LM Chapter 211

Volume 8 / Chapter 211

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In the open air.

So high the buildings below just look like a dark mass and the clouds are at eye-level.

Someone is looking down at a naked Cha Jun Sung. They’re so far apart that it is impossible to distinguish, but the battlesuit made this possible. The booster is keeping the wearer’s balance at minimal output. There is nowhere to rest in the air, but there is no shakiness as if standing on ground.

“Why is a guy who should still be wandering around in level B, here?”

An unknown presence. The future Cha Jun Sung is looking at the present Cha Jun Sung. He has been watching from beginning to end, and he still cannot understand.

Let’s say he was able to get through the hellish level B advance mission. If so, he needs to show the abilities of a level A Lifer. But that’s the ability of a level S Lifer, though he does fall short a bit because of his gear.

The worst part is that he is going the path of Black Demon, when he should be on the path of a Lifer. And it’s funny that it’s just half at that.

If he had been a true Black Demon with level 9 strength, he would have been able to easily kill Narsiel and Vanessa even if they teamed up against him.

He’s in a state where he is neither a complete Lifer or mutant. It seems like the notebook has had a strange influence.

He doesn’t look negatively at it. At the least, this Cha Jun Sung isn’t going on the same path he did. If they had the same future, there would have been no meaning to his going back in time.

“Did he get the card and open the store? I guess that could be possible. But how did he become a mutant? Whatever. It’s enough that it’s made him stronger.”

Cha Jun Sung murmured to himself in question.

It isn’t worth worrying about. It can even be seen as a good thing. He has two weapons that other people find hard to have even one of.

As long as there aren’t adverse side effects, it could be helpful in getting him through difficult obstacles.

“He’ll be a little relieved.”

When he first got to North America, he had gone looking for Evil Queen in her home, Washington, but he hadn’t been able to find her. So he had changed his target to the 4 sisters.

Cha Jun Sung is here because of Odelia. After searching through all of North America, the first one he had been able to find was the Corrupt Odelia. He had thought after killing Benukiz that it might take him all of his time to find all of them.

The gears in his head started turning.

He would make the sisters look for him instead of going to look for them himself.

While waiting after he killed Benukiz, Narsiel and Vanessa had appeared.

He had been delighted.

He had thought about taking care of them on the spot, but decided to killed Odelia first. Then he came here.

And when he saw Cha Jun Sung, he watched the battle instead of interfering. He was going to step in if need be since he cannot let Cha Jun Sung die, but he fought well. He can tell just by the way Vanessa ran for her life.

“He wouldn’t have been told I’m here, right? I don’t want to have to come face-to-face with him.”

They may be the same person because they are the present and future, but they each have their separate lives. They will end up meeting if that is their fate, even if he tries to stop it. But that time isn’t now.

“I’ll use this well.”

Cha Jun Sung touches the space compression bag. He had slipped it away during the battle. By the way he’s creating a huge fuss over this, there must be great things inside.

He doesn’t like stealing, but he’s an irregular. He can’t use the store. He needs to fight Evil Queen with what’s given to him. It had taken him a long time to find the 4 sisters because he didn’t have the proper gear. He needs to save everything until the very end when he will need to use everything.

“Odin, can you release the recognition system?”


[There is no reason to release it. The two of you are a 100% match.]


“I just asked because I was bored.”


Cha Jun Sung puts his hand inside the space compression bag.

Other people would have gotten caught with the recognition system and would not have been able to take items out of the bag.

“Wow! He has 4 Universe Eyes. Jackpot! This is a total treasure chest!”

Cha Jun Sung hadn’t been able to bring much along with him when he came to the past. There is a limit to the mass that Odin can bring over with his power.

There is so much of what he needs here. This is what rain at the end of a drought must feel like. The person who lost it will be upset, but he hopes he will understand.

“Anyway. Did that bastard 2nd officer do something at this point?”

The 2nd officer thoroughly bothered Cha Jun Sung with things like summoning the Heavy Gravity. That’s immutable. The 2nd officer’s pattern changed as the future changed, but his ability to piss people off didn’t change at all.

The exact starting point of when Odin had started to go against his superiors was when they began to blatantly persecute Cha Jun Sung.

The conflict will probably get worse, and it will eventually explode.


[We’ve wasted too much time. At this rate, she’ll have gotten out of the Universe Eye’s range. You only have a 2 minute margin. You need to go.]


Vanessa is using all the remaining strength she has in running away.

She is pretty fast. It’ll become difficult to find her if she gets out of the Universe Eye’s range.

But he needs to take care of this situation. He’s become weaker.

Present Cha Jun Sung has 6 Universe Eye’s out. Future Cha Jun Sung can use these as well. It’s the same concept as the space compression bag.

It feels like he is being a burden in many ways. He will repay that much as well.

“Cheer up. You’re not going to live like me. I’m not going to let that happen.”


Cha Jun Sung activated the Overbooster. Austin is getting farther and farther away. They need to separate without speaking to each other once, but he feels good. Really.




How could she look so different from when she got here?

Vanessa only has her lower body awakened as she focuses on running away. She doesn’t care if she’s called a coward.

She needs to put as much distance between them as she can while Narsiel is holding him.

She rested a few hours, but she really doesn’t have the strength to recover.

It is impossible to fight Cha Jun Sung with this amount of strength. That would be suicide.

She had hidden her body in her armor and reserved her strength, but her true strength had come out when the armor broke. There is no way to fill in the difference. Narsiel is probably dead now. 3 out of the 4 sisters are dead. She needs to tell her mother, Evil Queen, about this.

“He must be exhausted too, right? There’s no way he has the strength to come after me.”

Even if he has that strength, she’s confident she can avoid getting caught. She can run away as much as he follows. He can’t just shorten the distance between them.

Vanessa’s name Two-Faced isn’t because of her second awakened state, but because of her duplicity. She appears calm on the outside, but she has thirstier instinct than anyone else. A need for survival is included in that instinct.

All living creatures have the common desire not to die, to live.


Vanessa looks up at a sound bursting in the air.

White smoke spreading suddenly in the air. This powder is a phenomenon only seen when an object breaks the speed of sound.


The object falls to the floor. It falls so heavily that the ground cracks like a spider web and debris flies. Amongst the dust, a blue light shines bright.


“You! You! How!”

Cha Jun Sung waved at her in a friendly manner. Vanessa is astonished.

Does this mean he had spare armor?

It’s a misjudgment. She knows how powerful he is because she has fought against him in his battlesuit while she was still healthy and in her second awakened state.

There was no way for Vanessa to even consider that he might not be the same person.

Cha Jun Sung had no intention on revealing it to her either.

There is only one thing he wants to hear from Vanessa. Where Evil Queen is. He doesn’t care about anything other than that.

“Vanessa, you cute little thing! You two-faced bitch! I’ll let you live if you answer my question. Evil Queen – where is she? Just tell me then. I promise I’ll let you live.”

Those who have more tend to yearn for life more. Vanessa is strong. If she is left alone, she becomes a Disaster level mutant like Evil Queen. They and Bon Lord invade Asia and succeed in killing all of the other Disasters except Black Demon. There’s usually strength in numbers.

The Black Demon that future Cha Jun Sung encountered in Life Mission went missing with Evil Queen and Bon Lord’s alliance, but he presumed he is dead.

This is because there weren’t any missions regarding him in the mission list.


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  1. Wait, what the fuck is going on? So present CJS lost all gus points and the upgrade card from future CJS? Who is also different from Black Demon that present CJS met earlier? So we have three CJS in the story at the moment?

    Thanks for the chapter! Always appreciated.

    1. Pretty much there are 3 different timelines from what I understand,reading at the same time as you.
      -The Life Mission timeline,which was a world like the story one but it never had the system,only the game and mutants so he became infected and thus the Black Demon,which never existed in the game.
      -The future,where we have the stronger human variant of our protagonist,who lost everyone but came back in the past so he can change something for his other version.
      -And our current timeline which would’ve been the future one,where he lost everyone as without the notebook the sisters would’ve died.

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