LM Volume 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1 / Chapter 4

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“Does the text message send a signal to the capsule and start the update?”

Cha Jun Sung was complaining about the hassle, but he had already pressed YES. He would stop playing, but first he needed to take care of his leftover items.

-[Date and time: May 9, 2020 8pm. Present location: Seoul, Cheomdang-dong, home. Location: 255. 213. Confirming Cha Jun Sung. Running the summons.]



Then he felt something weird. His vision faded to white and he disappeared from his home. The only evidence that he had been there was the warm temperature of his seat.




Cha Jun Sung rubbed his eyes. His focus blurred as he was exposed to a bright light without any protection. His vision returned after blinking a few times.

-[Reserved lifer selection complete. Standard for selection is Life Mission account holders.]

-[Cha Jun Sung.]

-[The only person who completed a Level-S mission in the 10 years of the virtual version of Life Mission by killing the Level 9 Evil Queen mutant, Shapiollin.]

It was the kind of voice that digs into the brain. Maybe because it was monotonous and without emotion. It sounded like the lower level cyborgs he had seen every day.

He could clearly remember downloading the reality version of Life Mission on his phone. The problem was that he was in a strange place when he opened his eyes.

“Who’s talking? Where am I?”

-[This is the briefing room where you will hear the explanation for your mission. It is also where you can learn the value of the equipment you may need to purchase.]

“Did I connect to Life Mission? They said it was suspended.”

Cha Jun Sung was deep in thought, moreso of being connected to the game than suspicious.

-[If you are referring to the connection to the virtual version in the capsule, it has been suspended. Reserved lifer Mr. Cha Jun Sung has connected to the reality version.]

Could it be that he had not been able to identify the situation fully? Cha Jun Sung heard the response to his question, but he could not understand what the unknown voice was saying.

Cha Jun Sung stood aloof for 10 minutes and smirked as he spoke,

“Log out.”

He had not gone to sleep but unless this was a dream, he had connected to the game. If not that, then he could not explain the situation. All he had to do was get out.

-[This is a firm reality. You cannot leave until you complete the mission.]

“Are you joking? You’re saying this is reality? I’m going to go crazy. Have I played the game for too long? I heard that people went crazy from playing Life Mission, but I didn’t think it would happen to me.”

Cha Jun Sung called himself insane as he hit his own head. He felt something on his wrist and lowered his arm to take a look at it.

“A watch smartphone? I don’t wear watches, so what is this?”

-[Through this PDA, you and I are able to communicate whenever we need, even if we are not in the briefing room.]

-[Once you complete the tutorial mission, this device will make it easy to access the store that will open. There are only restrictions on some functions.]

Cha Jun Sung looked around him half in desperation. He did not know where he was, but as time passed, his head cooled.

“It looks like a mechanic’s store from the outside, but its contents seem all-inclusive.”

There were items that beginners could use, along with a body modification room and an item modification room. To put it simply, everything necessary was here.

“Hm. You said this is a briefing room? What do I have to do to get out?”

-[As long as you’ve entered as a reserved lifer, you must complete the mission.]

“Please explain in a way that I can understand.”

Cha Jun Sung was conversing with the voice. He could not believe it, but he had decided to accept the reality. There was nothing he could do even if he wanted to get out.

-[The overall framework is similar to the virtual version. But it is a firm reality.]

-[If you die here, you are actually dying in real life. Starting with the tutorial of the mission that will progress, I, Odin, will be your supporter as well as your helper.]

Odin gave a step-by-step explanation in detail. He did not tell him everything. He was programmed from the beginning to provide just the basics.

“Ha ha!”

Cha Jun Sung laughed blankly as he listened to the explanation. The part of the explanation he liked least was that he would actually die if he died in the game. Honestly, he was still dubious.

It was operated by beings in space. If it was not a dream, it was a game. It had to be. He did not know why he could not wake up or leave, but he figured he would find out something soon enough if he just went along with it.

“Let’s start immediately.”

-[Searching for tutorials appropriate for reserved lifer Cha Jun Sung.]


-[Tutorial mission: Closed areas] [Goal: Escape]

-[Scenario: Escape from a building with A virus infectants] [Reward: 100 points]

Cha Jun Sung frowned. They weren’t telling him to escape without any equipment, were they?

-[Look to your left and there are accoutrements. If you listen to what I say and use them, you will not lose your life.]

Cha Jun Sung found the bag and looked inside. All that was inside was bedding, food, medicine, spray, tape, and a dagger. He wished there was a gun.

-[Are you ready?]


-[Approved. You will be sent to the tutorial mission closed area. Mission start.]


His field of view reversed, revealing a different atmosphere from the briefing room. When he became used to the sudden change in view, a drab building welcomed him.

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