LM Chapter 202

Volume 7 / Chapter 202

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A volatile situation.

Time grows slower.

It did not actually get slower, but it was an important moment to both Cha Jun Sung and Odelia. Vacuum waves form from Hades. These vacuum waves surpass the speed of sound and is similar to a sonic boom. It pushes the air.

Odelia’s upper body swells like a balloon and a smooth and sturdy shell covers her. It is too late for her to avoid the attacks, so she will try to block them.

Then the fur all over her body wrap tightly and block Cha Jun Sung’s way. A series of courses occurred in the blink of an eye.

Cha Jun Sung thought he had stabbed her like in the first surprise attack, but Odelia coped with it well as a level 8. She copes so well it is annoying.

“Damn it!”

Cha Jun Sung shouts in frustration. The 1st wall of fur blocking his way is cut through and the 2nd wall of thickly wrapped fur is also cut through.

More than half of these 2 barriers are blown away Hades’ aura.

The shell is broken in the 3rd round but as a last attempt, Odelia’s muscular upper body withstands the weakened Hades’ cut.

“You persistent bitch!”

“A mere human!”


Cha Jun Sung recovered Hades and hit Odelia’s chin with his knee. Her chin broke and her neck extended to the point where it looked like it would break, but Odelia’s left hand grew several times larger at the same time and hit Cha Jun Sung’s stomach.

With that one hit, Cha Jun Sung’s body goes flinging out 200 meters.

He went through buildings and was covered in asphalt. It is an impressive power.

Cha Jun Sung is stronger than Odelia, but he cannot underestimate the difference in mass. Cha Jun Sung wearing the battle suit is about 400 kg. On the other than, Odelia weighs dozens of tons. He probably has an advantage overall, but he can only fall behind in muscular strength alone.

Odelia is in pain. Her neck bone is broken and her muscles have been ruptured. Her chin is broken, too. The more serious injury is that she consumed a lot of her nutrients because of Hades’ waves. It is not a shield that she created easily.

“Ugh! Save -!”


Odelia shoved Lifers on the ground into the mouth on her lower body. She is in a rush.

She does not know why he is after her, but he is as strong an opponent as her sisters. Odelia knows that she does not have anyone in the vicinity to help her and she needs to handle this situation on her own.

“You bitch! Stop it!”

Cha Jun Sung reappeared suddenly and interfered in Odelia’s disgusting meal.

He is not a saint to sacrifice himself.

That doesn’t mean he is a pessimist who looks at the world in a crooked way either.

He is just powerful in combat ability, but he is a normal person who accepts something if it is advantageous for him and wants to leave something if it is disadvantageous to him. He has no intention to put his life on the line to save these Lifers, but he cannot pretend he has not seen this when he has already interfered in the situation.

Odelia is centered after eating the Lifers.

Cha Jun Sung went under her lower body and cut one of her 8 legs.

She did not fall over but she could not avoid shaking up her balance.

Bang bang bang bang!

To the regular Lifers, the battle between Cha Jun Sung and a level 8 mutant looked like that of a war of gods. A few even forgot the pain they were feeling from torture.

They may not know, but Cha Jun Sung is pulling Odelia away little by little so as not to sweep the Lifers up into the battle. He is also trying to prevent her from filling her nutrients by eating the Lifers. He is fighting with his life. He cannot only think of others.

Cha Jun Sung met eyes with a Lifer who is hiding far away and watching the battlefield. It is the Lifer he suspects was luring the Lifers to Odelia.

He cannot see his face because the battle suit is covering it, but he wants to talk to him if he has time to after the battle. He wants to know how he came to do something so horrid. He will kill him on the spot if he is a psycho, and if he had a reason… he will make the decision then.

Beep beep!




He has the time up on the hologram at the side of his helmet so he can check it at any time, and it says that he has reached 3 hours. He has 2 hours left now.

Injuries form one by one on Odelia’s large body. She did not stop at the fur and poison darts, and is now attacking with string characteristic of a spider.

Spider webs are tricky to deal with because there is a variety of them, but that is it.

She is holding out but at this rate, there is no problem in finishing in the time he allotted for himself. It is helping him out a lot that he has fought her before.

When he developed as a Perfection in the virtual version, he worked hard to adjust to her changing patterns of attack. Her fur, her poison darts, her web, and…


“This little rat! It’s over! This is my area from now on!”

Red liquid sprays out of Odelia’s pores. It is poisonous blood she created by combining the blood she had saved in her pocket and her poison. The poisonous blood spreads out to a radius of hundreds of meters.

Cha Jun Sung blocks the blood with an energy shield. It is a disadvantageous environment for him, but he does not despair.

“You’ve reached your end.”

Her poisonous blood is proof that she has been pushed to the edge. Since she has declared her area with confidence, he needs to break her with power.



Bang bang!

A red fog covers everything in poisonous blood so nothing is visible. It is so thick that he cannot even see with battle suit functions.

A blocked space.

Every time Cha Jun Sung and Odelia collide, shockwaves come out and the poisonous blood rocks like a wave, but it does not scatter.

It actually just looks like it is not scattering. The color is growing lighter as time passes. Odelia is a subject producing the blood. She cannot produce it indefinitely, so she is bound to become exhausted. The amount is decreasing and the color is getting lighter – she is in a disadvantageous situation in various ways.

“He can’t… he can’t kill her…..”

The Lifer who lured the other Lifers to Odelia, Hector, stammers. Hector is standing far from the two and watching their battle. It is not a fight that he can interfere in. He will be overpowered the moment he enters, and he will die even before then because of the poisonous blood.

Hector goes near the blood. It is dangerous, but there is nothing he can do. Odelia did not just capture his brother. He has been neutralized with a poison. As far as he knows, the only one who knows of the antidote is the subject herself.

The unknown Lifer who appeared suddenly has incredible power, but the situation his brother is in is a separate issue. If Odelia dies, his brother also dies. This is a brother he wanted to protect even if it meant becoming a murderer himself. He cannot leave him to die now.

Inside the poisonous blood, Cha Jun Sung realized that Odelia’s strength has reached its end and exploded the energy barrier protecting his battle suit. A purple magnetic field spreads out like water and pushes the blood away.

Is it because there was damage to the space?

Cha Jun Sung’s surroundings become distorted and electricity sparks. This phenomena lasted for a while and then disappeared.


[Remaining energy 68.2%, 31.8% is good against a level 8.]


Odelia really is weak, but she does her level’s worth.

Cha Jun Sung even has a high probability of getting level 7s with a single blow. But he fought for several hours.




Cha Jun Sung saw the time and is satisfied. He has 45 minutes more than he had initially expected. It is a time attack he had not had in mind, but he has evaluated a level 8’s strength.

The poisonous blood was gathered together in one place and disappears as though blown away by wind.

It is the blood that had not disappeared even after Cha Jun Sung burst his barrier.

The covered Odelia appears.

She looks miserable and has protected her human body for the most part, but her spider body has been reduced to rags. Her fur that had once been full now looks as though she is balding, and she has blood flowing from various wounds in her flesh.

The 8 legs that had been in charge of her mobility are also barely standing with only 4 leftover. Her tail, which can sting, is also opened up. She cannot even fill up her nutrients because he has pulled her away from the Lifers. She might be able to move, but Cha Jun Sung won’t just let that happen.

In a situation where she cannot regenerate, she can’t do anything and is basically defenseless.

“How – how could this be… A human. A mere human! To the great me!”


Cha Jun Sung is annoyed with the noisy Odelia, and cut off 2 more legs. She cannot keep her balance and falls to one side.


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