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Volume 7 / Chapter 185

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Cha Jun Sung considered the number of cases.

If he awakens, he can do something about Black Demon in his unawakened state. But if Black Demon awakens, the gap he narrowed will widen again. He will really die.

‘Let’s run away.’

Since he needs to guard White Queen’s group, it does not seem like he will chase him to the end if he gets away. He needs to take the first step properly so that he won’t get caught.

“Odin, I’m going to run.”

[With Overmode’s output, you can go at mach 1 speed for 1 hour but I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get away from him.]

Mach 1 is another expression for the speed of sound.

He can go at 340 m/s in speed but a level 9 might be able to catch up to him with its physical ability.

Cha Jun Sung chose to run away. It hurts his pride to put his tail down without even fighting, but there are times when he can calculate when he needs to stay or go without measuring. The result doesn’t need to come out to see if a tiger or dog is stronger. The gap between bravery and rashness is paper thin.



The reverse booster exploded while he was facing Black Demon, and he turned his body as he retreated. He just needs to keep going in a straight line like this.

But if he were going to run away, he needed to have run without fighting Black Demon. While he was dragging out the time, uninvited guests had gotten involved.


Bang bang bang!

A red meteor falls from the sky. When it collided with the ground, it destroyed everything within a radius and flung out large and small fragments. Cha Jun Sung was not taken aback by the unexpected situation and avoided the fragments, but he fell to the ground when he was hit by a big fist that came through them.

It is a battlesuit with its Overmode, battle function, in full activation.

The outer armor is always reinforced, so most shock is absorbed and blocked. But the hit he just was enough to not only neutralize the outer armor, but also enough to shake up Cha Jun Sung inside of it.

A large body walks out from the dust. A demon boasting black and red muscles, Red Eye is the one who knocked Cha Jun Sung down.


“I could have caught him. You did something unnecessary.”

Black Demon hates when others interfere in his battles. He does not see it in a good light even if it is his son, Red Eye, especially if the fight is one against one.

“I’m sorry. It looked like he was trying to run away, so I took him down without thinking.”

It was an action by reflex because he thought something bothersome would happen to Black Demon. He had not had any intention to interfere in the fight.

“It’s fine.”

Black Demon waved his hand. What happened happened and it is in the past.

“What about the war?”

“As you can see…..”

Red Eye spoke as he turned his head. Black Demon’s attention followed suit and watched what was happening far away.


Dragon flies around like a jet bombing the ground, setting fire to everything. Those flames do not differentiate between allies and enemies.

Pew pew pew!

Things like flies fly around near Dragon as he flies around.

They are thousands of Lifers in battlesuits. They need to launch an air war if they are to fight a flying mutant. They know the Dragonos is level 8, but it will be pandemonium if they cannot kill it.

Lifers threw their lives into it and fought Dragon.

However, they cannot make much of an impact on Dragon’s huge body with reinforced rifles and vibrating weapons. It was also impossible to use weapons of mass destruction because their target was constantly moving and even if they did use these weapons, they will all be swept through in such a close distance. A mutant like Dragon will not die even after being hit head on by a white phosphorus shell, but this does not apply to Lifers.

Red Eye has left the battle, but Dragon and the remaining mutants are enough to exterminate all of the Lifers, though most of them will die excluding Dragon.

“Red… Red Eye…”

Cha Jun Sung steadied his trembling body and stood up.

He is not wounded, but he had seen stars for a moment when his head was hit.

“You know me?”

“You know me too.”

Black Demon is in front of him, Red Eye behind.

Though Red Eye is not in perfect condition, this is not a situation where he can win even if he fights to his death. The battle grew lukewarm with Red Eye’s appearance.

Cha Jun Sung thought that communication might work because everyone involved is gathered together.

“This face – you remember it, right? You came looking for me yourself.”


Cha Jun Sung took his helmet off. Since the situation has taken a turn for the worst, his mind and relaxed state came back to an extent.

He is still scared of Black Demon, but he can breathe with this much. It is an environment in which he is leaning on the moonlight for aid in darkness, but the matter of whether there is light is not important for these people.

“Oh! That human from then!”

Mutants are living beings as well.

They have feelings of course.

Sadness, rage, joy. Red Eye’s emotion is astonishment due to surprise.

Coincidence? Necessity?

To meet in a place like this. He had not imagined that that they would meet like this where it is not just the two of them and Black Demon is here.

Black Demon looked at Cha Jun Sung’s face and laughed with his shoulders shaking.

It is different from what has happened until now. He cannot get a grasp of the meaning, but it is not negative. They are the same. They are too much alike. How they look and how they act. He was wondering where he had seen him, but he is exactly the same and he can understand now.

On top of that, that appearance is himself before he evolved to a point that he could not go back from.

Black Demon untransformed both of his hands. Then the murderous feeling pressuring the atmosphere disappeared. Red Eye was also fascinated.

“I have something to talk about with him separately. You go down and guard them.”

Black Demon told him not to go near the cocoon. If the weakened Red Eye goes close to the cocoon, it will attack him thinking that he is a source of nutrients.

Red Eye was upset that Black Demon was pushing him away, but he did not refute. He thought that Black Demon would not be doing this for no reason.

Cha Jun Sung gulps. He is curious as to what Black Demon will say.

He had not been able to explain their relations and had thought first of running away because of the murderous atmosphere and pressure he felt. His mind had become blank because he was so nervous.

“If you knew who I was, you could have said something? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“That’s easy to say…..”

“Really? How immature. It’s too fast. You weren’t as strong as I wanted for you to be.”

Black Demon grumbles. The Cha Jun Sung that he met had transcended humans.

He could win if it is one-on-one, but there is no guarantee when it is two-to-one. Compared to him, Cha Jun Sung now is weak.

He might be special in human standards but if that range is widened to mutants, he cannot even fit in the middle. The difference between the two groups is the difference between heaven and earth.

‘That’s not true. If I awaken, I’m confident in everything other than you and White Queen.’

Cha Jun Sung explained to himself when he heard that he is weak.

He needs to fight to know about mutants like Red Eye and Inferno, but he could win one like Medusa.

He had actually fought Medusa and Beholder at the same time and had dominated that.

Black Demon did not realize that Cha Jun Sung has he Oriax mixed in him.

Isn’t it because this is not visible externally?

Cha Jun Sung does not have anything to say regarding this either. He cannot explain for certain either.

[Lifer Cha Jun Sung. What are you talking about with them right now?]

Cha Jun Sung hung the PDA up.

Odin could not get in another word before their connection was cut off.

He can be suspicious, but he cannot pressure a Lifer with something like this. He does not have the authority to ask and the Lifer is not obligated to answer.

“Logging out of the PDA… You act quickly. I’m sure you have a lot to ask.”

“Huh? You know what a PDA is? A mutant?”

How much does he really know?

Could he know why this world changed so much and what Life Mission is?

“You’re the one who gave me the notebook Red Eye brought to me, right?”

“Only half.”

“Half? Is there a 3rd person involved in this other than you and Red Eye?”

“This place – I’m sure we’re being watched, right?”


Cha Jun Sung was conscious of the sky when Black Demon poke.

It is a battlefield where level 8 and 9s have gathered. It may be impossible to tap them, but it is obvious that they are watching.

“I’ll show you something interesting, though it’s not supposed to be used this way.”

A pair of bat wings grow from Black Demon’s back. It is incredibly large, unfitting for his body. It is so big that it even looked heavy.

“Dark tent.”

The world is covered.

A hemispherical dome of about 50 meters forms on a vast field with nothing and swallows Cha Jun Sung and Black Demon.

A gap forms between the wings to Black Demon’s will. The surface is covered in bloody veins, and it moves with strange vigor like Parasite King’s cocoon.

“Father, that…..”

It is so large that Red Eye and White Queen’s group can also see the dark tent from below the hill.

Other than Red Eye, they have no idea what it is being used for. The only ones who can know what is happening are Black Demon who created the tent, and Cha Jun Sung who is locked in against his will.

Whatever happens, Black Demon’s dark tent showed up in Libya to talk without interference.

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