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Volume 7 / Chapter 193

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Once a few months begin overlapping, they are not just months any longer. It is bound to change to half a year, then a year.

Cha Jun Sung, armed with the Ultimate Hades Blade, slaughtered mutants in level C advancement missions worth 2 million points and accumulated points.

He did not have plans for action. He did not spare his body either.

Once he entered a mission, he killed everything in sight regardless of danger. There are a lot even in level C, so his battlesuit’s energy ran low quickly in the beginning but he used rapid chargers multiple times. He remodeled to level A as he gathered more points. Just as there are steps to advancement, there are steps in remodeling. It is stupid to skip the middle steps.

Skipping steps results in a similar consumption of points. There is no need to fight while maintaining level B specifications. Level C missions are far below his standards.

They die with one drawing of the Ultimate Hades Blade’s booster and Overmode.

Twice is overdoing it too. Once is enough.

With wind pressure that is strong enough to split the air, it cuts a mutant in half even if it is big in size. They are so weak that even if several thousands of them come at him, he could take care of all of them within a couple hours.

It is after about 1 year since he started his labor.

He completed his level A specifications. Level C advancement missions are still on the difficult side, but this does not apply to Cha Jun Sung and he just finds them boring.

Whether the mission purpose is annihilation or attainment, he completes it within half a day.

‘Let’s raise the difficulty level.’

Cha Jun Sung changes his location from level C to B. When he is not awakened, he is similar to a weak level 8 with just the abilities he got through the power of a store. He withstood the pressure from his battlesuit with his body as a mutant. This is proof that his body has surpassed level 8 body modifications at the least.

The level of difficulty is higher than in level C, but B cannot block Cha Jun Sung either.

It is just that there is a lot of aversion as a higher level. If upper level 7s push through in volume, he cannot just go at them without thinking it through like he did in level C. Though they seem weak, level C and B are clearly different. Cha Jun Sung understood what Black Demon told him inside the dark tent while he was going through level B.

‘You can’t beat Evil Queen even if you get to level S.’

Complete level A specifications is about the level of a weak 8. Let alone Red Eye or Inferno, it is not enough for mutants like Medusa and Titan.

If the limit to growth is constant with advancement, as Black Demon said, going one-on-one against a Disaster is too much even if he opens up the level S store. He does not know if they are all like that, but levels 8 and 9 from the virtual version at the least have been downgraded in reality.

He grew more bored as the days went by, so he thought about trying out the lowest level A mission but he quit when he grasped the limitations. He won’t have other thoughts until he gets up to the position he can get to.

He will become a Perfection.

It is too early to make an attempt at danger when he can go higher. When he cannot see anywhere higher to go is when he needs to overdo it and get moving.


[Will you accept full remodeling of the battlesuit?]

[You have accepted. 11 billion points and 2.2 billion achievement points will be deducted.]

The battle for Mechanic City.

Area A zone ‘s1 all store is bustling with tens of thousands of Lifers. Cha Jun Sung is on the top floor of the all store.

Cha Jun Sung and a few special cyborgs are the only present on this top floor. Just like the PDA store, no one can enter the floors unless they satisfy the conditions by level.

The top floor is the level S store. He normally cannot enter it, but he is allowed for just today. He has used the opening card.

“Crazy! 11 billion points? I used 60% on one battlesuit.”

He expected that it would be expensive. There is no way it would not be expensive when it is level S. He just feels empty.

How many days? How many months?

1 year.

He prepared for precisely 1 year 2 months. He only hunted like crazy, putting his faith in his infinite stamina.

He only took a minimal break, and turned over a part of the level B and C missions.

It is to the point where he nearly took care of 5% of the 2 levels. Cha Jun Sung took care of tens of thousands by himself. Like this, he accumulated 25 billion points. These are not the holding points, but the total amount. He invested 7 billion points in level A specifications. He opened level S with 18 billion, and used 11 billion on just his battlesuit.

“How many years will it take for average Lifers to match up level A specifications?”

The gap to Cha Jun Sung is already prominent. It is such a large difference that they cannot narrow it no matter what they do.

If level A is like this, what about level S?

That’s a dream.

But this is a phenomenon that has long been anticipated. As they go higher, there is nothing to do when the classes and levels change into the shape of a pyramid. Talent and luck do not matter. There will be less high level Lifers than the 36 rankers there were in the virtual version. It is over if they just die once in reality.

“Those guys will become level A Lifers.”

Not long ago, Park Jin Hyuk’s group entered a 50 million point level B mission with World Federation. Over 1 year, the number of level B Lifers increased.

He heard that they filled most of the 1000 people. There are no level B Lifers left in reality. World Federation used all of their power.

At around the same time, Bloody Kingdom made an attempt at level B advancement. Everyone yearns to go up. The path they are pursuing is the same. He cannot know how many people entered but they probably reached over 500. Just because their behavior is bad does not mean their abilities are.

“Hm. Should I just have entered?”

Cha Jun Sung’s tone is strange. Somehow Strategist found out and is sure that he is the level A Lifer, and contacted him.

He just asked to meet at first and their contact was rare for a while before the obsession became real. It was not an unpleasant obsession.

He was looking for him to request help with the level B advancement mission. Strategist asked him to only get involved to take care of mutants when Lifers were in danger so they would not die, but he made his refusal clear through Park Jin Hyuk.

It is better for them not to advance if they do not have the ability to.

If he enters, he needs to help them in whatever way.

Only when it is dangerous?

No way.

The only reason why he has any lingering regrets is the thought that something might happen to Park Jin Hyuk’ group.

30 million and 50 million.

It is a difference of 20 million, but it is enough to distribute the guard.

He shook his thoughts. He did well. Since they have been going into level B missions for over 1 year, they will do well on their own. He will maintain his initial decision not to help them.

The number of people who will become level A Lifers is unknown. He is considering requesting support if they become the same level. They will be on different standards, but it will not be a bus system.

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung turns on the level S store. There are a lot of curious things. Weapons capable of destroying entire cities, devices that extend lifespan without body modification. There is even medicine that cures incurable diseases. There are a lot of other things that he wants, but he does not have enough points. He needs to only purchase what he needs. Since he has already gotten his big frame weapon and battlesuit, he can get the rest of the settings together for the most part if he uses the rest of his points.

“I’ll have to use this well.”

Cha Jun Sung carefully put something the size of a human torso in his space compression bag. It is something that costs 2 billion points. He hopes he won’t have to use it, but no one knows what could happen. It will be reassuring to have one.

“One week?”

“Yes. The battlesuit will be shipped to the address marked on the PDA.”

It will take 1 week for the battlesuit to be fully remodeled. It is the first time he is getting a break in a while. He wants to go into a level A mission as soon as he gets it, but he cannot skip experimenting and go straight to practice. He will make an attempt after doing some simple tests.


Boom boom!

A 50 meter, level 7 Metal Giant falls backward. It had not been able to withstand the shock of a strong strike to its chest. The blow is surprising.

Cha Jun Sung transformed his left hand into a heavy cannon and is floating in the air.

Just now, he knocked Metal Giant over with an air buster.

This incredible power dug into that sturdy level 7 mutant’s chest muscles.

“It’s weak.”

There is a gap in power. He did not turn the Overbooster on and he is not in Overmode state. Even still, the 50 meter Metal Giant looks small.

He cannot foresee victory with level B specifications and level A will be superior though it will not be unilateral, but it feels like it is just completely under his feet.

He beat it up a few times and shot the cannon at its chest, and it cannot come to its senses. This is a fully remodeled battlesuit. Cha Jun Sung recovered the full power that he had in the virtual version. It is a developmental rate that none of the other 36 rankers can follow.

As expected, his reinforced mutant body can withstand the fully remodeled battlesuit’s pressure, which can only be done with body modifications beyond the 9th step.

[Battlecore, Overbooster 100% deployed.]

[Combat function in full operation. Battlecore and Overbooster overlap with Overmode operation! 8 hours until engine overheats, energy recovery rate 50% adjustment!]

Cha Jun Sung went into the Metal Giant mission on purpose.

Its significance is that he can test out his battlesuit properly as the mission is trickier.

His Overmode now is the maximum output he had when he was fighting Evil Queen. It is slightly different in reality, but the error range is not that large.


The Overbooster burst and shot at Metal Giant’s head as it was trying to get up. Because it is a speed that exceeds fuselage vision, it could not react.

“Split it, Hades.”


He does not always have to brandish up when drawing.

Cha Jun Sung put Hades over his shoulder brought it down in the reverse direction, down.

The 4 built-in boosters on the hilt and the Overmode’s whole body booster brings his drawing speed to its highest. It is truly supersonic.

Bang bang!

Metal Giant is split in a straight line from top to bottom.

It is sitting on the ground, but it is still a 50 meter giant. This is impossible for Hades to do when it is barely 2 meters long. It is because the wind pressure and vacuum wave from the sword expanded the attack range.

Ping ping!

The alert that he completed the mission tickles his ears, but he did not even hear it. Cha Jun Sung is busy looking at his hand and Hades.

“I’m a Perfection.”

Cha Jun Sung smiles in satisfaction. With this, all of his preparations are complete.

It is tomorrow. Tomorrow, he will leave to catch Princess of Fresh Blood, Odelia.


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