LM Chapter 183

Volume 7 / Chapter 183

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She is so weak that a Lifer could kill her with a submachine gun.

“That – that was a Dragonos, right? It’s a dream! Please say this is a dream!”

“That – that?”

“There’s only one. Won’t we be able to kill it?”

“You crazy bastard! Can’t you see? It’s a top level just from its appearance!”

Black Demon looks like a half mutant with several pairs of eyes and horns.

Even his actions are worryingly relaxed after jumping off of Dragonos. They do not know how the mission has become so entangled, but this is a level 7 at the least.

“There’s a lot I’m curious about. First, let’s handle the situation.”


Black Demon dug in where there were the most Lifers gathered together.


Thorns come out from all over his body. Hundreds of thorns spread out widely.

Lifers within a 100m radius are unable to avoid them, and are skewered. White Queen is included in that radius, but the thorns in her range shorten or change direction.


The thorns go back.

There are clear traces of the thorns left in the Lifers.

Wounds that mean death. Hundreds of people died within seconds.

“Be careful. Those people, I don’t know how, but they appear by jumping through space. That’s why you can’t end their support in the middle.”

“Pft. With this standard, I could kill tens of thousands. Isn’t that right?”

White Queen did not refute. Honestly, it is true. Even if it weren’t him, she would have been able to do so as well if she were in good condition.

Black Demon moved around everywhere and took care of Lifers who were rebelling. It is like picking off flies because there is a gap in ability that cannot be narrowed.

White Queen was fragmentary, but she enjoyed Black Demon’s battle and understood what exactly whole body mutation is. He changes to his will and attacks. It is so irregular that his next move is unpredictable.

“Why don’t they appear?”

White Queen watched Black Demon fight and thought it strange that more Lifers were not being summoned. This is another measure taken by the helpers.

It is worth using Lifers against White Queen and Inferno’s group because they are injured. However, there is no longer any use since Black Demon has appeared.

It is impossible to get through his defense. Though they consider Lifers disposable soldiers, they cannot just pour them into poison.


Dragon’s roar, fiery flames. The other battlefield lights up like it is daytime. Dragonos’ breath sets fire to a large radius.

The range is like a disc.

Even mutants of the same level cannot come out safe from a compressed breath with heat of thousands of degrees.

Red Eye avoids being hit with the fire head on as well.

Black Demon extends his finger like a string, found Inferno’s group where they were spread out, and pulled them close to him, where White Queen is. It looks like Lifers are not being summoned in anymore, but they cannot let their guards down. If they are moving through space, Lifers could appear right next to them out of nowhere.

They could get stabbed in the back. It is easier to protect them if they are gathered together in one place.

“Are you surprised?”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. Did you watch from beginning to end?”

Not only White Queen, but Inferno’s group had also not been expecting Black Demon to appear, thinking that he was just a bystander. But he had fallen to them from the sky.

As White Queen said, it would be a lie and strange if they said they were not surprised.

“No, I just arrived. I estimated the time to come, but it seems I wasn’t late.”

With Dragon’s speed, he can get from Asia to Africa in a day. The driving force from his 3 pairs of wings match that of a jet. That is why he had not felt that he needed to go in advance. They will catch up to the others even if they leave later. Dragon got the scents of White Queen and Inferno’s group when they were going back to Asia from Buckingham Palace, and used these as indicators to find them.

“It seems there aren’t any additional attacks. But that cocoon – what is that?”

Black Demon approached the cocoon.

A powerful beating signal vitals. He is overflowing with curiosity.

He has seen a lot of rare and interesting things in his life, but this cocoon in front of him is also fascinating.

“Hm… Not even I know what will be born from that. All I know is that the worm you sent us as support became parasitic to Cruel King.”


Black Demon’s voice grows louder. He cannot express his surprise with words. Parasite King had been singing that he would find a strong host, and it seems he has achieved his wish. What Black Demon knows is that Parasite King is a level 8 Disaster and Cruel King is level 9. A predator has swallowed up a higher predator.

Black Demon puts his palm to the surface of the beating cocoon. There is a limit to what he can see with just his eyes. Splitting it is the most certain way to see what is inside.

But that would be forcing it out.

That would harm Parasite King, not benefit him in any way. What he can find out by putting his palm to it is also extremely limited, but he can feel the ongoing birth process and feel the flow.

“It’s strong, gentle, tight, and tough.”

“Of course.”

White Queen explains.

The outside of the cocoon is created with a combination of Cruel King’s fur, and is an outer wall to protect what is inside against enemies. Black Demon felt all over the cocoon and admitted that he cannot break through it in its current state. There is no chance of his being able to do it unless he awakens.

“It’s active. The body is being reconstructed. I’m sure he must have been injured severely if he fought. Then he’ll probably be born after completely healing all of that as well.”

It took root in the ground like a plant and took nutrients from the earth.

It will develop through actions like supplementing water when it rains. This does not look like it will end within a few days.

If it takes a long time, it could take a few months or even a few years.

As a parasite, this is the end, the final evolution where nothing can make him more powerful.

Black Demon closed his eyes and looked all over the cocoon for reactions like a doctor listening to a patient through a stethoscope.

White Queen and Inferno’s group wanted to touch it for themselves as well, but they refrained from doing anything unnecessary because they were not sure what could go wrong.

They cannot control their bodies fully because they are injured. If they do something wrong, they could kill it in one go.

“It’s here.”

Boom boom!

After touching various places, the place with the strongest sign of vitals.

This is probably where a mutant’s source, the nucleus, is growing.

This kind of important evolution is normally done secretly in a quiet place. But Parasite King had not been able to do that because he was in a rush. It is an opportunity that he will never have again, so he left everything out. It is hard to say whether he is brave or stupid.

Ss ss ss

The change was subtle.

When Black Demon’s hand got closer to where the nucleus is, a part of the cocoon twisted and attacked him. White Queen was taken aback and retreated backwards, while Black Demon took the hit.

Because he is close?

Because he couldn’t get away?


Hundreds of hairs embed on Black Demon’s body. Some get on his arms and legs, and some on vital spots. He is covered in skewers.

“It hurts. Huh? Hah! Look at this guy. He’s going to try to fill the nutrients he lacks through me?”

The hairs stick a straw in Black Demon’s body. It is so strong that the strength being sucked out is insufficient, but it will reach the end at some point if it is not limitless.

Then? All that is left is death.


Black Demon’s right arm becomes sharp. He brandished his sword-like arm, cut the hairs stuck to his body, and absorbed them instead.

“It’d be best to leave it alone. It is offensive that it attacked me, but this is an ally that can provide great strength and we can’t take him out right now anyway.”

They did not have a choice from the beginning.

It is best to leave it alone unless they are going to take him out by force. He only touched it half out of curiosity and half as a joke.


“I guess that side is done too.”

He can see Dragon letting out breaths of victory among the flames. The fire rises as though it will burn the clouds. If the enemy is still alive, he would need to blow that smoke down. This useless performance either means that the battle is ending or has ended.

“What will you do now?”

“Since my biggest goal Cruel King is dead, I’ll go back to England, treat my wounds, and take a look at Africa’s ecosystem.”


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