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Volume 8 / Chapter 204

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Odin thought that the one at the top had used that method for examination. With his authority, he was plenty capable of creating a situation like this. He is one of the top 3 executives who designed Life Mission after all. Of the 3, he is the one who put his all into getting results from Life Mission, but he did not always gear in a good direction. What occurred in Africa had happened because he pushed hard for it as well.

At the time, the other 2 executives had agreed to go along with it because were not forcing each Lifer, but were completely shaking up a mission system that they had created.

The situation this time is different.

Putting the fact that they were making it impossible for Lifers to return even after completing their missions aside, intervening with Lifers’ items cannot happen.

The Africa incident was a bigger problem in size, but the problem now is bigger in the details. This is a full intervention of the responsible party.




9 minutes left.


He needs to decide on his actions now, whether it will be to fight or run away.

“This has nothing to do with you, right?”


[I can promise you. It absolutely does not.]


“Then tell me what’s happening once this situation is all settled.”

No matter how much Life Mission has the upper hand and they are at a disadvantage, he has no intention of becoming a puppet.

There is a lot that he must know. If they are going to operate this however they want, it is better to forget Life Mission and live normally in reality.

Beep beep!

Odin heard Cha Jun Sung and quickly skimmed through Life Mission’s clauses. But nowhere could he find any provision applicable to what he said.

It is made so that he cannot confess any secrets regarding Life Mission, the executives, or the helpers. They are absolutely in the advantage.




Odin’s system stops at one section of clauses.

Wouldn’t this work? It looks like it could work. This is what was written.


If an incident arises in which a Lifer’s unique permission is infringed upon by Life Mission’s arbitrary purposes, he must be compensated with a reasonable recompense.

However, this is only possible if the Lifer launches a formal complaint. A helper cannot make a statement that creates a problem.


This is an adverse clause to Lifers as well. They must make formal complaints.

Helpers cannot confess “It is our fault!’ If they do not know and move past it, the situation becomes buried.


[Does that mean that you are making a complaint against Life Mission right now?]




[Will Lifer Cha Jun Sung file an official complaint against Life Mission as it has infringed upon your personal authority? Please state your stance.]


“Whatever. I’ll do it. It’s a complaint.”


[The 2nd officer infringed upon Lifer Cha Jun Sung’s rights first.]

[According to Lifer Compensation Law article 9 clause 26, I will answer your questions regarding the specified provision when this situation is safely settled.]


Cha Jun Sung was thinking that Odin was being strangely accommodating today, but that was just for a moment.

He needed to be prepared for Narsiel and Vanessa.

“From the way things are going, it looks like they’re trying to instigate fights. Am I crazy to fight not just one, but two? It’s over if I just run.”


Cha Jun Sung released the Overmode and quickly abandoned his position. The Overmode consumes a tremendous amount of energy even when it is sitting inactive. There is no reason for keep it active when the battle is over.


[Where are you planning on going?]


“I don’t have a destination I’ve decided on or anything. I just have to put out the immediate fires first.”

He needs to get as far from Austin as he can. He is running with his booster on. It says 200km/h on the speedometer that comes up on his hologram. Cha Jun Sung’s battlesuit is on the slow side, but it is the speed of a decent sports car. Objects speed by quickly.


[Narsiel and Vanessa have just arrived where we were. We are getting further away because they are not moving.]


This is welcome news.

It is a terrible situation that his return route has been blocked. Once he gets away from here, he can take his time to think of solution. The getaway was fine. At this rate, he can get away from Austin without any large complications.

But the 2nd officer is not that accommodating.


A 30m diameter gate opened up in the sky. It is the biggest gate Cha Jun Sung has seen since playing Life Mission. A square shaped machine that he did not recognize, showed itself. Even at a glance, it was giving off an unusual vibe.

“What’s that?”


[Goodness! Heavy Gravity! Summoning gear that hasn’t been completed yet!]


While Cha Jun Sung was puzzled and Odin was astonished, a transparent veil appeared at a 50km radius around the machine called Heavy Gravity. Since it had appeared with Cha Jun Sung as the target, he did not make it far before he had to stop. A hazy wall was blocking his way.


[Calculating range….. Calculation complete. Narsiel and Vanessa are trapped inside as well. It is exactly the distance from here to Austin.]

“It just looks like a thin membrane. Should I turn on the energy barrier and go through it?”


[You can’t! Heavy Gravity is a gravity field. Not even a fully remodeled battlesuit is guaranteed to withstand it.]

Cha Jun Sung tried throwing a rock the size of a human head a the barrier.

The rock turned to dust the second it touched the barrier. It was not just crushed.

It really became dust.

The kind of dust that will fly away in the wind.


[It might look like a thin membrane, but that barrier is made of a material that contains 100 times the standard force of gravity. It does not end with one pass.]


If he tries to get past it, a gravity field could be activated 2 or 3 times, maybe even 4 times in succession. The 2nd officer is throwing everything in. It is machinery that has not been completed yet. They experimented on narrow ranges several times, but they don’t know if it activates in an extensive area. But he even used an incomplete machine in order to instigate a fight.

“Ha! Have I become a toy?”

Cha Jun Sung promised to return to reality even if he had to awaken into a mutant and break through. There is something he needs to hear from Odin.


[I have bad news.]


“What could get worse from here….. What is it?”


[The Lifer who handed over Odelia’s nucleus and the sibling have been captured by Narsiel and Vanessa. It looks like they were unable to run away in time.]


Cha Jun Sung held his forehead in his hand.

In his hologram, he could see Narsiel dragging the two with a finger that she had turned into a tentacle.

It looked like she was mumbling something, but he unfortunately could not hear it. He wants to rescue them, but he did not want to risk the danger and go back either.


Is it because they knew what he was feeling?

The Heavy Gravity makes a sound. Then the gravity field narrows. Cha Jun Sung took steps backwards. He really felt like he was about to go crazy.

They are making it so that they have no choice but to meet. This is a shitty situation he can’t make disappear with cursing, so his only option is to fight.

“I’ll pay back as much as I’m being wronged. I’m feeling it deep within my bones.”

Cha Jun Sung grind his teeth and changed his direction to Austin.




“Human, what happened here? What happened to my sister!”

Narsiel harrasses the two Lifers.

She just bothers them because she cannot kill them, and she vents that anger on the older brother. Because he was wearing his battlesuit, he had an advantage over his brother in enduring this.

“I, I don’t know any….. Hack hack!”


Hector won’t say anything as if he does not know anything, but Narsiel is not stupid. She is asking because she has a hunch.

“The smell is telling me that this nucleus is my sister. There’s no way someone like you could kill my sister! Who is it! Who killed my sister!”

Vanessa stopped paying attention to what Narsiel was doing, and examined Odelia’s corpse. Like Benukiz, the wounds look as though she was attacked unilaterally.

The focus of the attacks and the traces of wounds are similar as well. The probability that they are the same person is 99.9%. To think that 2 of her sisters were killed by a mere human. She is incredibly surprised, she is just not showing it.


It is a fairly large distance.

He can still hear them clearly, so he turned his head toward Vanessa and Narsiel’s location. He can see a large life form.

“Is it a machine.”

Vanessa has also encountered a fair amount of machines. Among the humans who live off of her mother, Evil Queen, there are a few who are well-versed in machines. They let them live because they are convenient at times, but there is something different about this.

As the gravity field produced by the Heavy Gravity swept the waste buildings of Austin, they blew away in the wind like the rock that Cha Jun Sung had thrown. The Heavy Gravity did not stop until it had reached a radius of 5km.

It is the limit.

It cannot narrow beyond this because there is a set minimum.


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