LM Volume 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 / Chapter 19

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He explained his situation to Park Jin Hyuk and went into solo missions alone until he became more stable.

Once he recognized the side effects of the body modification, there was little backlash. The madness came as it had, but it was not uncontrollable.

While he was busily spending his days, more and more Lifer group leaders broke through 1000 points. They had not broken through it alone, though.

It was the result of a full party of 10 people or of at least 5 or 6. There were even people who had stepped into 1500 among them.

The playing field was becoming more leveled. If he did not cross into Level D, Lifers were advancing so fast that, they might even catch up to Cha Jun Sung.

He looked for a party that slowly gathered points to try higher level missions.

As Lifers advance, their interest in higher missions increased. There were some comments on it on Lifer World.

Though not sure how difficult it would be, they were sure that they could beat it if Lifers with the skill gathered together. Cha Jun Sung agreed with this point.

If there were 10 people who had the best equipment in Level E, body modification, they would be able to go against 20 Level 2 mutants. But there were not very many Lifers like him.

The world was big and there are a lot of people, so it could not be that they did not exist. It was just not easy to find them. It was very lucky that he had found even Park Jin Hyuk.

‘It doesn’t need to be Korean Lifers. Let’s widen the area.’

This is what Park Jin Hyuk had said about 2 weeks after forming the party.

Park Jin Hyuk was certain. There was no Lifer higher than Cha Jun Sung in Korea. Korea was a country with a small population. It would be solved if they broadened their horizons.

They had only acted in Korea until now. Mission locations, however, were all over the world and they had only met Korean people up to this point. It was time to get out of it.

They loosened their restrictions. As they did so, an unimaginable number of parties appeared. There were various languages as well.

Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk purchased a translator. It cost them 500 points, but it was worth the cost. It translated various languages.

They found comrades from countless countries like America, Britain, Russia, China, Japan, et cetera. A new world had opened.



A coffee shop in Seoul.

Cha Jun Sung called Park Jin Hyuk and had a meeting. There were too few members to call it a meeting, but he was leaving significance in meeting in person.


“I found it.”

They each said a word. The result of broadening their horizon appeared. There were a lot of parties attempting the advance mission, but they were all below standard.

The thought of attempting with equipment that would be appropriate for a 1000 point mission! The more people there were, the more crazy people there were. If you wanted to die, you could die alone.

“If your equipment is in this state, you must be even greater in actuality.”

“That we don’t know.”

“The departure is in 5 days.”

“Until then, we’ll have to gather points and fill the space compression bag all the way.”

The two of them had purchased the space compression bag for 50,000 points. They could put in a cartful of items and the bag had the bonus of making all the items lighter.

They had passed the ordinary accoutrements they had carried along to a regular Lifer for free. He had been so thrilled to receive it to the point that they were embarrassed to hand it over.

They were out of points after getting the space compression bag. They could not know how long they would stay in the mission area. It could be a long time.

If they wanted to gather everything they needed to live, they would need to move busily for 5 days. They could not just fill it however, so they had decided on taking enough for 10 days.

“Let’s volunteer.”


Of the 5 advance missions, they chose ‘Field of Meat’. That was the one that they were more attracted to and a party was being made for it.


They each applied for it. They revealed their qualifications as one level above the party members. There was no meaning to fooling the equipment they have.

The party name was Kingdom. It seemed appropriate since the party leader was from Britain. He must not have been a very suspicious guy because he did not ask much about the qualifications.

Their team of 6 people became 8 with the 2 new people. It was up to the leader whether they would go with this group or fill the remaining 2 spots.

The departure time was different by country, but it was 8pm on the dot in 5 days for Korea. They would be notified if there were any changes.

“Stay next to me.”

“Of course.”

They did not know what kind of Lifers they would be completing the mission with. They needed to be wary of any team. The only people they could trust were each other for now.

The two discussed a number of cases in the coffee shop before separating.

5 days later, the morning came bright.





-[Level E Advance Mission: Field of Meat]

-[Goal: Attainment]

-[Scenario: An island located in the southern Philippines. A military base that housed 1500 soldiers has been abandoned for several years. Lifers must infiltrate the base to confirm the situation of the Field of Meat and quickly escape.]

-[Reward: 3000 points, Level D mission open]


Cha Jun Sung reread the mission information that he had already read through multiple times. There was scrappy information hidden inside each mission scenario.

1500 personnel.

It would not be wrong to think there could be 1500 mutants. Also, there was one goal but two conditions – confirming the situation and escaping.

‘Confirm the situation. And escape, there would naturally be an escape once they complete the mission. Does it mean that they need to get to the outside instead of returning?’

That could be wrong. It was just a guess. However, if they had expectations in advance, they would not be so surprised when the situation actually arose.

‘What about Jin Hyuk?’

Cha Jun Sung was the first to be summoned. Summons were done sequentially.

Since all he could do was wait, he watched the vast sea in solitude. 1 to 2 minutes? After around that much time, there was a signal for a summons.


With a resonance, Lifers from all different nations were summoned one by one.

Park Ji Hyuk was among them.

“Jun Sung.”

“I was scared when you didn’t come.”


Cha Jun Sung joked around as he and Park Jin Hyuk checked their equipment.

The other Lifers did the same. As they did this, they recognized each other and gathered in one place since they were a party.

4 people from Britain, 3 from America, 1 from Japan, and 2 from Korea. Looking at his outstanding equipment, he looked like he had the skill to break 1000 points alone.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Lloyd from Britain. These are my comrades Henry and Martin, and this is Carlyle.”

The translator worked well. The fluent English was translated into Korean.


The Lifers’ eyes flitted around. It was a search to determine each person’s intention.

Could it be said to be an evaluation of whether or not the person would be of assistance to themselves and to the party?

Cha Jun Sung did the same. Lloyd and the sturdy men he introduced did not seem to be ordinary people.

How could he give an example?


They were like soldiers. It was like looking at well-trained soldiers. They had only nodded courteously at Lloyd’s introduction, and had not spoken a word.

‘That man. He seems like he’ll be a troublemaker.’

Park Jin Hyuk wrote on his PDA and showed it to Cha Jun Sung. He was referring to Carlyle, not Lloyd.

An arrogant look.

This young man had an air that he knew he was the best in the world. Parties were about teamwork. It was a headache if they did not communicate well.

‘It’s too late to be averse to him.’


Cha Jun Sung spoke like this, but he also had negative thoughts. If he said it badly, he seemed self-righteous. There was a need to watch over him a little more.


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  1. …Yet another “time skip”. We were told so many things instead of having them being shown to us… They bought a bag of holding, they gave away their gear, they found a party, someone is declared suspicious incredibly abruptly, the entire story is solely about missions, and nothing that may go around these missions (like, how it influences the world).

    This story is getting more and more jarring, and its goal is becoming more and more confused. Last chapter started with an abrupt scene in which the MC all of a sudden attacks monkeys, and goes crazy, and then explores as to why he goes crazy. And now, he suddenly teleports to something absolutely completely different a week afterwards.
    I feel like I’m doing nothing but rant lately. I may not be able to go through with this one. :/

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