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Volume 7 / Chapter 176

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[We pay for the labor you provide. Whatever it is, whether it is money, there is a give and take.]

Cha Jun Sung cannot refute Odin’s logic. Even if they are as sneaky as he thinks they are, those words are the truth. Lifers are the ones who make the choices regarding Life Mission, whether they live or die.

There are people who were unable to endure the aftereffects of the mission, and completely returned to life in reality. They can live comfortably with the points they have saved up. Since they quit Life Mission, there is no reason for them to care what is going on inside the game. Give up if you don’t like it, is the helpers’ stance.

Cha Jun Sung decided to just pass over this issue. It will not be resolved by arguing over it, and he has no thoughts of giving up any time soon.

Boom boom boom boom!

As he was talking to Odin, White Queen and Cruel King continued fighting. It has not been long since they started fighting, so they are at their peaks. The level 8s are doing their best as well. If he can take all of this to reality, it will become a great help. He is basically risking his life to film this. If he is discovered, he could die.

Bang bang bang bang!

“The pattern changed. Huh? Huh? What? Don’t come this way. Go away!”

The battle changed. It is still close range, but the battle range expanded. They are using their heads to reduce the damages and increase gains. Cruel King focused on defense to minimize being wounded, and White Queen withstood attacks like a mountain and became aggressive by using her sword as a shield. They supplemented the parts they fell short in. He thought he had avoided the expanding combat range, but the mutants were looking for an escape route and gathered in a forest across from the hill Cha Jun Sung was on.

“Damn it!”

Cha Jun Sung looks behind him. There is a place to hide if he retreats a few kilometers. He wondered whether he should hide or not, but decided to stay in place.

A tremendous number of mutants are coming at him, but not a single one is fine. Most are levels 1 and 2, and the middle and higher level ones have less influence. The level 7s do their level worth and withstand the attacks without retreating much. He can handle as much.


Cha Jun Sung took a robot camera out of his space compression bag, set it up unattended shooting on his subjects, and flew into the air. It is a cheap item. He had purchased it thinking that he might need it in the future and left it, but he didn’t think he would end up using it like this. The robot camera films battles through dozens of lenses. Cha Jun Sung has the first part. He can film the rest with that.

Cha Jun Sung retreated from the hill and then installed an automatic cannon. He has plenty of ammunition. If he does not let it crash, it will kill mutants until it runs out of ammunition. Cha Jun Sung took out a reinforced rifle and periodic machine gun as well. This is the base. He will stop them from a distance.

“The other guys won’t be able to come here, so I’ll hold you off.”

He is talking about Lifers and top level mutants. As long as there is no external interference, he can protect himself even if he needs to run away.


The automatic cannon and reinforced rifle attack incoming mutants randomly. There is no reason to aim anywhere specific. If he pulls the trigger in a general area, any one of the mutants is shot and falls back. When the levels 1 to 2 stick together a few are shot at the same time. Middle and high class mutants were also wounded so badly they could not regenerate, and fell back.

[Establishment of special mission activation conditions.]

[Level B Advancement Mission: Restriction Line] [Goal: Annihilation]

[Description: Mutants are escaping the battlefield to avoid becoming collateral in the fight between White Queen and Cruel King. The creatures living in Africa and Europe include the elite of competent creatures. Reducing the numbers will help with the cleanup that is sure to follow. This is a personal mission given to Lifer Cha Jun Sung, so make your current location the restriction line and annihilate all of the mutants that push through this way.] [Reward: 50,000,000 points. Lucky box.]

Cha Jun Sung was not surprised even though he had gotten a special mission, and a level B advancement mission at that. There are a lot of mutants, but not so many that he would not be able to handle it.

The only unexpected aspect is that is it a personal mission. Is it because he entered alone?

Boom boom!

Bombs detonate and kill dozens of mutants at a time. There is only so much he can do to guard the restriction line with just a gun. A wide-range attack is best to create a large impact. He wanted to use white phosphorus shells and cluster bombs if he could, but he does not have the launchers.


Cha Jun Sung quickly changed the reinforced rifle’s magazine. The ammunition for the automatic cannon is attached in a line, so it will keep firing until it runs out of ammunition even if he does not keep loading it up. It was taking care of 500 mutants per minute. Though the mutants are lower level, it is not easy to guard the restriction line. No matter how strong Cha Jun Sung is, he only has 2 hands. It is inevitable that he is pushed back.

“Ah, I don’t know. We’ll see how it works out.”

Cha Jun Sung took out a cluster bomb. It is something that all of the party members bought one or two of, but they have not tried using it yet. He is going to do something a little crazy.

The cluster bomb rolls on the ground. Cha Jun Sung recovered his automatic cannon and dropped a gas shell next to the cluster bomb.

Then he ran for his life. He does not know whether it will detonate or not without firing it. He has never tried it before. That is why this is crazy. Who would set that off on the ground and run away? Cha Jun Sung’s brain structure has turned strange while going through missions.

[Strengthen battlesuit outer armor! Overbooster in full operation! Expected radius of explosion 350 to 400 meters. Countdown 10, 5, 3, 2, 1. Prepare for impact!]


Bang bang bang bang!

It exploded. Cha Jun Sung ran and soared into the sky. Since it exploded below, the entire ground became a full storm of dust.

The power of the cluster bomb going off in one place instead of scattering was incredible. Mutants trying to get past the restriction line disappeared as they dissolved into particles. So many points came in it was impossible to count how many had died.

It would be better to see the total count later. A mushroom cloud grows larger with the cluster bomb’s explosion as it sucks in the surrounding air. The nearby area becomes a vacuum. It is so large that it is visible from dozens of kilometers away. How much more intensified would it be for mutants nearby? The attention of mutants and Lifers alike went to the explosion radius.

A bullet penetrates the head of a mutant that is barely breathing. The last, so one of thousands of mutants, collapsed.

“How is that…..”


A 100 person full force watches the mushroom cloud over them. It is too far for a human to see clearly, but it was made possible by the telescope built into their battlesuits. A fair amount of time has passed since they entered, but they witnessed the scene toward the end of their mission. An explosion so great they can see it from far away. It is without a doubt a trace left by levels C and B Lifers.

“I don’t understand.”

“It seems most of the focus was on Africa. We’re also encountering an abnormally large amount of Lifers… We’ll know for sure once we go back to reality.”

Like Cha Jun Sung, these Lifers got the vague idea that the mission was focused on Africa. There were a lot of Lifers they ran into while wandering around as well. This world is a giant mission area. Each of their missions are different, but there is a chance that they will run into each other because they are linked. But it was once in a while and impossible to run into each other several times in a few days.

During the 2 weeks they went through this level C mission, they passed 11 Lifer crowds. Normally, this would never happen. When they go back to reality, there will be debates surrounding this phenomenon. They asked their helpers, but the helpers remained consistently silent. There is no reason for the World Federation or guilds to go through great lengths to find out what is going on. They can draw a plausible picture by combining the bits and pieces of information that Lifers offer up.

“What would you like to do? Would you like to go?”

“I would go if it were close, but it’s so far I don’t want to. Let’s just go back since we’ve completed our mission. Unnecessary curiosity doesn’t do any good for our life spans.”

He decided to forget about the mushroom cloud with the far distance with an excuse. Nothing will happen because they did not go see what that is about. It is best just to do what they came to do. They went back without regrets, but they were not the only Lifers who had seen the mushroom cloud. They were just a few, the tip of the iceberg.

A few chose to return as well, but Lifers who were relatively close, overridden with curiosity, or confident in their abilities left their mission areas to check on what happened. The number of these people were in the hundreds of thousands, so additional special missions were created. Of course the Lifers would not know what they had seen and what they would experience until they got within proximity.


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