LM Chapter 182

Volume 7 / Chapter 182

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Before even 5 minutes had passed, the Lifers entering the mission could not understand why their attentions were straying and they felt sleepy.

All they could remember was a white monster wet red with blood, and the corpses surrounding it.

All they could feel was that something was being wielded at them.

Lifers who entered at the same time were cut in half by White Queen’s sword, separating their upper bodies. These dozens of Lifers were all born on different days, but they died on the same day, at the same time, with the same method.

There was no pain. They didn’t even know that they had died.

Ping ping ping ping!

White Queen ran at the Lifers as soon as she saw them entering.

She is trying to handle them before they could understand what is going on and get moving.

But there is no reduction in the number of Lifers no matter how many of them she kills, though it did not increase either because she did not stop.

She is just walking in place.

How many will she have killed?

It is easily over a few thousand. Even still, it is several hundred as it was in the beginning.

There is no end.

White Queen really has reached her limit now. Her energy is about to be drained like a light that is about to go out. She cannot tell when exactly it will be drained.

What she is sure of is that she is so tired that it would not be strange for her to run out immediately.

A few mutants are pressing on among hundreds of Lifers.

They are being held by Beholder. If it had not been for that, the situation would have made a turn for the worst. That does not mean that the situation is good either. It would have ended long ago if it had just been a couple hundred, but there was a limit to holding Lifers because of the fight against dead Lifers.

“Die! Die!”

One Lifer leapt at White Queen’s face.

He triggered the hand cannons in each of his hands. It is a last-ditch attempt at an attack.


The heat lets out a powerful shockwave that swallows White Queen’s face. Her center of gravity goes backward. She raised her shield as she fell over. He gets cut on the edge of the shield and his guts spill out.

The Lifer’s blood falls on White Queen, and she absorbs it with her body. She needs to fill up her nutrients even in this way if she can. It is just a temporary measure, but she has no choice if she is to maintain her awakened state even for a few more seconds.

“It’s more dangerous because I can’t predict what’s coming.”

Humans, and humans that she cannot understand with her knowledge, interfered in a war between mutants.

A method of movement in which they move between space.

It was so hard to determine their acts that she finally understood.

She would have killed all of them no matter how many of them there were if she was in good condition, but she has gotten to this point.

She would have been able to get help if Inferno’s group had been okay, but they cannot even take care of themselves right now. White Queen faced danger for the first time ever, and experienced a wall that she cannot get over.


5 to 6 level Lifers are pushing top level mutants into a corner.

They cannot win because they are being pressed under overwhelming numbers. If even the level 7s at the frontmost line die, next is White Queen and Inferno.

“I can’t die like this.”

She killed Cruel King with difficulty. Her alliance with Black Demon is guaranteed.

With his help, she can bring collapse to North and South America. If that happens, there is no stronger predator for her.

The way that the Disasters stay aware of each other is different for each, but they are not simply fighting for the heck of it. They want to get rid of enemies that are stronger than they are. They are absolutes as long as those enemies do not exist.

They can exist alone in the world. The Disaster in Oceania is indifferent to world affairs like Black Demon is, but Evil Queen and Bone Monster will cross Asia at some point. She needs to kill them if she is to sleep soundly.

“It’s tired! Cover with the rifle!”

“Damn it!”

Pew pew pew pew!

White Queen trusted her strong body and launched an aggressive attack against Lifers, but lost mobility as her strength fell. It was about to be hard for her to catch the Lifers who are putting distance between them.

Lifers increased the distance in an effort to survive, and shot the bullets going through level 3 and 4 mutants at White Queen.

Ting ting!

Boom boom!

White Queen raised her halved shield to cover her body. Instead, her lower body and anything not under cover, were showered with bullets.

“You insects!”

Inferno’s group raged and rushed at the Lifers. Beholder squeezed what was left of his strength and controlled a few Lifers’ minds.

The problem is that none of them were able to bring out even 1% of the strength that they normally have.

Inferno and Medusa were unable to take on even 3 or 4 level C Lifers, and fell back. If they die, the Lifers are able to get hundreds of thousands of points. Cha Jun Sung was frustrated as he watched this in hiding.

“Should I get in there, too?”

At this point, he can fight White Queen. If not, he can just kill one among them.

If he wants to open up the level S store and recover the power he had in the virtual, he needs a ton of points. It is an opportunity that he does not need to put his life on the line for, and throwing it away is stupid.

“Fine. I’m going in, too.”

Cha Jun Sung stood up to go out once he decided to participate.


It is getting darker. It was a dim day, but it was possible to see with moonlight. It does not matter much even if it gets completely dark because he has a battlesuit. The moon wouldn’t have disappeared. What is going on?

A strange change in environment.

Cha Jun Sung subconsciously looked up at the sky. And then his eyes grew wide. An unbelievable spectacle was unfolding.

“What! No way. D – Dragonos?”


Dragon Demon Dragonos.

It resembles the Western dragon instead of an Eastern one.

It does not have a constant habitat and roams around, the ultimate mutant in flight. It is smaller than Blood Lord or Hell Mammoth, but the 3 pairs of wings that unfold on either side are so big that they could cover the entire world. Unlike its menacing appearance, its personality is on the gentle side. It usually does not take the lead unless under special circumstances.

With the darkening sky, White Queen and Lifers raise their heads as Cha Jun Sung did. The Lifers’ faces turn dark when they discover Dragonos.

On the other hand, White Queen brightens. The Lifers did not notice the change in her, but her expression showed hope. The appearance of Asia’s Dragonos – Black Demon is here.


The giant Dragonos flies above clouds.

“Dragon, lower the altitude.”

Dragon went below the clouds without difficulty. Dragon is hidden with an automatically protective color because the sun has set and its body color is grey. Black Demon looks down.

War is going on in 2 places. Where Red Eye is and where White Queen is. The side that needs help is the latter. White Queen is busy fighting an endless amount of Lifers entering with her mess of a body. It is a series of close shaves.

Black Demon did not just sit back and watch after sending White Queen to Africa. White Queen put her life on the line in order to keep the conditions of their alliance. It was a given that he provide support.

Cruel King is no ordinary mutant.

Cruel King is such a strong opponent that it would not be strange for him to take a hit while trying to attack him.

“There’s something fun here.”

Black Demon’s attention went to a cocoon beating like a heart.

It still looks immature, but that cocoon will become fairly strong once it develops.

Stronger than his son, Red Eye. Black Demon doesn’t have the ability to tell that Parasite King is involved. He cannot know just from looking at how it looks.

Dragon lowers the altitude. The moon is covered by his huge body and even bigger wings.

White Queen, the Lifers, and Cha Jun Sung watched Dragon come down with their jaws dropped.

“You go to my son.”


The roar of a level 8 – a phenomenon of mental decay hails over Lifers.

They did not pass out as they are level C Lifers, but they had anemic symptoms for a moment and looked sick.


Black Demon threw his body toward the ground. He does not need to spread his wings.

He can just jump off and land. Dragon flew to the battlefield where Red Eye is. It is far, but that is in human standards.

With Dragon’s size, he will arrive with a few bats of his wings.


“Lifer standards won’t be enough to take on Disasters… Are they just trying it out? There’s a thing called procedure, but it seems they felt rushed.”

“How did you get here?”

“I have no intention of helping with the war, but I can’t just watch you die.”

Is it because her tension is gone? Or because she is exhausted?

White Queen’s awakened state is released and she returns to her human form. She really has no strength leftover now.


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