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Volume 7 / Chapter 189

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Reporters’ questions, Lim Si Hyun’s calm responses. There is a reason why Lim Si Hyun came out and not Han Chang Jin. He is seasoned in these matters because he was an actor.

Lim Si Hyun plays a video filmed inside the mission. They have a video of the level 9s that is similar to the one that Cha Jun Sung has. They cut or used special effects to edit the more cruel scenes so as not to create aversion.

It felt like they were watching a war movie, but they cannot enjoy it because it is reality. Tens of thousands of Lifers and mutants collide. It is a large war that destroyed Life Mission’s system of parties and forces.

“What you all see in this video filmed by a survivor is the reason why Lifers died as a group. We asked the helpers about this situation, but they are being evasive by saying that this is just an error in the game.”

The video continued.

“Level B Lifers in World Federation were left defenseless and had no choice but to return. Helpers only blocked returns for Lifers to level C, and did not block it for level B Lifers.”

A reporter’s hand shoots up in the air.

It is not time to ask questions, but Lim Si Hyun did not refuse it. It is good to resolve one or two questions as they arise.

“Did level B Lifers abandon their peers in the battlefield and run away?”

“The expression is wrong. We were able to figure out what happened with this incident because of those survivors. If they had died inside the mission, we would have gone over this incident without a word.”

This is something that Cha Jun Sung agrees with as well.

It would have been the perfect crime if there had not been survivors. A lot of people died, but no one would have known why they died.

“But it isn’t wrong to say that they ran away by themselves so they could get away.”

Lim Si Hyun frowns. There is always a reporter who tries to stand out.

“Then what should they have done?”

“Excuse me?”

“The only choices they had were to run away or die. You’re going to find fault with them for running away? So you’re saying that they should have died?”

A person is only allocated one life. That is an unchanging truth. It doesn’t look good that they ran away, but they cannot criticize them.

Hm hm!

People in the area are glaring.

They are making it known that the reporter should sit down if he has nothing to say. The reporter had been trying to get a scoop, but could not stand the pressure and sat down.


Lim Si Hyun answered several other questions, but there was no prominent progress.

Of course.

They need to be connected to Life Mission if they want to resolve this issue.

If they cannot punish the suspects, they are walking in place no matter how much the victims talk about it.

Cha Jun Sung is sure that this incident will be flushed with time.

He touches his PDA.

Since his return from Underpass, he decided to turn it on only when he needs it. It doesn’t matter if he is only communicating with Odin, but he does not like the fact that the superiors can watch his every move.

Life Mission will be as suspicious of Cha Jun Sung as he is of Life Mission.


While he was watching Lim Si Hyun’s interview, his phone rang. The name that comes up on caller ID is Park Jin Hyuk. He is calling by phone because the PDA is off.


[Jun Sung! PDA. Did you see the PDA notice?]


[Hurry up and turn it on! Hurry hurry! Mechanic City’s a mess right now!]

Cha Jun Sung activated his PDA. He can feel surprise and confusion in Park Jin Hyuk’s voice. It became much more comfortable to read others’ emotions ever since he became a mutant. Were things other than his physical ability strengthened?

“I’ll look at it and contact you.”

[Okay! You’re going to be really surprised. Lifer World is in a state of emergency too!]

Cha Jun Sung ended the call with Park Jin Hyuk and went into the notice he was talking about. Life Mission uses these notices if they have something to say to Lifers, but it has not been of much use because they didn’t have much to say to each other. In other words, it is nominal.

“What… This…”

Cha Jun Sung’s words faded away in disbelief.

It is so simple that can be seen as being insincere, but the content is not simple at all. It is an unconventional act that clumsily knocks over the existing framework.

[From this time today, we will be releasing entry restrictions for missions by class. Only stores are restricted. Level E and level B Lifers can enter missions with the release of this restriction. The only limit is to level B because there are no Lifers who have opened level A.]

He is not 100% sure, but it seems that the lowest and top Lifers have come to share missions. If Cha Jun Sung opens up level A, level E Lifers can enter level A as well.

There is no change to the fact that they must advance in order to use stores by level, but it will become easier to gather points if they get on buses. Only time will tell whether this will prove to be something good or bad.


Release on restrictions.

The opening of top level missions that they could not enter because they were blocked by level. Life Mission tried to get past the incident in Africa as an error in the game.

It is only a guess, but this can only be seen as them bulldozing the wall to try and cover the situation. The release on restriction has both an advantage and a disadvantage.

The advantage is that they can earn a tremendous amount of points.

Think about a level E Lifer who can barely catch a level 1 mutant on his own, joining a level C battlesuit force.

Reward points alone are an average of 1 million. It means that there is no reason for Lifers to go into lower level missions. They cannot use stores because those are blocked, but they can make tons of money even though the market price of points has gone down to less than $10.

It has been a long time since level C Lifers have become standardized, so their levels are basically the same. Level B advancement is a dream, but they are thinking of taking this chance to accept bus riders to make a lot of money.

The disadvantage is that the number of those dying increased proportionately. Levels D and E Lifers were unable to adjust to level C atmosphere. In lower levels, they can make mistakes and make up for them. In level C however, mistakes take lives. They are unable to adapt, so the risk grows in proportion to the merits gained.

It happened and Life Mission seems to have no thoughts of fixing it.

They are telling Lifers to go into low and high level missions as they please. It is the beginning now, so adventurous Lifers followed this.

“A lot of people are dying, but they’ll break into level B missions too at this rate.”


Cha Jun Sung reacted positively to Park Jin Hyuk’s words.

In level B raids, 1000 people enter. If they put in as many level B Lifers as they can and fill the rest with level C Lifers, they can enhance their power.

Existing level B mission raids fell behind in quality and quantity, but the restriction release makes it possible to properly mix the two.

Level C Lifers are not becoming level B Lifers just because they complete level B missions. They have not completed level C advancements. They are just helping others, but they gain as much as they sacrifice.

“That’s that. When are you thinking of trying an advancement mission? Immediately?”


“World Federation is asking us to help. Not advancement, but just normal level B. It’s hard for us to refuse because we got a lot of help from them while you were gone.”

Park Jin Hyuk’s group acted with the World Federation to get to level B from C during Cha Jun Sung’s period of absence. Strategist considered their convenience as much as he could, and they saw a lot of gains from working with World Federation.

World Federation and Strategist do not yet know that Cha Jun Sung has returned.

There is no reason for them to know when they never told them. This is the same for other rankers. They did not say nothing because they were annoyed or because they did not want to. They just haven’t had reason to speak to them. Is there really any reason to go to them and tell them, ‘I’m alive’?

“Same thoughts?”

Koharu, Kyoko, Violet, and Basil are in agreement with Park Jin Hyuk. It looks like they cannot refuse. Then what do they need to do?

“Do I have to go, too?”

“We’ll go on our own.”

“You’ll be okay?”

“Of course. I think it’ll take about 1 or 2 months, so get some rest in the meantime.”

He met Park Jin Hyuk for the first time when he was 19, but he is also now in his early 20s. He still looks young, but it is true that he has matured.


“We can tell them you’re alive, right? I’m sure they’ll bother you once they know, but it’s weird to keep going like this too when it’s not a secret or anything.”

“Go ahead.”

It makes sense. They will keep bumping into each other later, so it is better to just tell them.

‘Should I complete advancement while they’re in their mission? That’d be good.’

He can do it alone, or do it with his party. 1 or 2 months isn’t a short amount of time. He can’t just hang around everyday, so he should just complete it in this time.

Under the assumption that he has plenty of time, he can read the final step if he opens up the level S store and meet all of the specifications he possibly can.


It is the name put only to Lifers of the 36 rankers in the virtual version who reached the end. There is not much time left before he can take that name.


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