LM Chapter 208

Volume 8 / Chapter 208

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Cha Jun Sung had been cutting her up when he was hit by something and flung away. Looking around, Vanessa’s body was reconstructing quickly. The thing that hit him was a tail that had come from her rear. A long tail that looked like hundreds of arrowheads entwined together had hit the stomach of his battlesuit.


Vanessa’s body shrinks. She grew smaller and smaller until she was almost Cha Jun Sung’s size.

He cannot see her clearly because strange chunks of flesh cover the surface, but he can tell that she is becoming optimized for battle.

“Is this Two-Faced Vanessa…..”

It is an incredible aura. A murderous spirit explodes. It soared so much his skin started to crawl. She was supposed to be the strongest of the 4 sisters. Is this what that meant?

The chunks of flesh are taking on a clear shape. It is a bizarre sight – white bones are constructing an exoskeleton. Vanessa calls this her true armor.

‘This will be a bother.’

The armor’s skeleton is tight. He’ll need to try to know, but it looks like he could jab through a certain amount but he could also get stuck before reaching the main body.

The sword is specialized to cut. That means it could cut Cha Jun Sung as well. It is a big handicap that he cannot use it freely.

Inside the completed armor, Vanessa is made of something like a sticky liquid as she watches Cha Jun Sung. The left and right side of her face look different. The left side is calm and looks like the normal Vanessa, but the right shows the original atrocity of a mutant. That must be why she’s said to have two faces.

“Secondary awakening…..”

“I’ve never shown this to anyone other than my mother and father. Not even my sisters.”

This seemed to be the truth. Narsiel is also surprised by Vanessa’s sudden change. She had heard about it, but this is the first time she is seeing it as well.

Cha Jun Sung was floating in the air when he turned off the Overbooster and settled on the ground. He comes in front of the building Vanessa had been buried in, and looks down.

They are 50-60m away from each other. It is too far to attack bare-bodied without firearms, but that is only applicable to ordinary creatures. Cha Jun Sung and Vanessa could cover the distance in less than 1 second. The same goes for Narsiel.

“Va – Vanessa.”

“Stand back, since you can get swept into it too.”

Narsiel did not argue, and fell back far away from the battlefield. Cha Jun Sung thought that he was at a disadvantage.

The key is how strong Vanessa had become. Is she level 9 now because she awakened while a level 8? If that’s right, even one-on-one is hard. He isn’t confident he’ll be able to maintain his battlesuit. Mutant strength will be lessened incredibly as well. It is too much for him to fight Narsiel in that state.

“Odin. Why isn’t a special mission being activated? Say something.”

[For a special mission to be applied, those at the top need to do it, but it was blocked when everything was stopped.]

It would be helpful if he could tell how many reward points he would get for Vanessa or if he could know the mission description, but they are hiding away and don’t look like they want to show themselves. Odin tried connecting and hacking, but the firewall is too strong. He can understand. If the 2nd officer is the mastermind of this incident, Odin can never break through it with his power.


“Why? What is it?”

[The firewall is fading. It means the Heavy Gravity’s summon time is almost up. Right now! Time – we need time!]

The gravity field outside blinked and showed its limits inside as well. It was starting to show explicitly.

Odin focused on his work again. The atmosphere feels like he should not get in the way. Reclaiming a Lifer’s rights was more important than the battle.

The ground of the building that Vanessa is standing on cracks. It felt like it might flood in at any moment. She had become smaller in size, but she had become much more intimidating. Narsiel released her awakened state and was standing by, resting. Her recovery will be fast because he had not been able to injure her.

‘Remaining energy….. 28%.’

Cha Jun Sung thought of the rapid charger in his space compression bag.

If he plugs one in, he can charge about 15% energy in a short period of time. He can plug it in when he’s replacing it, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It can fall out if they fight too wildly. On top of that, if Vanessa realizes that the device is his battlesuit’s source of power, she will try to block it.

He will watch the situation and charge at the right time. It is too early to take the battlesuit off. This shell is stronger than Cha Jun Sung as a mutant. Vanessa’s image from the battlesuit became hazy and all of a sudden, she was right in front of him. At this rate, it might as well be teleportation.


As if expecting it, Hades came out of the scabbard before Vanessa appeared. Vanessa had been trying to take the offensive, but was instead in a situation that could be reversed.

Vanessa avoided Hades by a hair. The speed of sound – the interval is short.

“You’re slow.”

“Damn it!”

There isn’t enough time to recover Hades. Cha Jun Sung looks down. A hand blade resembling a scythe is approaching his stomach area. Cha Jun Sung fell back with his reverse booster. The range is small because Vanessa wrapped her tail around his body. He had no choice but to hit the blade with his knee.

Bang bang bang!

There is nothing heavier than a man’s pride. Cha Jun Sung’s anger rose from this mocking tone, creating a close range battle.

Neither Cha Jun Sung nor Vanessa did not create distance greater than 3m between them. Cracks formed in his battlesuit and her armor, but they did not pay it any mind and kept facing off. They are going head to head one-on-one – no – Cha Jun Sung is at a slight disadvantage.

Cha Jun Sung had been in a position of offense when he changed Hades’ direction and turned into a position of defense. Vanessa was freely brandishing both her hands as scythes.

Entirely different attacks came in from the left and right sides. The battlesuit’s system calculates the route of both attacks. The hologram is dizzying. There is only one opponent, but it feels like he is fighting two.

Bang bang!

Cha Jun Sung was being pushed back when a few big hits came in. Her scythe cut through his energy barrier and destroyed the battlesuit’s outer armor. Her tail digs into this aperture. It becomes raised like a knife, following the path created by her scythe to reach Cha Jun Sung’s chest.


Cha Jun Sung grabs hold of the tail embedded in his chest, and cuts it with Hades. The tail quickly regenerates and cuts his left hand, one of the hands holding onto Hades. The left arm parts of his battlesuit and his arm roll on the ground.

Cha Jun Sung ignores his left arm and penetrates through an empty space in her armor.

Hades pierces Vanessa’s hip. The two of them are basically leaning on each other. They are so close to each other that they can feel the other’s breath.

“My strength is almost 80% that of my mother’s. Someone like you couldn’t kill my mother, much less me. The one you spoke of will end up like this as well.”

Drip drip.

Red blood seeps from the part that has been cut off. Cha Jun Sung and Vanessa each gave each other a hard hit, but Cha Jun Sung is the one who had lasting damage.

Cha Jun Sung speaks at a volume so low only an ant could hear. It was like a child murmuring, but Vanessa heard clearly.

“I thought you were quiet, but you talk too much.”

His arm regenerates. It is black and thick, and covered in muscle. It is Cha Jun Sung’s mutant arm, not fitting with the battlesuit.

Boom boom!

Cha Jun Sung grabs hold of Vanessa’s face and runs.

Bang bang!

He slams her on the ground as if she is an object and scrapes her along, even smashing into buildings without stopping.

Vanessa struggles as she attacks Cha Jun Sung with her scythes and tail. But his weak energy barrier and outer armor reduce the impact. She even tried to aim for the part of his battlesuit that is broken, but there was rapid regeneration inside. The outside is a battlesuit, but the inside is a mutant.

[You can’t! You need to stop! The gravity field has not disappeared!]

Cha Jun Sung did not stop even at Odin’s warning. He has not gone crazy like he did before, but the madness of the battle stimulates his mutant instincts.

If Vanessa gets out, they need to face off again. He’ll push her in one go.

He can see the blinking gravity field ahead of them. Cha Jun Sung ignored it and kept going. He knows what will happen if he goes through that.

[Prepare ejection. Countdown to crash: 10, 9, 8.]


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