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Volume 6 / Chapter 173

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Beholder awakened into the eyeball monster. He did not step in to fight, but assists from the back. His specialty is far from fighting physically.


Beholder has transformed into a giant eye, and his tentacles become stiff like antennas. The telepathic energy that comes out of those tentacles covers extensive territory. It is wide-area mind control. It is a specialized attack for group fights that he did not need when fighting Cha Jun Sung.

A few level 7s and most of the upper levels encircle Beholder. He becomes defenseless when he uses this technique. He can only maintain it if he can concentrate.

It is released as soon as he is attacked by the enemy, so he needs guards.

Telepathy goes through the battlefield and mutants like a magnetic field. It distinguishes between mutants that can and cannot be affected by mind control.


Beholder attacked the level 3 and 4s. White Queen created a troop of level 5 and 6s to take advantage of this.

It was not all matched to Beholder, but a part is. If the enemy gets mixed up, it is impossible to distinguish between enemy and ally. So it was made so they could measure by strength.

Beholder distinguishes the strength of the opponent he is going to put mind control on by color. The color becomes darker as they are stronger, and lighter as they are weaker. There are a lot of light ones on Cruel King’s side. There are heaps. More than half are light ones.

Tens of thousands of red mutants tremble. They are under mind control. They stopped all of a sudden, so the mutants coming behind them could not overcome the power and bumped into them, rolling away. There is nowhere for them to go.

Cloudy eyes become loose and the mutants seemed to be standing up, but they suddenly started attacking their allies. The enemy’s center became a mess within moments.

The attacked mutants were taken aback for a moment, and then they faced off to fight. They do not ask why. Killing those that attack them is their system.

“Kuntar, kill that eyeball. He’s the source. Death Horses, go!”


A bird as big as a person soared toward the sky and transformed into an eagle the size of a large building. Double-headed, it is King of the Sky, with 2 heads. The opponent is the same. The war already started, but they watch each other and stay in their respective places as though they are out on a picnic.

The 4 Death Horses are in animal form but they are monsters inside, so they do not run like mutants but walk slowly in intervals. Then, Inferno and Medusa, Titan and Kimeira went out in turn.

Red Eye tilted his head. Kuntar glared among thousands of flying mutants and watched Beholder. White Queen also brought flying mutants, but they are not enough to take on level 8 Kuntar who is specialized in air war.

“What are you going to do?”

“Go over there, since I don’t really want to fight with a strong one.”

Parasite King listened to Red Eye and watches mutants slaughtering each other in the middle of the battlefield. There is nothing to get out of it. He might fight if he cannot avoid it, but he will not fight a strong mutant if he can.

Anyway, if Parasite King joins, the number being pushed will be reinforced. Though he is weak for his level, he is a level 8. It would be like a tiger butting into a fight between rabbits. There is no greater mess.

“I’ll respect them.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Parasite King snorted and slipped into the battlefield. They have brought him to this kind of place when he had been living quietly and now they’re telling him to respect them?

“Is that up to me?”

He is not satisfied with the opponent he has to take on. He can fly in the air, but air war is not his thing. He likes battles in which flesh rips and bones break.

Kuntar turned in the air, gathered both heads in one place, and fell. It is a tremendous speed. It exceeds the speed of sound and created a sonic boom.

“Can’t do that.”

Bang bang!

Red Eye blocked in front of Beholder, made both of his arms into big shields, and overlapped them. Kuntar did not avoid it, and took it as it.

Red Eye’s shield breaks. Blood falls because it is made out of his flesh and bones. Kuntar’s beak broke and its face is crushed.

Both heal quickly due to rapid regeneration. This does not even count as getting hurt. They each gave each other a hit. They know what they need to watch out for. Kuntar cannot strike out because it has the configuration of an eagle. It can only go out with its beak or scratch with its nails.

Boom boom boom boom!

“I had a feeling it would do that.”


Hundreds of feathers that are sharp like blades, hail down. Kuntar is still going for Beholder. Each feather is as big as a small child.

Red Eye transformed both arms into shield again, and hit the feathers away.

The feathers pierce through mutants. It was normal for their arms and legs to get cut off and in the more severe cases, they died immediately when their necks and heads got cut off. Red Eye is sure.

“You’re weak.”

It is weak. It is only difficult to take Kuntar on because it has wings. It is a natural enemy to mutants without wings.

They would somehow take it on if they had the means to fight in the air but if they do not, they just have to stand back and watch. Of course that is not the case for Red Eye.

A pair of bat wings sprout from Red Eye’s back. This is the benefit of whole body transformation. Kuntar watches from the sky and frowns. It never thought that air war would be possible.

Red Eye shakes his wings and flies into the air. Because Kuntar cannot exert its power, it seems it would become a difficult fight. If nothing else, it can just strike out and run away.


“It didn’t form for me.”

Cha Jun Sung mumbles as he watches the bat wings come out of Red Eye’s back. He also tried to create wings for convenient movement, but it strangely did not work out how he had wanted it to. There are a lot of uses for it if he can fly.

Cha Jun Sung cannot create wings because of a difference in mutation abilities. For example, the tail forms on the body as soon as he awakens, so all he needs to do is adjust it. But wings are things that he needs to create and adapt to. He will need to be satisfied with things that he can see unless he works hard and steadily.


Red Eye chases Kuntar. Even if Kuntar is specialized in air war, it must think that it is at a disadvantage in frontal confrontation and it runs away in the air.

It looked like jets were trying to shoot down the enemy by overpowering the enemy’s tail. The flying mutants that Kuntar was commanding were held up by the mutants that White Queen brought, and it became a one-on-one situation.

[Impressive. I’m watching and can’t believe it.]

The Oriax woke up from its sleep and admired the scene on the battlefield.

[Are those two on top of Hell Mammoth and Blood Lord level 9s?]

‘That’s right.’

[The final evolution for mutants. The ideals that have evolved even past that. I can feel the brilliant force that they have through you.]

Cha Jun Sung and the Oriax are one. Therefore, they share emotions but that is what they have in common and the parts that touch them are different.

From the Oriax’s point of view, White Queen and Cruel King’s strength is so absolute that not even mutants can look at it. It is enough to doubt that they are even life forms. No, they are gods. Not gods that are delivered through lies, but living gods that were born in this land by succeeding in evolution!

While Cha Jun Sung lost the flow of the battlefield for a moment when talking to the Oriax, a giant monster as large as Hell Mammoth and Blood Lord grew, put out its chest, and roared like the sky would come falling down. It is Titan’s awakened state. It is so large that it looks like a Caicus has been multiplied hundreds of times. From head to toe, it is easily over 200 meters.

Level 8 mutants also went into full-scale battle. Medusa became huge and pulled out her bone spear, and Kimeira changed into a 4-footed beast with a human face. She is smaller than Titan, but large enough to be almost half his size.

The most peculiar even among them is White Queen’s left hand, master of fire Inferno. His external appearance alone told why he is called that.

He is small. Really small. 2 to 2.5 meters? He also looks similar to a human, but the difference is that he is on fire. He is flaming so much with red fire that it is impossible to know what is under it until the fire goes out.



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