LM Chapter 174

Volume 6 / Chapter 174

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When Inferno breathes, the fire blows out. He contains heat of hundreds of degrees. It is not magic. He is similar to the electric eel.

He has the ability to ignite his cells and expose heat on the surface. It had been hard to control when he first awakened but after working hard, he can do it as easily as he moves his fingers.

“I’ll take care of anyone blocking the Empress’ way with these two hands.”

Inferno clenches his fists. Before the end of his days, he had been a famous martial artist. He had been lucky and the randomly assigned awakened state he got allowed him to maintain his human form and specialty.


Boom bang bang!

If the first to initiate battle with Dead Horse was Red Eye, the second was Titan. A hand large enough to crush a mountain, comes down on the ground. It creates an earthquake and a clear handprint is left behind.


A faint something jumps out from the foggy dust remaining after the impact. It steps on the back of Titan’s hand to go up. Titan shakes his hand to get it off, but it does not fall off.

A sword-shaped tail draws a line up Titan’s hand, shoulder, and neck. It was so fast that it was not visible. The cut isn’t deep, but the skin has deteriorated and there is no way to avoid bleeding.

Titan hit his neck with his hand. It is to catch the thing that is leaving scars all over its body. But it was a beat late.

“It’s slow.”

It is a leopard as large as an elephant with a spotted yellow hide.

There are barely any external differences with the animal leopard, but its tail looks like a medieval sword. If it can cut through Titan’s skin as though cutting paper, the cutting force must be incredible. Just at first glance, it is its main weapon. It enjoys battles in speed, so it is better fit to take on Medusa or Inferno than Titan, but it is not a competition between allies so it is not possible to fight whoever they are most compatible with.

“That should be enough appreciation.”

“I see.”

Inferno focuses on his own opponent. It looks exactly like Cruel King, of course. It has inherited blood from a disaster just like Red Eye did. If those who succeeded in evolving are referred to as self-made, those like Red Eye are nobility since birth. They were born strong.


A gray-maned Tirac burns everything. It is an animal that evolved from the hyena, in beast form. It is like looking at a werewolf.

Inferno did not doubt his own victory and his allies’ victory. The Tirac is strong. Of course it is when it has the blood of Cruel King. But they can win over it. It may have Cruel King’s blood, but it is not Cruel King.

He is going. He will burn that grey mane into ashes.


Right when Inferno and Tirac were about to collide, the battlefield’s atmosphere exploded. Gazes automatically go. Even Tirac’s attention strayed at that moment.

A female knight in white armor. Her left hand changed into a large rectangular shield, and her right became a heavy bastard sword.


Inferno’s voice trembles with reverence. It feels like it has been more than 10 years. That image is utopia for mutants ruling Europe.

It is White Queen’s true form.



Hell Mammoth and Cruel King moved first. Underlings mixed up and focused on battling, and the Dead Horses took on their respective opponents as well.

When Hell Mammoth took a step, mutants deeply into slaughter opened up a path. There is no distinction between enemies and allies. They will be stepped on and crushed to death if they stay still.

It is the miracle of Moses. While the mutants were retreating, they fell back far from Cruel King and White Queen. Mutants do not have a concept of levels like Lifers do, but they know that these rulers of two continents are like gods who have gone beyond the limits of their species. They do not understand with their minds. They feel it.

The two rulers brought them here in case of variables. The real battle will start and end between the two of  them.

“I’m sure we’ll have to go meet them, won’t we?”


Blood Lord sweeps the floor with slow body movements upon White Queen’s intention. Neither Blood Lord nor Hell Mammoth are fast, but they are so large that they can move several kilometers within moments.



Hell Mammoth’s nose swelled rapidly and hit Blood Lord’s face. His face turns so far his neck could break. It was like a boxer’s jab, getting to the hitting point and coming back like a whip. A few thorns break. This shows the strength of the impact. Hell Mammoth is injured as well. When it hit Blood Lord, a thorn went through and got stuck in the skin on its nose. It is not only a loss.


Blood Lord’s eyes become brutal. It should have given the first hit, but took it. He will repay this debt in tenfold. Right now. Blood Lord’s large and long body contracts and rotates. As his body length shortens, the rotation time is reduced. This gives him an opportunity.


His thorny tail hits Hell Mammoth’s face. He is giving back what he got. The only difference is that there was more power put into it.

It did not end there. He still has far to go if he intends to pay it back in tenfold. Blood Lord used his body, which is flexible like that of a snake’s, to wrap himself around Hell Mammoth. He was not able to wrap it completely because it is too big.


Blood Lord spirals and squeezes. Thorns dig into Hell Mammoth’s skin like screws turning.

It did not reach all the way to the muscles, but Hell Mammoth does not have arms. It is a tight situation where it does not see a way to restrain Blood Lord, so it cannot get him off in a normal manner. That does not mean there is no other way.

Hell Mammoth swells its entire body with strength. Muscles bulge out from its full fur, and pushes against Blood Lord in reverse.

Blood Lord’s body is tightened in accordance with Hell Mammoth’s size. When the opponent suddenly swelled, his tightened body expanded and cannot be pushed as if it would disconnect. If he is pushed, his body disconnects and becomes pieces.



It is power versus power. It is a battle of different aspects from other level 8s.

Boom boom boom!

When Blood Lord’s repelling was stronger than expected, Hell Mammoth realized that it is not something that can be solved with strength and laid back on the spot to roll around on the ground. Monsters of hundreds of meters roll around in the middle of the battlefield. They are basically natural disasters that are alive and moving. It is a wide range they are rolling around in, so mutants stopped and focused on running away.

“That’s a cute pet. Where did you get it?”

“What do you mean, pet? He is someone who helps me. Do not refer to him like that.”

Though the center is staggering, White Queen and Cruel King do not sway, switch positions, and do not take their eyes off of each other. They are in a battle of wits separate from that of Hell Mammoth and Blood Lord.

Cruel King’s nail lengthens and brandishes like a sickle. It is a good shape to rip something apart. His entire body changed to become militant. White Queen’s eyes narrow. She needs to focus. There is no way to know when he will come. He has not awakened, but she could pass the flow over to him if she lets her guard down.

“Let’s start our fight now. You’ll have to get what you deserve for this betrayal.”


Cruel King used Hell Mammoth as a foothold and threw his body forward. Those that can see his body clearly are level 8 and higher.

Sharp nails slash through the air. White Queen moved her body back. Cruel King disappeared and attacked at the same time. White Queen’s right hand sharpens like a sword. She brandished her body upward. She is going for Cruel King’s hip.

Cruel King did not avoid the attack. It has the force and power to cut his hip in half, but he endured it. Looking carefully at his hip, the full fur is standing rigid like needles. He has strengthened a specific part of his body.

“How foolish! I’ve never seen you in your awakened state, but you dare to get into a close encounter battle with me. I’ll let you know what it feels like to surpass human limits.”

Cruel King mocked the fact that White Queen evolved from a human. He hates people. They have become the same species now, but he does not like that she has evolved from humans. She has the nature of a human.


There is wind pressure. As much as it is the body of an adult, a sturdy thigh hits White Queen’s stomach and chest. Cruel King is 3 to 4 meters, and White Queen is just half of that. The difference in their sizes are reflected proportionally to all of their body parts.

White Queen goes flying. She cannot get control of her body. This is not like a body going flying, but more like a missile.

Bang bang bang bang!

She went flying over 300 meters and only stopped once she got stuck deep in the ground. She is covered in dirt, but she is not hurt. Cruel King left Hell Mammoth and Blood Lord, and came down to the ground. He is talking down to her, but she is not to be taken lightly.

“Did you say close encounter battle?”

“As long as I have teeth and nails that can rip anything apart, and a body that can take on any attack, you can’t beat me in a frontal confrontation!”

There is a lot of confidence. White Queen recognizes his power as well. But there is one thing that he cannot do. It is a mistake to think that she will be weak in close combat. He will soon come to know what kind of being White Queen is.


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