LM Chapter 205

Volume 8 / Chapter 205

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They could not see the scattering particles clearly, but this was not a phenomenon that Narsiel and Vanessa could understand with the scientific knowledge that they had.

Narsiel harassed Hector for the information that she wanted, and Vanessa got some information from Odelia’s corpse.

“The body temperature is being maintained. It hasn’t been long since she died. He could be nearby.”

Odelia’s corpse is not warm but it is not cold either.

A lot of time had passed in Benukiz’s case, so her corpse was already in the deterioration process.

Vanessa turned her body and approached Narsiel. She elongated her fingernail and cut Hector’s brother’s arm off without any hesitation.


“Where is he? If you tell me, I’ll let him live.”

“I’ll – I’ll tell! I’ll tell you everything I – I know! Just let my brother live!”

Vanessa stopped moving. Hector relayed everything he had seen and felt. But Vanessa was not satisfied.

What was it?

It felt like the essentials were missing. It was hard to guess who it was.

Eyes full of despair – Vanessa saw the truth in those eyes.

Mutants can sense others feelings, whether it is a thirst for blood or hostility.

It seemed like he really had told her everything he knew. That’s why she was annoyed.

They had come here without delay. But their youngest had still died.

What would they say to their mother?

They cannot go back empty-handed.

‘If, perchance….. he’s near. If he’s watching us.’

There was no sign of him.

If he has the ability to kill Benukiz and Odelia unilaterally, of course they cannot find his location by sense.

“I will rip a limb from those two in intervals from now on. They will live if you appear in front of us, and they will die if you hide.”

Since they do not have an accurate watch to calculate the time for them, she intends on waiting by feeling it out.

Vanessa started with cutting the younger brother’s arm.

When it became time, the other arm was cut off. Blood comes out.

He is hanging on right now because of his body modifications, but he will only last minutes at most once his legs are cut off because of excessive bleeding. After all, blood is not unlimited.


‘I can’t go out.’

Cha Jun Sung was watching Vanessa, but he did not go out.

While playing Life Mission, he had become numb to the death of others and knew that his life was more precious.

He did enough for them. He will not do something useless like acting on feelings.

‘I would’ve crushed it already if I could have, but this is crazy in so many aspects.’

Cha Jun Sung looks up at the Heavy Gravity floating in the air. If he could, he would use all of his power to crush that imposing figure. Odin said that there are small gravity fields nearby beyond those spread out on the ground to protect the gas.

The space is distorted under the immense pressure, and any object that tries to force its way through will be crushed.

Whether used for offense or defense, it is the ultimate airborne weapon that Life Mission’s scientific vortex could create. The only thing that could work in his favor is that it cannot maintain its state for a long period of time, but that is just Odin’s guess. The procedure to activate that weapon is complicated, even for the 2nd officer.


While Cha Jun Sung focused on Narsiel and Vanessa, Odin kept an eye on the Heavy Gravity and tried to connect to the system but there was no use. The 2nd officer had placed restrictions on the system. This means that only the general manager and 3 executives can connect to it. There is no way for a helper to get through.


When Odin attempted to connect, a part of the Heavy Gravity suddenly opened and a large, round bar came out. It is a gunport.

[Lifer Cha Jun Sung, get away no…..]

Boom boom!

A few bombs fall from the open gunport. They did not hit Cha Jun Sung directly. It was just a threatening shooting nearby. Odin had not been able to finish his sentence, and Cha Jun Sung was surrounded by a loud roar and dust. The serious issue was somewhere else.


“Is that where he’s hiding?”


Vanessa calls out with certainty. Narsiel raced to where there had been a change. It was a distance of hundreds of meters, but that did not matter.

When Narsiel arrived, she spread her senses wide.

The first sense to react was her hearing. The roar of a devil bursting out from the hazy dust. Narsiel’s body trembles slightly. Rather than feeling fear, her skin is reacting to the intrinsic aura held in that roar. Was what killed her sisters not a human, but a mutant?


Cha Jun Sung activates his battlesuit and gets rid of the dust. He barely held on to his sanity and came back to his senses. He nearly awakened. Until now, he did not express it even if he felt rage.

It was because it had been bearable. But this time, his mind was blank. What could be the purpose of letting mutants know of his location? He was full of an impulse to split the head of whoever was doing this to him to pull out his brain. He had lost all trust.

[Li – Lifer Cha Jun Sung….. What happened…..]

Cha Jun Sung had removed a part of his battlesuit to stop Odin from figuring out the state of his body and realizing that he has become a mutant.

But he had not been able to suppress a moment of rage, and half awakened while inside the battlesuit. So it seems Odin realized that something is weird. But what can be done. There is no use crying over spilt milk. It already happened and there is no way to undo it. He needs to just push forward.

There had been no external change because he had not awakened completely.

When Cha Jun Sung ignored him, Odin put his questions to the side and prepared to support him in the coming battle. Getting through this is first.

“I’m going to rip all of them apart! Those bitches! And those bastards! All of them!”

Cha Jun Sung looked at Narsiel and Vanessa in front of him and the Heavy Gravity in the air, and then rushed at Narsiel. He is omitting introductions with his attack.

“Was it a human? Then what about that roar just now? I’m certain that was a mutant.”

“Shut up and die!”

Cha Jun Sung moved without stepping, and pulled Hades out first. The Overmode flashes through the space by way of the Overbooster. He is now right in front of Narsiel, who had been standing on a wreck.

And as soon as he approached her, he gave off the energy of one who intends to slash her up, while brandishing Hades in the air. It results in a strong air pressure. Narsiel, who is only in a half awakened state, is half a beat late in reacting but she is not Odelia. She cannot avoid it. She has to get hit. She will get hit enough to avoid a fatal wound.

Narsiel compresses her body and retreats. She waves around like a leaf flying in the wind. Hades grazes Narsiel. A wound formed on her entire body, but it was not severe because she had been injured with the intention of taking the hit. And there was something Narsiel believed in.

“You’re paying too much attention to me.”


He can feel movement behind him. He can tell who it is without looking. It is Vanessa. Cha Jun Sung ground his teeth as he stopped his attack.

He held Hades inversely and stabbed it between his upper arm.

“That doesn’t mean you should underestimate me.”

“Damn it!”


While his attention was elsewhere, Narsiel swung her thick arm and hit Cha Jun Sung. He plummeted to the ground under the tremendous shock.

Is it because they’re sisters? It seems they are good at passing. Cha Jun Sung had been unable to prepare himself because he had not encountered anything like this in the virtual version either.

Cha Jun Sung cleared off the wreck as he stood up. Narsiel smiles as she watches this. Her expression is that one of watching something fun and interesting.

“Are you okay?”

“That was dangerous. That guy isn’t a human.”

“Are you saying that because of the roar?”

“You’ll know when you see.”

Narsiel and Vanessa stand together. They did not think that Cha Jun Sung would die from a hit to the face. He will be fine.

“Look here, human.”

“Oh! Great. I’m supposed to kill anyone, whoever, right?”


“Stop calling me, you disgusting mutant.”

“What do you think?”

“Definitely….. There’s no way he would have understood what we’re saying if he were human.”

Cha Jun Sung was about to tell them to stop talking nonsense, but suddenly glared his eyes. Bells go off in his head. Narsiel and Vanessa are not speaking in English like Odelia had been. They are speaking in mutant language. But Cha Jun Sung had understood it.

Narsiel had not been able to understand him because he had spoken in Korean, but they knew that he had understood. The few words of dialogue exchanged during a short battle. Narsiel found the crucial point among the confusion of Korean and mutant language.


[I’ll hear the explanation later.]


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