his breath.

“Come at me asshole! I’ll give you a blast with my +13 Titan!”

Though the man was speaking nonsense because he was drunk, Cha Jun Sung could tell that he was a skilled lifer in the game.

The weapon he mentioned was a laser with tremendous power. It had a weight and volume that only someone at an elite level could lift.

One could handle it by going through body modification and using the battle shoot skill, but it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was not an exaggeration to say that the man had invested his life savings for it.


The Cyclops just rolled its eyes around and did not act. Was it confused because the man did not fear it?


Its thick arm lifted into the air. He stood still with patience. It observed the man out of curiosity, but that was only momentary.


One blow. A part of the building crushed under the Cyclops’ blow.


The man flailed his arms. He stumbled as the roof collapsed under the force. It would have been the same even if he had not been drunk on alcohol.


The Cyclops snatched at the falling man. It was not careful and its strength capable of ripping a man apart showed, destroying the bones in his body.

The man’s broken bones must have dug into his organs, because blood sputtered from his mouth. His eyes rolled back in pain and he began to convulse.

“Cr, crazy…..”

Cha Jun Sung stepped away from the window for a moment to take a breath as he watched the following scene. His body shook as though his own bones were being broken.



The man’s arm was being chewed. The next were his legs, head, and body.

It was obvious that it intended on giving him pain as it ate him. The Cyclops had a horrid personality and was careful with his meals like a gourmet enjoying delicacies.

Smack smack.

It had taken seconds for the man to disappear. The Cyclops smacked its lips as though it wanted more. It was so large that the man had not made a difference.

“I have to hurry up and get out of here.”

The Cyclops was right in front of him. He thought he was going to have a heart attack if he stayed any longer.

-[The mission has not ended. It will be considered a failure if you run away.]

“What? But he killed the man?”

-[That reserved lifer’s death is not the predation I talked about.]

“That that…..”

Cha Jun Sung was silent. Suddenly, he recalled the eye he had seen through the window.

He had used knowledge of its specialty to avoid its sight, but it still focused on his exact location. Other reserved lifers were doing tutorials here.


The Cyclops struck at the building next to the one he had just knocked down.


Reserved lifers emerged. They had been discovered. The Cyclops repeated the same action a few times. At some point, its hand was full.


It squeezed its grip. Blood came pouring down like rain. The Cyclops put them to his mouth and quenched its thirst. It chewed and ate the bloodless bodies.


3 people yesterday.

6 people today.

9 people have died in total.

10 people including Cha Jun Sung. With a rough estimate, the chance of survival was 10%. Even if there were hundreds of thousands of lifers, the number would be reduced quickly at this rate.

“I can go now, right?”

-[The last obstacle remains. It is part of the mission. Stay until the end.]

Cha Jun Sung was going to ask what nonsense that was, but covered his mouth with his hand. The Cyclops’ dozens of eyes were facing him.


His cold sweat fell to the floor. Why was it staying and not leaving? Had he been discovered? If so, he would have the same fate as the other lifers who died.

‘Oof! Go away! I said go away!’

After waiting for 1 minute, he became dizzy and his chest felt stifled.

The Cyclops did not waver. He knew why Odin was telling him not to move on. This was a test. He lived if he got past it, and would die if he could not.

‘Staying longer is too dangerous…..’

He got past 2 minutes. At this rate, he would suffocate to death before the Cyclops killed him.

-[A little longer.]

Odin may not have known because he was a machine, but there was nothing as painful as not breathing. 2 minutes for someone with weak lungs would have been enough to make them faint at the least.


-[Congratulations. You have cleared the Level D mission, Cyclops’ Predation.]

-[You have earned 5000 points.]

-[You have met the conditions to open the store. You can use it up to Level D, and it will open once you clear the tutorial mission.]

He had been lucky.

As Cha Jun Sung was letting out his breath, the Cyclops turned its attention away. He would have become a piece of meat with his blood squeezed out if he had let his breath out 1 second earlier.

-[Oh no.]

“Now what?”

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