LM Chapter 206

Volume 8 / Chapter 206

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“Ah….. Is this why they say that stupid people shouldn’t even lie?”

He let out the secret he had been hiding because he had become over excited with rage. How bothersome will it become from now on? Will they harass him to test him?

“How did you know?”

“I tried it out just to see what would happen after hearing the roar, and you just understood it.”

He had fallen for it. Cha Jun Sung thought that Narsiel might be much smarter than he is. If that bitch had been a person, she would have gotten the Nobel Prize.

Vanessa takes a few steps forward. All of a sudden, Narsiel had taken a step back. Cha Jun Sung thought it was attack and took position.

“I’ll ask you a question. Did you kill Odelia?”

“Yeah, I did it. Don’t worry. I’ll kill the both of you soon too.”

Vanessa asks in English. The human language is more precise in expression. Cha Jun Sung responds to Vanessa’s question. He speaks in Korean, but it is automatically translated to English through his translator.

“And Benukiz?”

“The 3rd daughter? Your little sister?”

“So it’s right.”

“What’s right? What are you talking about?”

What is she talking about, asking about Benukiz all of a sudden while talking about Odelia? Hang on. Does that mean Benukiz is dead? And the perpetrator is himself?

“Benukiz is dead?”

“Don’t act as if you don’t know. I know you killed Benukiz and then Odelia. We came here because we thought you might be here, and we were right.”

Narsiel’s voice becomes low. She is like a venomous snake full of poison.

His question had been answered. He had been wondering why there wasn’t a mission with Benukiz, but his theory that she was already dead was right.

But they had something wrong. Cha Jun Sung has never met Benukiz. He never even saw her shadow.

“How funny. If I got caught for killing Odelia, I would say that I killed Benukiz too if I killed her. Why would I hide that? Are you going to go easier on me?”

Cha Jun Sung taunts them. Vanessa frowns because he makes sense. He is giving off the air of someone who is ready to kill them.

It’s strange that he is denying killing Benukiz in this situation.

“The traces left on her corpse are the same as the ones you left on Odelia. So much so that it looks like they were done by the same person.”

Narsiel adds to the explanation that the wounds were made by a human, not a mutant. Was it someone who uses a sword? A level A Lifer? Maybe level S?

Cha Jun Sung starts thinking. He is the first Lifer to open up level A. There is no doubt about this. However, Life Mission is expansive. Someone could have appeared after him. On top of that, the system is a complete mess. It wouldn’t be weird for something to happen, whether it is a bug or an error.


Black Demon told him that the one he needs to meet in order to kill Evil Queen went over to North America. Did he kill her? That is possible.

“Aha! I think I know who it was.”

“Who is it?”

Narsiel was still sure that Cha Jun Sung is the perpetrator, but not Vanessa. No matter how she thought about it, there is no reason for him to lie about this.

“Do you guys know if I tell you who it is? Not even I know exactly who it is.”

Do they want his name? His nationality? Cha Jun Sung doesn’t know the specifics, but they wouldn’t matter to the mutants anyway.

A playful smile forms on Cha Jun Sung’s face. It isn’t visible because of his helmet, but he’s had an idea of how to play with those two.

“I don’t know who it is, but I think I know why he killed Benukiz. And what he wants. Even what he’ll do going forward!”

This he knows for sure. So he is going to tell them. Something beyond force is necessary in order to overpower the enemy. For example….. swaying their minds?

“Tell us and we’ll let you live.”

“Who are you trying to scam? A mutant making a promise? Don’t be stupid. And who are you two to let me live or die? You’re weak.”

Cha Jun Sung hurt Narsiel’s ego. Vanessa just watched. She must know about the person who killed Benukiz before they kill Cha Jun Sung.

The 3rd and 4th daughters are weak. Narsiel could take both of them on alone. Even if she could not win, she could create a close match. She herself is confident she could take on 3.

“Evil Queen.”


“His goal is to kill Evil Queen. I tried drafting a basic mental picture. It seems he got what he wants, and now that he has what he wants, he left.”

When Benukiz died in Louisiana, Narsiel and Vanessa came all the way to Odelia. Evil Queen’s protection has become weak.

“We’ve met by chance, but it looks like he wanted to distract you. Look look. Isn’t your mother alone as a result?”

Cha Jun Sung stopped repressing his original nature. He had a fairly serious personality when he was a human, but he started to be faithful to his instincts when he became a mutant.

“Hah! A human killing our mother? A mere human?”

“I don’t know if he is a human or a mutant either. I just know his goal.”

“I don’t care what species he is. Mother is great! Everything is a trivial insect in front of her. He’ll be crushed into a handful of dust.”

“Try thinking if you have a brain. Benukiz died shamefully like Odelia, right? I can tell by the way you’re talking about it. There’s no way she’s weak since she’s your sister. That must mean the opponent had that much strength, right?”

Vanessa’s eyes narrow as she listens. They’re discussing the opponent’s strength?

“I hope he leaves her injured if he can’t manage to kill her.”


“What do you mean why? I intend on killing you two here and then going to slice her up.”


As soon as he spoke, he pulled out Hades and jumped forward. The scene has already been set. All that’s left is to kill them.




Bang bang bang bang!

The middle of Austin. Unrecognizable figures keep colliding. Each time they collide, the atmosphere changes. The sky falls and the ground is turned over. That is how incredible the aftermath is.

Everything near the point of collision is crushed pitifully. Everything, whether it is a building or a car. The only things that are fine are themselves. The battle is 2 against 1 – 2 are focusing their attacks against 1. On top of that, it looks like 2 strong mutants against a weak looking human.


Cha Jun Sung is wearing a fully remodeled battlesuit, and reaches almost 2.5m in size. It is not a small size, but he looks smaller than a child compared to Narsiel and Vanessa. It is a difference that must be taken into account in the fight.

The 2 mutants, Narsiel in particular is twice as large as Vanessa, are considered medium sized mutants. Their enormous size did not make Cha Jun Sung back off. If he were to be scared off by their size in the first place, he would have surrendered to Odelia as well. Physical appearances are not indicative of their ability to fight.


Cha Jun Sung used his petite size to bring a battle of speed. The ability to overhead a battlesuit, it is one of the Overbooster’s strong points.

There is no way to predict the result of the battle. It is not visible which side is at an advantage and which is at a disadvantage.

‘I’m going to go crazy.’

With attacks coming from everywhere, the world he sees from the battlesuit is dizzying. There is no comparison to when he was going up against Odelia. They are easily stronger by half.

The more annoying thing is that two of them are coming at him. Just because there are two of them does not mean that there is twice the pressure. It may be due to the fact that they are sisters, but they are well coordinated. Narsiel takes Cha Jun Sung’s attacks with her massive body, and Vanessa skillfully hits and falls back.

If he gets one back, the other comes in. They are not an easy opponent because he cannot win with one attack.

The battle method Narsiel and Vanessa are using against Cha Jun Sung is what they can do to take on a single opponent two against one.

He is just one person, so the pressure is indescribable.

That is why it feels like he is going up against three and not two. They know each other well, so they compensate for the other’s lacking aspects.


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