LM Chapter 175

Volume 6 / Chapter 175

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“I don’t know how I appear to you, but I like battles where flesh rips and bones break. The smell of blood, too.”

“He he! A cunning female! It would be more comfortable to be loyal to instincts, so why do you hide it?”

White Queen awakens. Different parts of her body strengthen at her will and wrap her body like armor from the Middle Ages. Her left hand is a shield that is about 15 meters in size, and her right hand is a large sword. With the armor aside, it is an image that perfectly calculates the combination of being airborne.

There are not a lot of mutants whose specialty is whole body mutation, but a top level mutant like White Queen is able to perform partial mutations. Cruel King is similar in this manner. Delving deeper into it, level 8s can do it too.

“That’s not it, but… I can’t control myself once I awaken.”


A sacred female knight shining brilliantly as a terrible monster among infantile mutants. But it is madness inside. Heaven and earth flip under the aura that level 9 gives off. In front of an absolute authority that paralyzes their minds, mutants excluding level 7 and 8s stop fighting and lower their bodies. They cannot stand.

“I am a traditional royal of the British royal family. I do not retreat from a mere animal. I’ll get you in close combat that you’re so confident in.”


White Queen leans forward and her balance leans to one side. She put her shield forward and put her sword up. She is going to push forward.

“I’ll crush you. A human’s pet.”

“You bitch!”


White Queen’s provoking worked. Cruel King showed real strength. He gives off an aura of murder that is incomparable to his son, Tirac’s. A beast with the head of a hyena and grey mane looks up at the sky and howls. The level 9’s roar, full of power, ripples out like waves.

“I’ll kill you.”

“Do it if you can!”


A collision between a grey beast and white female knight. An unprecedented battle between level 9s in the history of Life Mission. The one that wins in this fight is the winner of the war.

Bang bang bang bang!

There is no way to look away from them. They are transcendents that have surpassed all limits. The battle between the two disasters opened up a new world to Cha Jun Sung.

Beep beep!

Cha Jun Sung filmed the battle between the level 8 and 9s, and saved it as a video. He can divide the battlesuit screen into dozens and adjust it as though looking at several. He is going to rewatch them later.

He needs to put his all into one if he wants to focus on the current situation, so he did not pay attention to anything other than the battle between White Queen and Cruel King. They are at neck and neck. Neither can gain the advantage. They are in close encounter so the combat radius became smaller but that did not last for long either. They collide with everything that they have because they are full of energy right now, but once they are low in energy and their lives on hanging on the line, there is no way of telling what they will do. What is there that they wouldn’t resort to if it is a matter of their survival? True feelings come out in the face of death.

White Queen took one step forward, put her weight in front, and brandished her left hand with strength. A large shield becomes a hammer and goes flying. It is a mistake to think that a shield is used only as a means of defense. It is a weapon of that size. It becomes a deadly weapon according to how it is wielded.

Cruel King did not avoid it, but took it fully with his shoulder. A collision on both sides, the aftermath reached all the way to Cha Jun Sung hiding beyond the hill. A living creature cannot do that. That is foul play – no – it is a scam.

Novels talk about having a certain aura, but that has no relevance for Lifers and mutants. It is pure physical ability. They exceeded the speed of sound with just bodily strength and gave an impact of hundreds of tons that covered a constant radius with a light shock.

“That doesn’t fit me. I don’t think I could win with full body modification and a battlesuit.”

It seems they are stronger than the Evil Queen he fought against in the virtual version. He cannot tell whether Evil Queen is weak, they are strong, or the virtual version is a downgrade. What he is sure of is that the harmony with Cha Jun Sung is the worst.

Evil Queen’s offense is incredible, but her defense is vulnerable. That means her stamina and energy are relatively behind that of other disasters.

That is why Cha Jun Sung passed over all of the other disasters and chose Evil Queen in the virtual version. This modified Overbooster consumes energy quickly. When fighting with level 9, it is a matter of concern to charge the energy.

If he goes into a long battle, Evil Queen is the best when considering there is no reason to hold on and seeing which opponent he could win against within a short amount of time.

However, White Queen and Cruel King are both mixed well for battle on ground and in the air. They are not biased to any one side. This is especially the case for White Queen. Putting up a shield with a calm in battle is an opponent that Cha Jun Sung wants to go into deeply. They are both tough, but he would pick the latter if he needed to choose a mission opponent. That is where he thinks there would be the chance to win.


Cruel King’s nails scratch at the shield. Thousands of lines form, but it did not get cut through or anything. The shield is the hardest part of White Queen’s body, and then the armor that covers her whole body.

In order to kill or injure her, the shield covering her entire body must be neutralized but it is not a difficult thing to do. It has the strength to hold up against even a level 9’s attack. It will be fine even after a missile.

The shield’s center opens slightly where the sword pushes through and comes out. Cruel King quickly turns his body and lets the sword graze by. It is a surprise attack that he had not been expecting.

Cruel King focused on breaking through the shield blocking him. He has the initiative to attack and White Queen blocked while jabbing.

“Odin. There’s something I’m suddenly curious about.”

[What is it?]

“It’s Lifers’ goals to kill mutants, right? And disasters are at the vertex of that. If they fight like that, they’ll just kill each other. Do you need Lifers?”

Why get involved from the beginning when they can just be left to handle it themselves? Wouldn’t it be better to let them fight it out and then take care of it once they are tired out?

[There is bound to be a winner even if there is struggle. We don’t know who will win and who will lose, and we cannot predict the timing, so we have no choice but to get involved.]

The goal is to kill mutants, but that is not the only result that Life Mission is after. The process is just as important.

Even at this moment while level 9s are killing each other, Lifers needed to enter missions and provide their services. Even if that is ineffective. Odin did not tell Cha Jun Sung this. He eases Cha Jun Sung’s curiosity to an appropriate point. He cannot leave Cha Jun Sung to have more doubts.

“What. We’re killing all of them because we don’t know who will be the last standing? That’s suspicious.”

[Life Mission is not a forced system. Lifers enter missions on their own will, so they do not need to enter if they do not want to.]


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