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Volume 6 / Chapter 160

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He gave them his tissue and blood. They did not rip off a piece of his flesh or anything like that. He gave a hair, spit, and gave a piece of his fingernail.


Cha Jun Sung left the medical tower. He is wearing the casual clothing that he picked up inside the mission. He had only been bothered to change a few times, so they were ragged and he looked like a homeless man.


1,090,000,000 points. It is the total between the 1 billion he got for accepting extraction and the 90 million he had before entering Public Underground.

It is good to have a lot, but Cha Jun Sung is still at level C. The only thing he has to buy in the level C store is the battlesuit. He needs to advance.

‘Let’s use the card at level A.’

Cha Jun Sung can complete a level B mission alone, but mutants at the same level as himself appear in level A. Once the underlings join in, a tussle can be expected. The card’s maximum is level S, so he will get the most out of it.

Beep beep.

Cha Jun Sung presses his PDA. He is looking for his party members. Names he missed show up on the friend list. He sent invitation to talk. There is no response.

“Are they not in Mechanic City?”

They cannot be connected if they are in different dimensions. The PDA only works if they are in the same place.


Cha Jun Sung returns to reality through Odin. Then he sends invitations again. They still do not pick up.

“So they’re inside a mission.”

If they are not in reality or Mechanic City, they are inside a mission. He cannot find out which mission they have gone into and even if he knew, there is no way to go in and contact them. All Cha Jun Sung can do is to wait quietly.

He was going to call Lim Si Hyun, Han Chang Jin, or the other rankers, but did not. His party members are a different story, but this is the first time he is getting a chance to rest properly. He wanted to have this time for himself. They will come face-to-face soon anyway. Lifers come to meet even if they do not want to. Moreover, they are bound to come across each other since they have maintained favorable relationships.


Cha Jun Sung purchases a battlesuit from the store. He needs to use this carefully from now on. There are a lot of additional functions because it is cutting-edge combat armor, so it will be a huge mess if he activates his mutant abilities while he is wearing it.

First, he cannot change at all. Battlesuits are fit perfectly to the human shape. There is no need to be disappointed. Even if he does not awaken and change, it is possible to reach the limits of his physical abilities. He will probably become weaker, but he would be able to fight a level 7.

It is not good to stand out too much either. It will be wise in various aspects to follow Lifers’ standards. While looking at battlesuit features, Cha Jun Sung completely excluded built-in features that would threaten the Oriax’s presence.

Who knows? His information could be provided to the Life Mission side through the battlesuit. Odin asked what he is doing, but he just roughly got past it.

‘Suspicious. Let’s stay alert.’

Cha Jun Sung felt something strange in the upper’s actions. Is their sole purpose really to kill mutants? No one shows all of their inner thoughts. Everyone is bound to hide something. And if it is a secret group like Life Mission?

‘Let’s look into it.’

People have vast imaginations. Lifers had just gone over it in the past, but they are now holding endless debates on why Life Mission was created. Won’t he be able to find something out if he combines what he knows with what their imaginations have produced? There is no harm in trying, so he might as well.

Cha Jun Sung busily spent the next several days. It is crazy. Why is he so busy? He has returned from the mission in 1 year and 5 months.

From people’s viewpoints, he may as well have been dead. The lights in the luxury apartment he lived in were never once turned on. There was no way to assume he was alive from the hundreds of letters and bills in his mailbox, and all dormant internet accounts.

Disappearance processes used to take a long time but as the number of people dying increased since Life Mission became reality, that time was shortened greatly.

The government did not feel the need to waste years on disappearance cases when hundreds and thousands of people disappeared everyday and they knew why this was.

“1 month….. That’s close.”

Cha Jun Sung’s assets are going through an inheritance process under the premise that he died. If he had been just 1 month later, it would have all gone over to his relatives. His parents passed away when he was in his early 20s and a college student. His father was an only son and his mother has a lot of family on her side, but they are not on good terms.

Cha Jun Sung found out how much he had accumulated in wealth, thanks to the inheritance process. Going through this and that, he has about $23 million.

He does not need if it he thinks about his points but it made him sick to think of it going over to his relatives, so he proved his identity and invalidated it.

Anyway, after being dragged here and there to take care of his personal matters, he was able to discover himself enjoying a peaceful and normal life as he had before.


“They never looked for me before, but I guess money really is a scary thing. They’re even giving me a call.”

He blocked the calls from his relatives. He earned the $23 million through the virtual version.

They never bothered to find out what he did for a living, but found out about his fortune through his disappearance. They now had a reason to show interest.

Relationships created and broken through money? They are worse than close acquaintances. He lived well without them until now, so he intends to continue living like this.

Cha Jun Sung went into Lifer World. Many things changed in the time he lived while forgetting reality. He is not talking about Lifers’ abilities.

In game terms, the situation is that he shut down for 1 year and 5 months. There would have been dozens of updates in that time. There is no way he would adjust right away.

“Are these 3 the big changes?”

The 3 changes link through one matter. They are associated with each other.

As Lifers broke through the level C wall and advanced to B, the strong appeared and the 3rd round of Lifer selections began. Level B advancement, appearance of the strong, and 3rd round of Lifer selections are the points that Cha Jun Sung needs to know.

“Taking out selection.”

It is called selection, but it is just an inflow of beginners. There is no reason to pay any mind to it. He heard that some force completed the mission and not a single person advanced. This means that they cannot advance without the skills or qualifications, regardless of completing the mission. The steps that they need to go through have become incredibly fastidious.

Millions of beginners came in under these circumstances, but there is a saturation phenomenon in which existing Lifers stay in level C.

“A tremendous amount died. Is this really the number of people who died? It’s not a joke?”

Before Cha Jun Sung entered Public Underground, there were about 11 to 13 million level C Lifers. This is from information provided by the World Federation.

It says that over 2 million died in just the official count. It is possible to understand if crazy, but they are all level C Lifers with battlesuits.

As the number of people dying increased so much, the remaining people were frightened and either gave up or tried and chose to be satisfied when they realized that it was impossible. It is possible to somehow get to level C, but it did not work after that. That is why they call level C advancement the magic wall.

There are issues even after advancing. As there were so few level B Lifers, it was a big burden for them to go through the missions among themselves.

One thing changed when level B missions opened. It is that the entry restrictions for force members has gone from 100 people to 1000-person raids.

But it is actually not easy to even get a full force together. A 1000 headcount is meaningless. It seems like they need more time.

“Hordes of Lifers who remodel their battlesuits should be able to take on a few level 7s, right? Will Jin Hyuk be among them?”

Even with the same level B Lifers, there is a difference in strength according to how many combinations there are.

The main axis of taking on level B is likely to consist of the World Federation. It is not a difficulty that can be completed with a party or force. Even the party members will be buried along.

“That’s that….. There’s little information regarding the side effects of body modification.”

He said there are no side effects until the 4th stage so no matter how the number of Lifers increases, there is nothing to get. 5th and 6th stages are possible through the level B store.

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