LM Chapter 163

Volume 6 / Chapter 163

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5 days later, Cha Jun Sung easily completed a level C advancement mission and entered level B.

He changed all of his gear with a vast 11 million points. He remembers the combination method for the Overbooster, so he succeeded without any failures. Unlucky Lifers are unable to do 7 combinations even after spending millions of points into it.

Even 11 million is bound to reach its end after being spent here and there, so Cha Jun Sung sold his real estate to cover the costs.

[Sale complete. You have acquired 100,000 points, 20,000 achievement points.]

[Sale complete. You have acquired 150,000 points, 30,000 achievement points.]

He has had his real estate tied down unintentionally because he was drifting through the mission.

He did not need to go through with the sales himself. As long as he puts it up for sale, the helper – Odin in Cha Jun Sung’s case – searches for buyers to sell the property on his behalf. He bought as much as he gathered in points. This was the same for his party members.

Thanks to this, his point count went back up to 1 million.

“Whew! Since I’m all prepared, shall I go all the way to the top to see what’s there?”

He is not talking about going to the sky. He is talking about advancing. He wants to know what Life Mission is hiding. Those guys made him curious.

If he had not had much thought until now, it is different from now on. Level B – as high as it is, the more he will be able to gain. He will try digging into it.

[Level B Mission: Blade Weasel Nest] [Goal: Annihilation]

[Description: Africa, what was once called the animal kingdom, is just an old glory and is now jurassic land inhabited by thousands of mutants in animal form. The A virus shattered the food chain, changing the law of the jungle. The Blade Weasel lives in Northern Africa, in the jungles of Libya. It used to be a small and cute animal, but it has evolved enough to be considered a predator amongst mutants… Remove the blade weasels and Horned Tail at the vertex.] [Reward: 30 million points]

Cha Jun Sung looks at a jungle beyond the hill. From the outside, it looks like a picture because it is the image of the beauty of nature.

“Nature benefits because mankind is in decline. Tsk! We did abuse it too much.”

Even the world that Cha Jun Sung is in has severe pollution. Most of their conveniences are poison to nature. The world inside the mission will have been the same before the outbreak of virus A. It is just that after the outbreak, the whole ecosystem was turned over.

The hill that Cha Jun Sung is on is similar to a road created by shaving away at a mountain. It is a mix of natural and artificial elements.

Cha Jun Sung looks around his surroundings. It is an open panorama, a location where he can check on mutants from a far distance, and quiet as a first summons area should be.

If he goes straight forward, it is the jungle mission area. If he goes the opposite way, there is a large city. Judging by the size, there is a high possibility that it is home to a level 7 as well.


The party members arrive. They see the open panorama and brighten. They seem to like that they are not in a stuffy, closed-in space.

“Mr. Basil. Is there something wrong?”

Cha Jun Sung asks after Basil. His expression does not look good.

“Honestly… There are 4 rankers, but it does bother me a bit that we’ve entered with just 6 people.”

Basil expressed his anxiety before entering the mission as well. But he had just entered because the party members treated Cha Jun Sung with absolute trust and he thought that Cha Jun Sung would have something in mind as well.

Reaching the end however, it does not feel right. There is a permanent truth regarding the first summons area – it is the place where they can choose to quit the mission upon entering. It is not too late. He can still quit now.

“One level 7 is easy and I can handle up to 2 as well.”

He cannot awaken because of the battlesuit, but all parts of his body have been strengthened. He only looks like a human. Inside, he is already in an awakened state.

It would be too much to show the power of a level 8 right now, but if he is aided by his battlesuit equipped with the Overbooster, he can catch 1 or 2 level 7s.

“I’ll prove it to you.”


There are a lot of trees around them because they are near a jungle. There were those that looked old, and they exceeded 2 meters in diameter.

“I’ll split that in half with just 1 blow.”

“Excuse me?”

[Activate Overbooster, battlecore 70% deployed! Energy concentrated to right foot!]


Actions over words. Cha Jun Sung threw his body at an extremely wide tree.

There was a synergy effect of the battlesuit’s functions and his mutant physical ability to create an explosive speed. There are 6 boosters on a basic battlesuit and they increase depending on how they are modified, but Cha Jun Sung’s booster has 16 small ones. Even in fast and accurate directions and uncomfortable positions, the booster’s effects are maximized. That is the Overbooster’s basic combination.

Cha Jun Sung flew to the middle of the tree and kicked powerfully with his right foot.

3 boosters connected in a straight line with his heel, calf, and thigh burst out in blue flames and put strength in the kick.

“….. 10 combinations.”

Violet speaks as she watches Cha Jun Sung’s body move. Overbooster – the 10 combination method that only Overload knows.

That power was shown well ever since the virtual version. Even with gear on the same battlesuit, there is a difference between strength in 1 combination. The 10 combination method was why he was able to hunt Evil Queen. The other 35 rankers needed to be satisfied with level 8 because they had been unable to get over the wall of 9 combinations.


His kick hits the tree. It falls over at the impact. The part that he hit looks terrible. It almost looks like he ripped it apart.


Park Jin Hyuk’s jaw drops. He would not know if a fly flew in. He can split a tree in half as well, but he would not be able to do it with one hit. The other party members were also rendered speechless by the Overbooster’s power. That is just a simple strike. If he uses the sword on his waist, it will become even more elaborate.

‘I couldn’t follow his movement.’

Basil tried to read Cha Jun Sung’s movement with his battlesuit when he ran out, but lost him because of the instantaneous speed that surpassed the speed of sound.

Is that really the difference of 1 combination? Or is it the unbelievable physical ability he had told them about? Whatever it is, it is surprising.

“I love my party members. I don’t drag them into reckless matters.”

Cha Jun Sung smiled and walked toward the jungle. His broad back and shoulders look sturdy and reliable enough to hold up the world.

“I think I’m going to cry. I’m finally realizing that Jun Sung really came back.”

Park Jin Hyuk speaks in jest and seriousness. How much had he missed him? To them, Cha Jun Sung is an older brother and leader who takes care of the party. He is like a pillar that they can lean on anytime.

“Hurry up!”


Park Jin Hyuk quickly followed Cha Jun Sung, and the women chatted among themselves as they followed after him. They do not have any worries.

‘This is a good party.’

This is Basil’s impression. It was a good party even in Cha Jun Sung’s absence though there was a dark atmosphere, but it has become complete upon his return. Absolute trust is not as easy as it sounds. He thinks it was a good decision for him to stay with them.


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