LM Chapter 210

Volume 8 / Chapter 210

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Cha Jun Sung felt extreme fatigue. He has been in constant battle, starting with Odelia to Vanessa and Narsiel.

His mind and body are depleted.

He’s so tired he could just lay down right now, but he doesn’t stop fighting.

The second he stops, that cunning and sinister Narsiel’s attack will destroy his nucleus.

What can he do since he doesn’t want to die?

He has no choice but to fight.

And another reason to keep fighting is that this drag of a fight will finally end with this.

He transformed his left arm to resemble Hades. If only he could slice Narsiel’s upper and lower body in half!

Narsiel has 6 arms on her left and 6 on her right for a total of 12. He cut off a few while fighting in his battlesuit, but they regenerated and mutant Cha Jun Sung needs to fight against all 12 again.

At the end of an intense fight, he cut off 10. There are 2 left.

Those 2 arms cut Cha Jun Sung’s right arm and right leg at the same time. He doesn’t care about his arm, but his balance is off because of the leg. Rather than losing mobility, it was more of a disadvantage to lose his stability.

“I – I won! I won!”

“You’re delusional.”

Cha Jun Sung’s tail split into hundreds of pieces and bind up Narsiel. She cannot move because they have wrapped around her entire body like compression bandage. She was wrapped up so severely that she looked like a mummy.

“Let me go!”


He brought down his left arm’s weapon. Cha Jun Sung’s tail and Narsiel both get split in two. She’s split from her shoulder to her torso.

They’re both so tired neither of them are capable of rapid regeneration. Regeneration might somehow be possible if he gathers all the strength left in his body, but even that will take time.

He needs to kill the enemy. He needs to drive through while he can still kill her. He cannot give her time to regenerate and regain strength.

He had been moving elaborately before, but is now moving like a beast. Cha Jun Sung sliced up Narsiel’s body as if butchering meat.

There is a sweet taste in his mouth.

Cha Jun Sung did not regenerate his right arm and leg. It is much more important to kill Narsiel.

Cha Jun Sung dissects Narsiel, looking for her nucleus.

Ordinary mutants don’t have a distinct nucleus. If major organs like their brains and hearts are damaged, they die just like humans.

But beyond level 7 – especially at level 8 – they form a separate lump that is special like their source, and that is the nucleus.

There is a good chance that level 8s can die if something goes wrong with their brains or hearts as well.

He won’t know unless this happens to him, but there is a peculiar object that can regenerate his brain and heart if something happen to them. That’s what Beholder said. That’s why he needs to be sure to find and destroy the nucleus in level 7 through 9s. That’s the surest way of killing a mutant.

A grey, round organ comes out in Cha Jun Sung’s hand.

The nucleus.

The life goes out of Narsiel’s eyes as she watches this.

“How could I… In a place like this…”

“I’ll send you off one by one. Don’t worry. I’ll take this.”

Cha Jun Sung eats Narsiel’s nucleus.

It is just a temporary measure, but this will help recharge his nutrients. Right now, he’s grateful for even this much. It’s disgusting but it tastes pretty good, whether that’s because he’s a mutant or because it fits his appetite. The effects of eating the nucleus appeared only minutes after.

His right arm and leg regenerate and the wounds all over his body heal.

Narsiel’s nucleus isn’t Cha Jun Sung’s. He might be able to control it if he was healthy, but he lost agency when he became a mess of injuries.

That was the only role the nucleus played. He is satisfied with the results.

Cha Jun Sung’s body shrinks. He has released his awakened state.

He’s gone back to human form of his own will and not because he was forced to. This is to leave enough strength to take on Vanessa in his human form. Simply maintaining an awakened state consumes a lot of energy.

“This is so hard.”

He is being sincere.

He’s so tired he wouldn’t be able to express it in words.

He went to where he had left his PDA and put it back on his wrist. He also picked up Hades, which had been next to it.


[You have killed Evil Queen’s first daughter, Narsiel. You have earned 27 trillion points and 5 trillion 40 million advance points. You have completed part of the mission. You have earned 20 trillion points with Narsiel’s death.]


Cha Jun Sung realized that the mutant and reward points for level 8 mutants are similar after killing Odelia and Narsiel.

The mutant points were slightly more than reward points.

With this formula, Vanessa’s reward points must amount to 50 or 60 trillion. An obstacle is gone. He can now go kill Vanessa too.

The last time Cha Jun Sung saw Vanessa was 30 minutes ago. As the battle grew fierce, he hadn’t been able to focus his attention elsewhere.

He wants to take his space compression bag as well, but it is too far away. He dropped it when he was struggling with his body as he dragged Vanessa through the gravity field. He’ll waste time if he goes all the way just to come back.

“She’s not here? Did she run away when her big sister was fighting? Tsk tsk! Odin, can you look for her location with the Universe Eye? She wouldn’t have been able to get far, would she?”


[I did find her… but I do not suggest you chase after her.]

“Let’s hear it.”


[She is northeast bound at about 40km distance, and getting further away. She has recovered a relative amount while resting.] [Lifer Cha Jun Sung, not only will chasing after her be hard with your current body state but even after you catch up to her, there is a risk in sustaining yourself in a battle.]


Does this mean he should let her go?

Cha Jun Sung thought about it and went back to where his space compression bag is. He spoke as he ran.

“Not even if I use the extra battlesuit in my space compression bag?”

Since it is an extra, it is just the basic battlesuit that can be purchased in a level C store. It is the basic type with the power of level 5. He may not benefit from it, but it will at least help him save what little energy he has left.


[43km, 44km. Once you start the chase, you will be more than 45km away from her. Even if you use the battlesuit booster, there is a limit in the basic form.]


He would only be able to catch up if Vanessa stops. But wouldn’t she keep running for her life?

45km only sounds like a simple number.

Odin is telling him to keep what will come after in mind. Quitting a mission is up to the Lifer, and helpers cannot interfere.

“Ugh! It’s an advance. Fine.”

Cha Jun Sung took Odin’s advice. He can just ignore it if he wants to, but it makes sense. There isn’t anything he wants to gain by overdoing it.

“Huh? Where’d it go?”

Cha Jun Sung arrived where he had dropped his space compression bag, and looked around. He was sure he had left it around here, but he doesn’t see it.


[Searching Lifer Cha Jun Sung’s location saved in space compression bag.]

Beep beep!


[This is a nonexistent location. Nonexistent… location?]


“No! You know how much the stuff in there is worth? It’s over 100 trillion!”

Odin searched the location, but he cannot find the space compression bag. It’s a treasure chest with items worth 100 trillion points.

Is it another system error?

It has a recognition function because it is a level A space compression bag, so it would be of no use to other people. But more than that, why can’t he find it?

“This has to be a dream!”

He earned a tremendous amount of points after killing Odelia and Narsiel, but it is all meaningless if he loses that bag.

On top of that, he needs to find the bag no matter what because of the Universe Eye, an item he bought in the level S store.

Cha Jun Sung will search through Austin.



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