LM Chapter 184

Volume 7 / Chapter 184

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Africa is wide. If she searches everywhere, she could find mutants with abilities that rival those of Inferno’s group. She desperately needs someone to fill Kimera’s spot now that he has died.

Even if it weren’t for that, she needs to build up her power if she is to keep an eye on North and South America.

“Evil Queen, you have too many enemies. How much damage will that do to him?”

“Excuse me? Is there someone other than us?”

“I was talking to myself.”

Black Demon stopped talking.

Around now, Cha Jun Sung will have arrived in North America and should be wandering around looking for Evil Queen.

He hopes he can kill her but if he doesn’t have enough strength, it would be good if he could reduce the number of her offspring or other level 8 mutants.

He is one who has given up on life and has made the decision to die. Since words do not work, he is hoping that they will be allowed to stay in a place that is advantageous to them.

“That’s that, but there’s a rat hiding somewhere that isn’t going away.”

Black Demon looks at the hill.

He saw a Lifer standing far from White Queen’s group when he was flying down with Dragon.

He is still lying flat on his stomach.

He left the Lifer alone because he was separated, but the Lifer is not running away and is watching the situation even after the battle ended. It does not matter if he lets the Lifer live because he does not pose a threat, but should he say the back of his head tingles? Black Demon is annoyed with the feeling of being watched.

“Rat? I don’t sense anything….. Could it be that huge explosion?”

White Queen activated her senses, but she did not pick up on anything. It does not mean she cannot see or hear because she is out of strength.

“I’ll kill it and come back.”


Black Demon disappeared as soon as he spoke. It is not like movement through space. It is momentous movement that is purely through physical ability.


Cha Jun Sung was watching White Queen and the newly appeared mutant, Black Demon, when he was surprised. Black Demon had been standing there a moment ago, but he disappeared.

‘Where – where did he go?’

He quickly looked around, but he could not find him.

It made him nervous. He only saw for a short time, but it was an incredible battling ability that he couldn’t take his eyes away from. He killed hundreds of Lifers within minutes in an unawakened state. His style of whole body mutation on top of that, is similar to his. He is level 8 at the least.

Cha Jun Sung silently enters his return in his PDA.

He has seen everything he needed to.

It is a waste to leave the remaining mutants behind, but he needs to get out while he can.

A cutting sound comes out of nowhere from behind him.

The air is split as a sharp weapon goes toward Cha Jun Sung’s neck.


Cha Jun Sung was lying on his stomach when he went down with his reverse booster. The weapon is going for his neck, so he could get his hip or legs cut if he goes up.

The innocent hill took the hit. It left a deep wound behind.

“He avoided it?”

There is curiosity in Black Demon’s tone. He did not use all of his power.

But he had not done it carelessly either. He used the similar strength he had used to kill the Lifers below. He should have died if they were at a similar level.

Cha Jun Sung gulps and quickly creates distance between himself and Black Demon.

He has a cold sweat running all over his body. His battlesuit’s temperature function is running properly, but this is not a matter of being hot or cold. He has been discovered and he only lost sight of the mutant for a moment, but he almost died.

“Damn it! Can’t you just pretend you didn’t see me and let me go?”

“Are you Korean?”

As soon as Cha Jun Sung spoke subconsciously, Black Demon responded in Korean. It did not surprise him. There is no reason to think that mutants cannot speak the human language. The probability of meeting one that can is low, but its final evolutionary entity is that of a human and it is a top level 7, so it could remember Korean.

“I guess you were Korean before you became a mutant? Let’s go our separate ways.”

Black Demon smiles.

It is true that he feels more affection than toward other humans, but he will not let him live. Once they reach level 9, they lose most of their human feelings. He will keep his old feelings in mind however, and kill him painlessly.

“Ugh, this is crazy!”

Cha Jun Sung read the meaning of the smile and shouted out in exasperation.

He exudes a feeling of death. He is intent on killing him no matter what.

‘One on one?’

Cha Jun Sung rolls his eyes. White Queen’s group did not come. They are in a weakened state due to the aftereffects of battle, so the opponent in front of him is the only one he needs to take on.

His thoughts continue to his actions as soon as he gets them organized. If he isn’t in a good position, he will fight back. Black Demon tilts his head.

“That posture looks similar.”

“Shut up. If you’re not going to let me go, come at me.”

“There are lots of things that are similar.”

“What are you talking about?”

Cha Jun Sung organized his thoughts.

He will fight and go into his awakened state if he thinks he might die. He does not like that he will be found out by the helpers, but he does not want to die.

[Battlecore, Overbooster 100% deployed.]

[Combat function in full activation. Battlecore and Overbooster overlap in overmode! I will search for the enemy’s weakness until the engine overheats in 2 hours.]

Odin analyzes Black Demon. Finding a weakness means analyzing to find things like where to attack or the nucleus, but the effect is high if they are stronger than the enemy and low if they are weaker. Even if the Lifer knows the weakness, he will die trying if he does not have the strength to act on it. Fortunately, there is a higher chance that Cha Jun Sung will be effective than ineffective.


The Overmode’s power surrounds the battlesuit.

The driving force of the booster that reached over its limit pushed Cha Jun Sung right in front of Black Demon.

Boom boom boom boom!

The Overmode’s attack power is ejected from Cha Jun Sung. Black Demon transformed both his arms to block Cha Jun Sung’s attack and avoid it.

“You’re pretty good. You’re on a completely different level from the other guys down there. Great!”

He was right when he had thought that this Lifer might be good because he was alone. This kind of strength will allow him to survive in this rough world.

Odin calculates the path of the attacks that come in.

It is an anomaly, and he has no constant format. Since it is better to do it than not, the calculations and Cha Jun Sung’s own instincts were combined to respond to the attacks.

‘Ugh, why is he so strong?’

He is in an unawakened state. He cannot be pushed back if he cannot dominate, but Overmode and the effect of strengthening his body are not working.

The attacks stopped after the first few times, and all he could do was put up a defense after that.

Cha Jun Sung’s sword and Black Demon’s transformed hand tangle up dizzyingly.

The auxiliary sensor for motion detection constantly gives alerts on the enemy’s attack.

Scratches on the battlesuit increase. He is avoiding critical hits, but the fact that he is allowing attacks means that his responses are slowing down.

[Lifer Cha Jun Sung, I can’t predict that mutant’s actions.]

[There are dozens of attacks per second, the speed of the blows is at the speed of sound. From the results of analyzing the enemy’s unawakened behavior pattern, there is a high chance that it is level 9.]

Odin told Cha Jun Sung what he did not want to hear. He thought that this mutant would be level 8 at most, but the abnormal attack power he experienced opened the path from a level 8 to level 9.

‘Which Disaster is he? He’s not White Queen or Cruel King. Not Evil Queen either. He’s not South America’s Bone Monster or Oceania’s Neptune.’

He has never seen Bone Monster or Neptune. It is impossible to see Neptune in particular. How is he supposed to be able to see a mutant that lives deep under the ground?

Countless Lifers searched all over Oceania’s seas in submarines out of curiosity, but no one saw even a shadow.

“Black – Black Demon?”

He used process of elimination and said the last Disaster’s name.

He hopes it is not. If that really is Black Demon, he cannot survive regardless of awakening. He still cannot fight against a level 9 and win.

“You have a good eye.”

Cha Jun Sung ground his teeth hard when Black Demon confirmed the fact. To meet an opponent like that now, he cannot see his future.

Red Eye had said when they met a while ago that if he wants to know why they met, he should build up his strength and go to meet his father.

But his mind has become a mess because of the strong pressure put on him by his opponent. He cannot figure out how to explain it.

‘Stay calm.’

He took a deep breath. There is a saying that one can live if they keep their right mind even if they are being dragged away by a tiger. If that happens, it is honestly the same as being dead but since he himself has been placed in the situation, he cannot help but think differently.

The probability of living is 0% if he refuses this, and the future is just a death sentence.


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