LM Chapter 172

Volume 6 / Chapter 172

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It was just an oral agreement. It is not something that they had done in a complicated fashion like humans; through methods like contracts and law. Words can be taken back.

“Did you gain Asia’s trust?”

“I at least felt like I could get back as much as I invested. Oh! You won’t know what an investment is, since you were an animal.”

White Queen covers her mouth with her hand. She is clearly ridiculing him. Cruel King laughed as well. Of course it is not because he finds it funny. He admits it. He cannot win with words.

Kuntar sets down on Cruel King’s shoulder. It was ordered something, but it is not going well. He sent it to find out what is going on.

“It seems we won’t be able to gather anymore subordinates. We have the maximum right now.”


“A large number of humans were fighting with our mutants within a radius of hundreds of kilometers. We killed them as we saw them in the beginning, but there are so many of them and it delayed us so much that they are quitting and coming back.”

They are evenly distributed in various areas and there are so many that it can be finished in a short time. The helpers used useless Lifers through missions to cut off gathering underlings in the middle. They have balanced the power with White Queen. They are right in the center right now, without leaning to any one side.

“Humans again!”

“There are a few times more than the amount they’ve killed while coming north.”

“Kuk. Why now?”

Humans that have been wiped out, have appeared with an important war ahead of them. In masses. He will end the war first. Then he will start cleaning up again.

“There’s nothing to do about that.”

Honestly, he does not think that they will lose in power now.

They normally had an advantage over White Queen’s group in power. They will not be pushed back even if support comes. It is expected that the underlings will be similar when they fight. Cruel King and White Queen are thinking the same thing.

‘The one that catches the other will win.’

Whoever wins, they cannot avoid injury. They could even be sick for a while. They still need to fight. Neither has any thoughts of falling back.

Cha Jun Sung stared at the scene below the hill. It is so concentrated with mutants that he cannot even count how many there are.

He was on his stomach on the incline like a leech, and only held his head out. He is dead if the mutants discover him. He needs to take off the battlesuit and awaken if he wants to live, but he needs to restrain himself as it is not time yet.

‘What’s going on?’

Before going into the mission, Cha Jun Sung looked through the mission list and thought that something Lifers did not know about, was happening in Africa.

Over 30% of the missions were marked in the Africa vicinity. The rest did not explicitly mention Africa, but they are either related to Africa or continental missions.

There was no suspicion that the helpers were controlling missions. Cha Jun Sung chose a mission that mentioned Libya and entered it.

It is the area where he thought he heard Cruel King’s roar. He came after lying to the party members that he would go through a level C mission. It may be because he has a battlesuit or because his senses evolved dramatically, but he quickly found the massive migration and carefully tracked it.

10 days passed after he entered. It took 4 to 5 days to find them, and he took around the same time in following them. After following them closely, he witnessed a large-scale scene that he did not think that he would ever see again.

‘Hell Mammoth. Huh? Is that Blood Lord? Why is he over there?’

What he can see from far away are 2 giant mutants that are the size of several buildings combined. They looked small because he is far away, but the fact that they are so clearly visible shows that they are so large that they cannot be seen in one view when close. While mutants that are 10 to 20 meters in size look the size of pinky fingernails, those 2 are the size of a palm.

He is curious as to why Blood Lord is here, but he did not think about it too deeply.

He sees a couple familiar mutants beyond level 7. They seem to have different positions in class like humans but even at a glance, it is visible that the strong ones or the ones that look like they would be strong are at the head.

‘Medusa and Beholder are here, too.’

They are faces he knows. They have not awakened, but he remembers because he has seen them before. It is just that the ones nearby are in human form, so he will not know until they awaken.

‘Huk! That guy! It’s Red Eye!’

He is sure of it. Someone who should be in Asia is here in Africa – how surprising. Is this a union of mutants?

‘There are types that I read about too.’

The virtual version had a library for Lifers who did not experience the mutants for themselves, but they were able to acquire information about each mutant here. Of course not just anyone could go in to look. Their ability to browse changes with advancement.

He gained information on Evil Queen from the library as well. Here, it is a mission, but there, it is a quest so he went through great lengths.

Starting with level 8 mutants, it is possible to read about each type rather than reading about all of them at the same time. Cha Jun Sung only read about Evil Queen, but did not look at information about others. All he did was invest library points to find out names and appearances.

‘Blood Lord’s side is the queen with white blood, Lobelira. Hell Mammoth’s side must be the mysterious Cruel King Anubis? Evil Queen’s rival.’

He did not know that he would see 2 of the 6 disasters here. They look exactly as he had read they would be. Both are prior to awakening, but their auras match their awakened states. How much stronger will they become once the covers come off?

The atmosphere seems like they are about to face off. He would be able to get an idea of the strength of the disasters in this world if he watches their fight.

Cha Jun Sung is not under the delusion that he will take on level S missions alone and face all 6 disasters by himself. If he must, Evil Queen is his goal. It was just the virtual, but he has caught her before. He knows the details such as her fighting patterns. He has advantageous information on level S missions.

It is just that what Red Eye said gets to him. Red Eye told him to raise his abilities and go to meet his father, Black Demon. What will there be when they meet?

It does not seem like they are trying to kill him. There is no reason to do so either because they have never met before. Everything, including the notebook that Red Eye gave him, presents questions. It is scary to unravel these questions, but he feels like they will need to meet.

Cha Jun Sung stopped thinking about it and put the battlesuit’s stealth function on full. He is going to hide any sounds he makes. All he has to do is fool the senses of level 8 and 9s. Then, all of those will be limp. But now, he needs to protect his body.


Cha Jun Sung’s eyes turn wide. Red Eye pops out. He is among the strongest of level 8s, so there are not many who can take him on. Is it a surprise attack? Even if Cruel King is a level 9, he was curious as to how he will handle it, but it ended more pathetically than he had expected.


He goes flying after being hit by Hell Mammoth’s nose as fast as he came running.


‘He’s going to kill. He’s going to die!’

Rage is evident in Red Eye’s feelings. He cannot come down from his excitement. He is like a swollen balloon that might pop if touched slightly. Red Eye was about to run out again when he turned his head to White Queen. Whatever she said made Red Eye, who does not have the ability to control himself, regain composure.

A strong wind goes through the battlefield. It did not slash him because he is wearing his battlesuit, but the sand on the ground flies.

It is calm. White Queen and Cruel King only glare at each other, and do not act. They are looking for the moment to clash.

Plan? There is nothing clear. All they did was decide who the top level mutants of each force would take on before arriving here. The top level mutants did not set up a plan because they do not know how to. They did not do it because the effect falls and they would not use it anyway.

Intelligence increases with level, but mutants’ instincts are stronger than reason. A small difference shows by individual starting with level 7, but general and smooth communication is possible.

However, there is a limit beyond that. Even if they have intelligence, they have not received systematic education as humans have. Values based on the law of the jungle have been established by clan, so they are divided into poles. Wearing shoes that do not fit is worse than going barefoot. If they go at it half-heartedly, they will not be able to use all of their power. It is better to leave it as they go at it with more of a frenzy.

The wind stops and there is silence. Breaking that silence, Hell Mammoth and Blood Lord roar with all of their strength in the direction of the enemy.



That became the starting point. Mutants run as they make bizarre sounds. White Queen’s formation falls behind on head count, but they prevail in quality. The scene when witnessed from above, is one of the grandest sights.

“Kihit! Is it time for me to get involved?”


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