LM Volume 1 Chapter 26

Volume 1 / Chapter 26

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It was weak, but Cha Jun Sung heard it. His amplified hearing caught the sound of a person’s scream.

It seemed one of the party members taken away by the cannibals had died. He felt bad for him but that was it. There was nothing that they could do for the party in the present.

“It’s a scream.”

“I didn’t hear it….. Can you tell where it is?”


He might have been able to locate it if it came out in a series, but it would be difficult to figure that out with one yell. He did get something out of it however. Thanks to the sound, he could tell the approximate direction.

The two of them waited in a storage room to observe the situation. Cannibals wandered around outside, but they did not come in.

This place held conventional weapons right before the disposal, so it was full of scrap metal or broken supplies. The residents before the cannibals, the soldiers, had put them in here.

Park Jin Hyuk’s keen eye had discovered this place. Cannibals do not have a concept of cleaning. They thought that they had nothing to worry about as long as they did not do anything that would call attention to them.


“This….. The walls must be so thick that the goggles can’t function properly.”

“How much of the energy is left?”


“I have 26%. We only have 4 charging kits. If we don’t save it, we won’t last for more than a few days.”

“6 hours per charging kit, 12 hours on power save mode, 24 to 48 hours at most since we have 4, so it’s 27 to 54 hours with the remaining energy.”

The 50m search range was drastically reduced because not only were they underground, but there were a lot of concrete and iron structures. It barely reached a fourth of its normal range.


Cha Jun Sung took out his share of the 2 charging kits and handed them to Park Jin Hyuk. Park Jin Hyuk did not say anything and took them. He knew what it meant.

“Gather them.”


Cha Jun Sung was a blader. He was an expert in melees, so he did not really need to use it. Instead of taking turns using it, it was better to give them all to the sniper.

“We can’t keep staying here…… Should we kill them as we go or hide as we go?”

“There are pros and cons.”

“If we kill them as we go, we’ll reduce their numbers but we’ll be revealing our presence. If we hide as we go, we’ll avoid being seen but we’ll have to keep on alert.”

Park Jin Hyuk stroked his chin. He thought for a moment and hardened his expression.

“Let’s go bold.”


“Lure them into a narrow passage where a surprise attack is impossible and kill everything that comes. Throw a grenade once too many come; we have plenty of supplies.”

10,000 only in bullets, they had packed dozens of different types of bombs including fever shots and grenades. They also had a few remote control claymores even if they had never used them before.

They had filled the space compression bag. If they had anything left over after the mission, they could use it later. It was better to be over prepared.

“I saw a place where we can do this on the way here. It’s close.”

Maybe because Park Jin Hyuk had gotten used to life in the underpass, he was first to identify other locations like places to hide or run away to.

He had memorized the path and characteristics of the structure while they were finding this storage room.

“Your role will be important.”

“I might be on top in terms of firepower, but it’s hollow without you, Jun Sung.”

The cannibals who could only attack in a straight line in a confined space, one shot of the powerful sniper rifle would go through 2 or 3 of them.

If there were too many for them to handle, they could clear it with one grenade at a time.

However, if they did not have Cha Jun Sung actively fighting on the forefront, they would not be able to focus on the fire support no matter how strong the attack was.

“Let’s go out.”



Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk checked their equipment and left the storage room. It is not something they would have been able to do in the open forest, but it would be possible here.




An arrow pierced the forehead of a cannibal turning in the alley. It died instantly. As the smell of the blood spread, more cannibals started gaining interest.

Cha Jun Sung took out the arrow. They could not underestimate the advantage of recycling.

12 died with one. They could kill hundreds if they came one at a time, but only as long as the situation arose.

Park Jin Hyuk laid on his stomach at the end of the alley with his eye to the scope. The sniper rifle did not shake because it was placed on top of the cradle.

They were done researching the area. It was a space so tight it was frustrating. There was a door behind Park Jin Hyuk, but it was storage full of useless material.

This entire area seemed to be designated to storage. Regardless, it was a good space for the them to face many. They would kill them as they saw them.



As soon as a cannibal appeared, Park Jin Hyuk’s sniper rifle fired before Cha Jun Sung’s red fire did. His reaction was as good as a sniper’s should be.

Pew pew!

Cha Jun Sung had nothing to do and observed. They died even if he left them alone. He was helping by staying out of the line of fire.

They did not dwell on the points. They were comrades who would share billions of points in the future. Sincere trust could not be traded for anything.

“Your aim is good.”

“I’m not really aiming either.”

It was the truth. He was not even moving the cradle. The cannibals were putting themselves in the line of the scope. It was all thanks to the small space.


“They’re coming.”


The floor vibrated and the sound came. They could feel more than 100.

They came in hordes because none of them had returned from this place and there was the smell of gunpowder.

Cannibals remember the smell of gunpowder. Before Cha Jun Sung, they had suffered a lot of damages because of Lifers who tried to fight back before they were taken away.

Cha Jun Sung held up his red fire. There won’t be time to take his finger off the trigger. All that was left to do was to shoot until the battle was over.

It was obvious that they would try to overwhelm them with volume. Using the sword would not help.

They could be pushed back if they all came rushing in at the same time. Cha Jun Sung went to the front of the alley to slow them down as they rushed in.

“It’s bloody.”


The cannibals discovered Cha Jun Sung who had appeared suddenly, acted surprised, and glared. They stared at him.

Pew pew!

The red fire set to serial emptied its magazine. The forefront of the cannibals unexpectedly became meat shields for those in the back because they were pushed in.

Beep beep.

Cha Jun Sung hit the switch of the fever shot he set for 10 seconds and threw it above the cannibals’ heads. He could not see where it fell.

He made sure they could not get in with the red fire and counted 10 seconds with the clock on his PDA. With 2 seconds, he escaped to where Park Jin Hyuk was stationed.



A fiery heat engulfed the cannibals. Because there was a destruction radius, the aftermath did not affect Cha Jun Sung who had turned the corner of the alley.

The destruction radius of the fever shot was 15m. If someone was even 1cm outside of this, he wouldn’t suffer any damages. The compressed heat was released to that distance exactly.

“Come take a look. It’s a spectacle.”


Park Jin Hyuk put his sniper rifle down and ran over quickly. He was speechless at the devastation created by the fever shot. It had burned everything.

“It’s no joke.”

“I threw one and it’s like that.”

It did not kill all of the cannibals. 70%? The remaining 30% were not in good condition either.

The ones that had been burned badly were melted and staying alive with their bodies in half liquid state. There were only a few that were capable of movement.

“I’ll be back there.”


He ended their lives with the crossbow. It would take time for them to come rushing in again. He took care of the rest of the cannibals because he could not just sit around.

He recovered all of the arrows. Bullets are not infinite. He was thinking of saving them as much as possible. They would decrease if he used them without thought.

Cha Jun Sung took out the empty magazine. They had plenty of bullets, but only 9 magazines. It would be a problem if they ran out during battle. He needed to keep them filled up beforehand.


Cha Jun Sung was filling the magazine when he shifted his eyes to the side. There were suddenly a group of cannibals in numbers similar to the last group staring at him and drooling.


The last bullet indicated a full magazine. The 30-bullet magazine was complete.


He was going to play them a song as an apology for keeping such important guests waiting. Prelude to Massacre with the guests’ screams set as the base.


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