LM Chapter 203

Volume 7 / Chapter 203

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“By what standards are you great? Are mutants so great? Go to hell.”

Cha Jun Sung steps on Odelia’s lower body and goes up.

On TV, there is always a reversal at the end because people drag out the time, and he does not want to see that happening.

Cha Jun Sung brought Hades down. It is against Odelia’s upper body. He brought it down easily because she is not in a state to defend herself.

Nuclei of top level mutants are flexible and move constantly.

In Odelia’s case, if he destroys her upper body which is her weakness, he can stop the nucleus’ flow. That is why the order is getting rid of the upper body and then the nucleus.


“What are you doing?”

“You – you can’t kill Odelia. Please!”

“Are you normally crazy or did you go crazy because of Odelia?”

Cha Jun Sung frowns. Hector blocked Hades with a reinforced rifle. He can’t kill her? This isn’t something someone can do in their right mind.

The strength in Hades becomes more and more powerful. Hector is unable to withstand the difference in the pressure of body modifications and battle suit, and falls to his knees.

Hades’ movement toward Odelia strays.

Cha Jun Sung is annoyed and throws Hector by his face.

But he regains his balance mid flight and comes back.

He would not have been able to regain his posture so quickly if Cha Jun Sung had thrown him with intent to kill.

“My brother has been poisoned by Odelia and captured by her. If you kill her, he dies too. Please! Don’t kill her. I’m begging you!”


Odelia uses a variety of poisons, but her poisonous blood is the best. If there is an antidote for the poisonous blood, there has to be antidotes for other poisons as well.

“Ye – yeah! His brother dies too! He he! I heard humans are weak in the face of affection.”

“Shut up, you wretch. I thought you said we’re mere humans? Don’t use English when you’re a mere mutant. I guess you learned it well since you are Evil Queen’s daughter.”


Cha Jun Sung cut off the remaining 2 legs. She is disturbing his thinking. She is experiencing this kind of pain for the first time in her life.

‘The detoxification method…”

It is surprisingly simple.

In the virtual version, the antidote was touching her nucleus. It is unknown whether that method will work in reality as well.

He feels sorry for Hector, but he cannot let her live even if it does not work as the antidote.



[Lifer Cha Jun Sung! Narsiel and Vanessa have sped up! Calculating speed… Calculation complete. They have increased by 157%! End it quickly!]


157% means they have more than doubled their speed. Odin substituted the speed in the time attack and recalculated.




When they are moving outside the Universe Eye’s radius, Odin cannot track their spede either. He can only estimate around when they will arrive.

However, they were exposed to the Universe Eye installed in Austin when they arrived faster than was expected. That means that there had been a change in speed from when they were not watching.

“Why are they doing that!”


[It seems like a last-minute spurt.]


Is their thinking that they’ll arrive quickly instead of slowing down since they are almost at their destination?

It is not a good sign.


“Ack! No!”

Cha Jun Sung cut Odelia’s upper body. She is not dead yet. It just looks like she is dead. If he leaves her like this, she will regenerate a while later. Hector is devastated. His face has darkened as though he has lost the world. But there is nothing he can do.

“Odin, find Odelia’s nucleus. Quickly.”


[Search mode activated. It is on the left side of her heart in the spider body. If you split Odelia’s bottom half, you will be able to reach it easily.]



Cha Jun Sung put Hades in its hilt and moved by power.

Odelia’s body split with one blow because it is defenseless. Odin marks where the nucleus is via hologram. Cha Jun Sung sticks his arm into the disgusting flesh and forces the nucleus out.

Then he broke it into pieces.

He did it just in case because the mission complete notice did not come up.


[You have killed Evil Queen’s youngest daughter, Princess of Fresh Blood Odelia. You have earned 1.5 billion points and 300 million achievement points. You have completed level A mission, Path of Blood. You have earned 1.1 billion reward points.]

The 10 times rule used in levels 1 through 7 really is broken. A weak level 8, Odelia, is worth 1.5 billion points. This is an incredible gap.

Fortunately, he has earned a little more in points than what the Universe Eyes used up.

There are more additional explanations than when he normally completes missions. They show the importance of level 8s. But that’s not what is important.

“Give this to your brother. You can’t feed it to him. Ever!”

It is a level 8’s nucleus.

It is basically a living mutant. If he eats it, the precious brother could become the dead Odelia.

“Can this – can this save my brother? It can really save him?”

“There is a chance. Listen to me. You need to run away from here quickly. Odelia’s sisters Cruel Narsiel and Two Faced Vanessa are coming here now! Hurry!”




There isn’t much time.

Cha Jun Sung left Hector and ran over to the dying Lifers. Most are dead, but a few are still alive. There are only 35 minutes left. He has given Hector as much attention as he can.

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung manually activated Lifers’ battle suits. Basic medical functions are installed, so they will extend their lives even for a moment.

A special mission was applied to these Lifers because of Odelia, but it was released because of Cha Jun Sung. They can go back.

Cha Jun Sung sent the Lifers back one by one. Only about 8 survived of the 100. The rest were unable to endure the aftereffects of the torture.




The time became 21 minutes while he was moving around busily.

It is close, but there is fortunately enough time to get himself back.

“Odin, can you see them?”


[Yes, I am pulling up the video.]



The video that the Universe Eye pulled up filled the hologram.

He can see Narsiel and Vanessa going through the badlands in a straight line. They are in human form, but they are moving so fast their feet are not visible.

They are a few dozen km away. He is done with his work, so he does not feel rushed. All he needs is 5 seconds to return to reality. It is a pity because he would have fought if Narsiel or Vanessa had been alone.

“Let’s go back.”


[You are returning to reality. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Huh?]


As Cha Jun Sung was thinking, ‘What should I do when I get back to reality?’ Odin could not apply it to himself or Cha Jun Sung.

Returning does not work. It seems like saying they cannot return is a better expression. He completed the mission. A mission regarding Narsiel does not activate because they are still too far away. There is no reason they should not be able to return.

“What’s wrong?”

[…. I cannot return.]

“What are you talking about? There’s no reason returning shouldn’t work. Try again.”

Odin is not human. He is artificial intelligence. He can figure out what works and what doesn’t at once because he does not make mistakes.

He is sure. Their return is blocked.


[Lifer Cha Jun Sung cannot return to reality because you have not completed the mission you are in. Other helpers unreachable. External communication blocked.]


If Odin were a person, he would have been sweating right about now. He mobilized all authorities of a helper, but the return gate is not opening.

The completed mission comes up as being in progress and his contact with the outside has been blocked.


[Ret – returning is impossible. I’ll try to resolve this quickly.]


“Hang on.”

Cha Jun Sung took a capsule the size of a fist from his space compression bag. He bought it a long time ago, but it is an urgent return portal that he has never used.

“Portal open.”


As soon as he used the urgent return portal, the blocked return path opened up.

Cha Jun Sung was about to go in asking Odin, ‘What do you think?’.

Right as he was about to put his foot in, the portal crushed strangely and disappeared without a trace. Cha Jun Sung just blinked at this unbelievable situation.




“… Odin, do something.”

Cha Jun Sung took out his rapid charging device under the ominous atmosphere. The battle suit’s energy is not complete. So much has been consumed that 1 will not do, so he needs to charge with multiple devices. He is getting an understanding of the situation.

He does not know why, but this situation is not one that Odin can figure out either.


Narsiel and Vanessa are coming.

Cha Jun Sung is watching this in the video. He is in a state of disbelief.

“Can you figure out why this happened?”


[There is something I am guessing. But I cannot handle this with my authority. First, I’m sure that returning is not possible.]


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