LM Chapter 188

Volume 7 / Chapter 188

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The battlefield where Red Eye and Dragon rampaged.

More than tens of thousands of corpses are piled up regardless of Lifers and mutants. There are lot who died of burning in the fire.

It is a trick on the eye.

When Dragon appeared, everything including the alive and the dead burned.

Very few Lifers are crawling on the ground. Though they have holes in their chests or their organs are ruptured, they cannot accept death with the lingering hope that they can be fixed as long as they can get back to the briefing room or Mechanic City.

But they need their PDAs if they want to return, but most of them have melted. They lost their functions when they were exposed to the high heat. There are tens of thousands of Lifers. There might be one in good condition if they look for it, but it is nearly impossible to drag these bodies in wretched condition to find something for which they don’t know where to look.

Cha Jun Sung passes a field of corpses that looks like something from hell. Whenever he encountered a living Lifer, he used his own PDA to send them back.

There were only 7 of them. He had been thinking that a fair amount of them would have survived because Red Eye left the battlefield in the middle, but Dragon had used all of his power as a level 8. The Lifers were wiped out.

It is not an annihilation because there are survivors, but it is a fitting expression.

In this way, Cha Jun Sung rescued a total of 11 people. They are all so injured that they could die at any moment. They have held out because of their body modifications and battlesuits.

“What on earth have you done?”

[The mission malfunctioned. We are currently trying to figure out the cause.]

Cha Jun Sung asked Odin once he had time.

He cannot understand why all of these Lifers entered together, and everything was suspicious.

He cannot trust Life Mission because of what Black Demon told him.

“Reward… No. This isn’t a game. What point is a compensation.”

What can a life be compensated with? Death is the end. Cha Jun Sung expected Life Mission to keep their mouths shut. They don’t really have a reason to give Lifers an explanation. If they don’t like it, they can leave.

[Can you tell me what happened in there with Black Demon?]

“We fought.”

[Are you saying that you fought a Disaster and survived?]

“I came flinging out at the end because I took a hit. He was really strong. And what are you going to do if you don’t believe me? Aren’t you guys hiding a ton of stuff too?”

It is mutual. He will hide as much as he is told and hide even what he is not told. Cha Jun Sung realized that the helpers do not have much influence after meeting their superior. They have influence for Life Mission itself, but they lose authority once their superiors get involved.

He realized while watching this situation.

“Rules were in place like a game in the beginning, but it’s to your will as we go further along. It feels like you’re treating us like testing specimen.”

Cha Jun Sung took a jab.

Odin does not answer. He did not take the jab because he wanted to hear the response.

He heard enough from Black Demon.

“You said the goal is to get rid of mutants, right? Then I’m sure it’ll become more important as we go higher through levels 1 through 9. And getting rid of level 9s will be important.”

“The fight between White Queen and Cruel King was a chance to get rid of level 9s. They would all have been killed if Black Demon hadn’t showed up, no?”

Is he talking to Odin?

He is talking to the superiors. They will be listening.

“But the question is why you’re trying to put Lifers in when you could use nuclear weapons or bombs with the science you have.”

He is saying this because he really is curious. No matter how impressive level 9s are, he does not think that they could survive nuclear bombs. What is nuclear power?

It is the worst weapon ever created by humans. It is a weapon that could destroy cities, countries, the world. It means extinction the second they are launched.

They could somehow survive, but that is only if there are 1 or 2. If dozens are launched, even level 9s will become dust and disappear.

“Fine. I’m sure there’s a reason.”

Cha Jun Sung taunts. Is this how it feels to become a lab rat? How will the rats that are actually tested on feel? He thinks he might be able to understand.

Cha Jun Sung looks across from the battlefield.

There are still mutants over there. It has been half a day since Lifers stopped entering. It can only be seen as an entry being blocked off because it is not working no matter how much they try.

“There are no survivors and I have nothing to do.”

There is nothing he can do if he goes where all of those mutants are gathered together.

Any one of Black Demon, Dragon, and Red Eye have the strength to swallow up Mechanic City. It is impossible for him to get past them and kill White Queen. And he does not want to fight with Black Demon.

“I’ll watch how you take care of this matter.”


Cha Jun Sung returns to reality.

The words he left behind have a fair amount of meaning.


“He’s gone.”

Black Demon’s senses picked up that Cha Jun Sung had disappeared. He has gone back to where he came from. Level 8 and 9 mutants are gathered next to Black Demon.

He intends to stay in this place for a while.

Not that long, but for just about 10 days?

White Queen needs to recover her strength, and that bothers him too.

Boom boom!

He does not want to leave Cruel King, now Parasite King’s host, behind. If that awakens and goes crazy, Black Demon is the only one who can stop it. The rest cannot block it because they are not in good conditions.

Also, those mutants are dead if Lifers enter while he is gone. Black Demon does not welcome Lifers shooting them up. Dragon and Red Eye will become the subjects of missions, and White Queen’s group is included in there as well. That is why he will be taking measures in preparation. He did not tell White Queen’s group. He is only going to tell Red Eye a little and end it, too.

“I hope he does well.”

They have more advantages as Cha Jun Sung advances more quickly.

He can focus entirely on himself if Cha Jun Sung kills Evil Queen and South America’s Bone Monster. Whatever happens, their side is currently at a greater advantage than Evil Queen is. That whore has too many enemies.

“The negative as opportunity.”

Enemies of the enemy are not allies. They are enemies.

If they are used well however, they may not become allies but they can become aid. He will polish the path and win until it becomes the worst.



A few days passed after he returned from the mission. Nothing in particular happened in that time. Cha Jun Sung rested comfortably at home in order to organize this thoughts.

His party members were not laboring through missions or risking their lives for points, so they all enjoyed their leisure while only contacting each other. Cha Jun Sung was not able to complete the advance mission Restriction Line to the end. He does not care. He can do something like that at any time, so he has no lingering attachments.

“They do as they want.”

Life Mission can change their rules at any time whenever they want. This means that they can go back and forth on everything. Life Mission controlled missions to flow in the direction they wanted them to. A special mission had not been applied even when he came across Black Demon.

Normally, this would not be possible. Unless a special mission is created, there is no clear criteria to judge the mission’s difficulty level.

A Lifer could guarantee their life extemporaneously if they are extremely capable or quick witted, but not all Lifers can be like that. Tens of thousands of Lifers entered Africa, but they died en masse because the system had made it so they could not distinguish what kind of situation they were in.

Everything is hard the first time, and only gets easier after. Meaning that this kind of situation could happen again.

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung turns the TV on. His everyday life is not that special just because he is an outstanding Lifer. He is just a normal person outside of missions.

[MBB, we have breaking news. According to aggregate results, the number of level C Lifer deaths is over 300,000. This number is equivalent to that of periods of advancement missions in the past. But there has not been a case where so many Lifers died all at once since the framework was built.]

[The World Federation provided a lot of aid in determining the death count, and each country held an interview to take action. In Korea, Seven Stars’ master Ghost Gun Lim Si Hyun agreed to interview, so let’s go meet him now.]

The screen changed to an official press conference with a lot of people gathered together. The gentle and handsome Lim Si Hyun is sitting at the head of the table.


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