LM Volume 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1 / Chapter 20

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“Hicks from America, this is Smith and Jamie.”

“My name is Kayamoto.”

“Cha Jun Sung.”

“I’m Park Jin Hyuk.”

Everyone left their helpers’ names and used their real names. At that, Cha Jun Sung also revealed his real name. It did not really matter because they were all foreign.

As it became Cha Jun Sung’s turn, Carlyle crossed his arms and looked at him. It was the first time that they were meeting. Why was he staring like that? Did he like men?


‘Looks like he’s examining the equipment.’

‘Wow! Has he put down all his courtesy? He’s left quite an intense first impression.’

He did not react to Park Jin Hyuk’s complaint. He could put up with this much and get past it. It would be laughable to start a fight over something like this.

Carlyle motioned a finger at Lloyd. It showed his personality. He was treating someone as old as his father like his dog.

He whispered something in Lloyd’s ear. It became the focus of everyone’s attention. He spoke so low that Cha Jun Sung could not hear it even with his developed sense of hearing from the body modification.

Lloyd’s expression became uncomfortable. He must have been demanding something strange.

“Mister Cha?”

“Do you have something to ask?”

“Excuse me, but is the equipment you’re using the best of Class E?”

Cha Jun Sung nodded. He did not hide it. It was something that they could find out if they looked at the points in the store. Once he answered, the questions became stark.

“How many functions are there in the vision aid on your helmet? Is that a space compression bag on your back? How were you able to gather points?”

Cha Jun Sung frowned. This was surpassing courtesy. The other Lifers who had been watching stopped treating it like someone else’s ordeal.

Equipment worth a few tens of thousands. They could not help but be curious. The space compression bag was especially the object of awe.

“Look here. What are you trying to do?”

“Just stay put.”

Park Jin Hyuk went at Lloyd in disbelief and glared at Carlyle. Cha Jun Sung spoke. He was just the messenger.

“What do you want to say? If he’s curious, tell him to ask himself.”

“Carlyle is expressing interest in Mr. Cha’s equipment. The market price for 1 point is $70, but he’ll give you $100.”

He said that he would pay the price in diamonds on the spot.

Park Jin Hyuk held his stomach in laughter. He was incredulous. The man is crazy. He is coming into a mission area to do what? Buy equipment? He could not understand.

“I will refuse.”

“If you will sell it, Carlyle will give you his equipment as well. Then there is no issue in going through with the mission. It’s a chance to make a lot of money.”


Cha Jun Sung looked past Carlyle to reject.

It did not make sense to sell it in the first place – they were facing a 3000-point mission. In a situation where their lives were at stake, his equipment was invaluable.

“I’ll give you $200 for every 1 point.”

“No thank you.”

“A bag with $15 million. I’ll hand the whole thing over with my equipment. What do you think?”

“You brought useless diamonds in a situation where bullets and food are lacking? Did you acquire all of your equipment like this?”

Carlyle must have felt guilty because his expression became cold. The atmosphere was becoming dark because of a rude British man.

‘Let’s go with Plan B.’


Cha Jun Sung sent him the signal. Park Jin Hyuk accepted his decision delightfully.

Plan A and B.

They did not hold great meanings. A was in the event that they liked the party, B was if they did not. Since they chose B, they were thinking of escaping.

“We will leave the party. Instead, we’ll block off the rear for you.”

“What does that mean?”

“Can you control Carlyle? A party is a team. If there is any one unit that cannot be controlled, it is worse than working alone.”

Carlyle did not understand the concept of a team. He would do everything in the way he pleased it seemed.

3 out of the 10 people in the party were under his influence. Including the one speaking for him, it was 4 people. He had control of 40% of the power.


“We’ll move on our own somewhere nearby. Only call us when you need to.”

Though it had not worked out well, they were tied together because they had entered as a party. Separating would not be good for anyone. He meant that they would stay together but not ‘stay together’.


Cha Jun Sung ignored the voice behind him and walked toward the forest.

“Drag him to back him.”

“Drag him?”

He stopped at the offensive tone. Henry and Martin approached him, walking past Lloyd who was laughing in defeat. They must really intend on dragging him back.

“Don’t approach him.”

“Put it down.”

Cha Jun Sung stopped Park Jin Hyuk who was threatening them with his crossbow. Using their weapons was the worst method. It was better not to do something that they could not reverse.

Carlyle showed his teeth to Cha Jun Sung. A pretentious smirk.

“They’re elites in the Special Forces back at home. Should we take a look at what you’ve got?”

“Ha ha!”

Special Forces?

In this world where boundaries have fallen apart, Lifers were murder weapons. It seemed Carlyle thought that he picked the best weapons.


Cha Jun Sung moved first to wilt their wills. This place was a hell where common sense did not always work. He was also curious to see what made them so confident.


Henry and Martin did not get surprised and split to either side. It was a cheap trick to split Cha Jun Sung’s attention. Unfortunately, this did not matter.

“Better for me if you separate.”

Cha Jun Sung twisted his body as he kicked at Henry’s head.

Henry easily blocked it by putting up both of his arms.

He was puzzled. He had blocked it lightly, but he felt like his body had lifted into the air. Lifers’ faces passed him. Everyone looked astonished.


Cha Jun Sung first hit Henry’s abdomen and he went flying off to the side.

The shock of penetration in his stomach…it was almost too much.

He coughed a rough breath. He would have passed out if he had not been wearing impact tights.

Cha Jun Sung had twice the muscle strength, but Henry would not die from getting beaten thanks to the absorption of his equipment. Cha Jun Sung counted on this and stepped on Henry’s body with cruelty.

“If you come at me again, you can expect an arm or leg to break.”

Henry grinded his teeth. His head was clear but his body is not listening. He had lost embarrassingly. Whether or not he had been prepared, the result was decided.


Cha Jun Sung looked at Martin. He seemed to be very tense since he had watched everything just now. He looked absurd in his hesitation.

“Be careful.”

Henry warned Martin while he was still lying down. He did not know how Cha Jun Sung had gained such strength, but his vision would become white with the wrong hit.

Martin shouted as he stretched out his arm. As expected of someone from the Special Forces, his movement was deliberate. He kept attacking the vitals.

Cha Jun Sung moved his body to avoid all of Martin’s attacks. A speed that was neither slow nor fast. This was all thanks to his improved eyesight.


A strong turning kick hit Martin’s chest. The strength of his legs was 3 times that of his arms. If it had not been for Martin’s equipment, his breastbone would have been shattered and he would have died.

Cough cough!

Martin grabbed his chest and got to his knees. The impact must have pressed on his lungs because he could not stop coughing. Saliva kept coming out of his mouth.

“Body modification?”


Smith spoke on a whim. If the reality version was the same as the virtual, there was no way it would be missing body modification, the most important element in fighting mutants.

It was not an item available in Level E. Then did that mean Cha Jun Sung opened a higher level store?

“If that’s true, it means the space compression bag and body modification are in the superior equipment section of Level E…… How many points did you accumulate? Is that even possible?”

The Lifers gave their opinions. He had just fought with his bare hands and left a big impression. It was clear to everyone he would be the most skilled among the 10 people.


Cha Jun Sung shortened the distance between himself and Carlyle who was staring blankly. Lloyd blocked him, but he did not last long and fell like Henry and Martin did.

“Cover me so they can’t do anything stupid.”

“There there! Please be quiet until he’s done talking.”

Park Jin Hyuk pointed his crossbow at Lloyd. It was an automatic crossbow. At this distance, it was no different from a SMG.

“Don’t come close.”

“Why do I have to follow your orders? Show the confidence you just had.”

“How dare you!”

Carlyle took out the pistol from his waist. It could not have taken more than a second, but Cha Jun Sung was much faster.

A sword was withdrawn and stopped right in front of Carlyle’s forehead. If he had been unable to control his strength, it would have dug into Carlyle’s head.

Carlyle fell to the floor. His bleak face was pitiful.

It had been an instant to change his haughtiness into fear. In the end, he was just an immature asshole. Cha Jun Sung would have accepted it if he had kept his nose turned up until the end.

“Stupid asshole. Let’s go.”

Kik kik!

He was so pathetic that Cha Jun Sung cursed and went into the forest. Park Jin Hyuk looked at Carlyle as if it served him right and followed.

The Lifers watching the two laughed. Cha Jun Sung seemed impressive, but Carlyle seemed like an idiot.


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