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Volume 7 / Chapter 191

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Park Jin Hyuk’s group returned after Cha Jun Sung had started working on a level C mission for more than 2 weeks. As expected, nothing in particular happened.

It was hard enough fighting mutants but they ran away whenever they got the chance to, so he needed to spend weeks chasing them rather than killing.

“A project to make 10 billion? You want to gather not even 1 billion, but 10 billion?”

“I can’t find a reason to open it up unless I have that. You see this? Isn’t it cool?”

Cha Jun Sung took out his Ultimate Hades Blade and put it in front of Park Jin Hyuk. It is painted simply in black without any embellishments.

The 4 small boosters on the hilt are quite impressive.

“Ultimate Hades Blade?”

“Of course Koharu recognizes it.”

“How many points is it?”

“1 billion.”

Park Jin Hyuk holds his chest in surprise. That’s worth 1 billion points?

Kyoko scolded him not to overreact, but he really is surprised. This is the same for the other party members.

1 billion is enough to be armed with the best of level B with points leftover.

But to think that it is so little that it could all be gone with buying just one level A weapon.

“Everything in the level A store is like this. What do you think level S will be like? It’s really hard even to make a battlesuit in level A. I thought of 10 billion as a minimum, too.”

Level A missions where they need to fight against level 8s. They do not need to experience it to know that the difficulty is going to be tremendous. He will not try it until he reaches Perfection level.

He cannot enter at random either. He can guess what kind of mutant will appear. He needed to come up with a plan to prepare for any number of cases.

“And I’ll tell you while we’re all gathered together. I’m not going to help you guys with advancing. I hope you’ll understand my decision.”

Park Jin Hyuk’s group has the ability to complete normal level B missions if they work with the World Federation. It means that they play their assigned roles well. After Cha Jun Sung tried out level B advancement, he realized that letting Park Jin Hyuk’s group ride his bus to advance is not doing good for them but harming them.

The power that Cha Jun Sung gained as he became a mutant is not something that he got through normal measures.

He knocked over the boundaries that he would have had to get past in sequence. Originally, he was going to take responsibility for Park Jin Hyuk’s group until level B advancement. But his thoughts changed after he met the level 8 and 9s in Africa.

They need to get stronger on their own. They need to go on their own rather than having someone lead them from the front. They cannot advance if he keeps helping them. He would not have worried so much if this were a game because they can learn as they die. But they each only have one life because this is reality.

There is no guarantee even for rankers to easily get through the level B boundary. He will leave them alone if their limit is level B. He will not force them higher.

“Everyone is able to see the list of level A missions since the restriction has been lifted, right?”

Tremendous amounts of reward points. The level of difficulty is dizzying just from reading the description.

They cannot even get a sense of the range of the area they will have to explore and the number of mutants they will meet.

A long time ago, the special mission that came up because of Red Eye and Parasite King is nothing, just the tip of the iceberg. They were both injured and in Red Eye’s case, it occurred somewhere other than his homeground so the number of reward points did not reach over 50 million.

However, the level A missions that come up in the PDA are of a different dimension.

They went over 1 billion at a minimum and some even reached over 2 billion. Stepping foot in this kind of hell is just an act that shortens their life spans. They need to stay in place if they do not have sufficient ability.

“We’re okay.”


Koharu spoke in place of the party as if it were nothing.

Park Jin Hyuk agrees with her. They understand how Cha Jun Sung is feeling.

“It may take time, but the number of level B Lifers is increasing and we can fill in for the lacking level Cs. The World Federation is thinking of advancing in 1 year. We’re going to try it then.”

“That sounds appropriate.”

“This is something I felt while completing level B, but we can handle it if a few levels 5 and 6 show up. It’s just that level 7 is really… Should I say it’s one-sided? I say I’m careful, but there are always casualties.”

Park Jin Hyuk spoke bitterly. Level 7s are different by tendency, but aggressive ones jump out at Lifers in the middle and create chaos.

Even while reinforced rifles rip their skin and break their bones, they try to kill even one more Lifer. They need to get dozens in additional support even when 9 combination battlesuit rankers all get involved.

Cha Jun Sung kills those kinds of level 7s alone.

Park Jin Hyuk cannot imagine what he could have experienced while staying in a mission like that.

“2 come out in an advancement mission. If you’re unlucky, 3 could come out.”

1 is too much but to think that two or three could appear, this is an impasse that level B Lifers like Park Jin Hyuk do not want to face. Assuming the worst, all 1000 raid members will have to be level B Lifers.

“Are level A missions on hold until you make 10 billion points?”

“They’re not of a difficulty that I can complete with level A specifications. Killing a level 8 is a result, but I need to match everything with level S in order to endure the process.”

10 billion is a goal that he made simply, too. Considering the details, it is 10 billion with just level S after completing all level A specifications.

“Level 8, ugh… that’s like a level in my dreams.”

The gap between levels 6 and 7 is tremendous, but the gap between 7 and 8 is even greater. Cha Jun Sung can kill dozens if he is in his awakened state and fights with his life on the line. And there is no end if he hits and runs.

“There are less than 50 level A missions. Jun Sung, is there one that you’ve picked out?”


“North America?”

“I should, shouldn’t I? I’m familiar with it and though it was virtual, I’ve caught her before.”

Cha Jun Sung’s starting point is North America. He’s been to other continents, but he only stayed for a short time because they were like quests.

He caught level 8 mutants in North America, too.

Becoming a mutant as a Perfection is like Princess Odelia walking the path of fresh blood.

Fresh Blood Princess Odelia.

She is Evil Queen’s youngest daughter. Fitting to her title Fresh Blood, her growth was cruel and oppressive.

Killing Odelia was the point when Cha Jun Sung decided to commit himself to raid Evil Queen. It is something he felt after killing Evil Queen, but her daughter resembles the mother more than the father so their battling styles are more similar. He killed the youngest daughter to advance, and he also killed the oldest and third daughter while looking for her. As a result, he killed 3 total.

The oldest should have been the strongest and the youngest the weakest, but this was only half right. The youngest is weak, but the oldest is 2nd of the four daughters in combat ability. The strongest is the 2nd daughter. Their genealogy is twisted.

He wanted to kill all of them while he was at it, but he could not find the 2nd daughter wherever she was hiding. That is why he killed Evil Queen right away.

“Jun Sung, how many level 8s did you kill in total in North America?”


They are only Evil Queen’s daughters.

Was it 5 if he widened the range to include all level 8s? Or was it 6?

It is 5. He has caught Blood Lord and Cerberus, too.

Koharu caught White Fog and Violet caught Broad Lord. What was it that Basil caught? He suddenly cannot remember.

“I caught Seven Color Worm King.”

“Ah ah!”

Like a mutant evolved from a bug, it is a monster of stamina that just will not die easily.

It is colored in the 7 colors of the rainbow, so it is one of the hardest Disasters to find because it has the ability to assimilate into the environment.

“We roamed around for days because we couldn’t find each other even though we were right in front of each other.”


“Ha ha.”

Park Jin Hyuk has a blank expression.

Cha Jun Sung laughed slightly. That is possible with Seven Color Worm King’s 7 colors and Basil’s 9 combination Stealth.

Basil was called Invisible, and he had the lowest combat ability of the 36 rankers.

Seven Color Worm King is also the lowest of the Disasters. Rankers look for level 8s that are fitting to them. They cannot catch ones that they cannot beat even if they find them.

Odelia who Cha Jun Sung killed is weak like Seven Color Worm King. They do not fit when considering combat ability, but what could they do when they happened to come across each other?

Contrary to this, Koharu’s White Fog and Violet’s Broad Lord are on the mid and strong side.

“It’s not now, but my first level 8 hunt was Princess of Fresh Blood.”

Odelia’s combat style is stored in his mind.

The details are fuzzy, but all he needs to do is watch the videos he put up on his blog. What Cha Jun Sung is worried about is finding where she lives. A level 8’s area is more than the territory of one country. On top of that, Odelia is White Queen’s youngest daughter. Her assigned area must be bigger.

“So the key is to find Fresh Blood’s path.”


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