LM Chapter 212

Volume 8 / Chapter 212

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Vanessa killed Red Eye and Dragon. At the time, White Empress had been betrayed by ally Cruel King and they had been engaged in a war of attrition. There had been no way for them to withstand it when they should have been combining their power. They were swept away by the power of North and South America.

While busy in a war against Evil Queen and Bon Lord, Cha Jun Sung had been defeated humiliatingly. The rest of his group were killed in that mission. This place won’t become like that. Black Demon will have formed an alliance with White Queen, and they will have taken care of Cruel King. He had explained it to them for them to understand.

“Hurry up and tell me. Should I just kill you?”

The Overbooster roars. Cha Jun Sung is about to pull out Hades. Vanessa knows by intuition that she’ll die as soon as that gets pulled out.

She can’t avoid that attack with this body. She’ll be split in half with one hit.

“M – Mother is in the eastern region!”

“East? Washington?”

“Pr – probably.”

“This bitch.”

Hades cuts both of Vanessa’s legs. She’s lying. He searched everywhere, but hadn’t been able to find even a hair.

“I looked everywhere there. I’ll give you a last chance. This time, I’ll chop you up and destroy your nucleus.”

Vanessa in withering on the ground. She can’t believe that she’s in such a wretched state when she’s the 2nd strongest in North America.

“Mother is in South America! It’s the truth! I’m not lying!”

“South America?”


“Why there?”

“That’s – that’s!”

South America? Has she gone to Bon Lord? Why now? Disaster’s don’t leave their regions if they can help it because there’s no reason to leave.

“Is she trying to have another child?”

Cha Jun Sung said it in jest, but Vanessa’s body trembles.

What is this?

This must be the answer.

It’s so ridiculous, he’s speechless. He should give her an award. She isn’t the Queen of Evil, but the Queen of Fertility.

While he was thinking, Vanessa began moving strangely. Cha Jun Sung pretended not to see. She can try if she wants to.

Ping ping ping!

Vanessa’s rib bones comes out. It’s disgusting. They’re raised on both sides like a trap, and it is an attack that can skewer an entire body.

“Ugh. I was going to let you live. Farewell!”

“No – no!”

Hades moves at a high speed and slices Vanessa into hundreds of pieces. The approaching bones are cut and fall to the ground like straw.

She dug her own grave. He hadn’t had the intention of saving her in the first place. He needs to kill a pest like this. This is a shortcut to world peace.

Boom boom!

He took care of the corpse with a super-heated shot, the highest level of heat bombs.

Since he can’t go to South America, he’ll just clean up North America while he’s here. There are a few level 8s left who are following fertile Evil Queen.




This is the inside of Cha Jun Sung. There is something living in this place so secret and deep that he didn’t even know it existed.


[I’m uneasy… I feel like I might disappear. I’m becoming someone else.]


The Oriax is nervous.

His identity has been growing weaker ever since Cha Jun Sung met Black Demon and he began establishing his own identity.

Even if he wants to get out, the body won’t split as if there are shackles. The Oriax’s part as a mutant is being absorbed as well.

The thing that Beholder bothered – whatever it is – is awakening. It isn’t visible yet, but it is getting stronger little by little. Once the latent cells are completely awakened, he might automatically become a level 9.

He is being consumed. It isn’t the will of Cha Jun Sung or the Oriax. Just as drops of water naturally combine, they are pulling at each other.

The only difference is that the center axis is Cha Jun Sung.

Over time, the two personalities will become one, stabilizing the mind and body. It is a good thing, but not for the party being consumed. The Oriax wants to live. He doesn’t want to disappear like this.

What should he do?


[I’ll crouch. I’ll eat him before he eats me. I’ll hide myself until then.


A body growing stronger. If he can just take over the body, he will be able to surpass all limits of his species and become a being that stands over everything else.





A giant door with several obstacles blocking it.

A middle-aged man in a soft white coat is standing in front of the door. He is there to authorize entry.

A tent of light passes over the middle-aged man. Everything related to the man’s body such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and iris are checked.


[Security level Z. Releasing 7 nested security devices. Project command, Life Mission’s 2nd officer Borteth’s entry has been authorized.]


Borteth walks a silent hallway. All he can see are silver walls and ceiling. It is a straight line like a tunnel.

1 minute at a normal walking pace?

He did not walk for a long time. In that time, the distance would be about 100m.


A dead end. As soon as he arrived, a 2m rectangle formed, and a laser came out of each corner. Those lasers widened the range and wrap around Borteth. This is a type of gate, and the lasers act as a barrier protecting the passenger.

Electricity comes out near the dimension gate, and the space becomes distorted.

Borteth is expressionless. He waited for this phenomenon to end as though used to experiencing it.

When the distortion ended, he was standing in a conference room that looked to be about 300m. Everything he had gone through had been to get here.

“Borteth, you’re here.”

“Sorry I’m late.”

The room is filled with dozens of chairs, but only two people are seated. Borteth sat to the left of the head of the table to make them a total of three.

“Ha ha! You’ve made a mess. To think you used the Heavy Gravity.”

The person sitting across from Borteth, laughs at him.

Gabenu, the 3rd officer. Their numbers are different, but their authority is the same. Thus, Borteth ignored the laughter and mocking.

“It’s nothing you need to worry about.”

“Hah! Don’t talk nonsense. You’re saying that total interference isn’t something to worry about?”

Borteth ignored this again. Truthfully, Gabenu is right. The rule all of the executives decided on was non intervention. He had gone against that.

But people tend to not want to hear negative comments even if they did wrong.


“… Yes.”

The person sitting at the head of the table spoke. He spoke a little more politely than he had to Gabenu. This is someone he must do that to.

The general, the person in charge.

Life Mission’s general manager, Jigneon.

He’s the one who made the greatest contribution to Life Mission, from the structure to details. His authority is similar to that of the 2nd and 3rd officers, but he has a few privileges that they don’t have.

“Africa happened because Gabenu and I agreed with your suggestion. But this is different. Explain yourself.”

They interfered with the Lifers’ mission in Africa because they had all agreed to do so. This had allowed them to gather a lot of information.

However, he had decided on his own to use the Heavy Gravity, placed a block on returning from a fairly completed mission, and even interfered with items. It is right that he be reprimanded for using total interference in order to pressure a single Lifer without their permission.

“It was all for testing purposes.”

“I know there are results, since we found out what kind of mutants Cha Jun Sung can fight against as a Lifer, and that he came back as a mutant after disappearing in Public Underground.”

There is a lot that they gained.

They had not been able to find anything weird in the sample they collected from Cha Jun Sung before. It is understandable. He would be able to control his body freely if he had become a mutant, so what wouldn’t he be able to do?

Borteth had said repeatedly that they should collect another sample or threaten him, but Jigneon had been against it.

No matter what doubts they have, there is a thing called timing. Fruit should be picked when ripe. There is a decrease in value if it is picked too early.

Jigneon knows Borteth is the type to disregard the start and process as long as the results are certain.


They are important.

Even if the start and process were perfect, it is a failure if there are no results.

“Results are good, but you can’t understand why I’m like this?”

“Honestly, no.”

“Once you stray, it’s hard to stop. Why? Because you’ve gotten a taste. The first time is usually the hardest. That’s why the first button always needs to be done right.”

It is the wrong way. Borteth will act on his own again.

The fastest and surest way of getting results by going against the rules set by the executives, is right in front of him. There’s no way he will be able to withstand the seduction.

“E, D, C, B, A, S levels are smooth. Lifers going from level E to B are providing us with a lot of help in our experiment.”

Cha Jun Sung who reached the vertex of existing Lifers has even completed level A.

Jigneon only has one thing he wants to say to Borteth. It’s not to be blinded by ambition, messing up their work.


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