LM Chapter 154

Volume 6 / Chapter 154

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“….. This isn’t it.”

Cha Jun Sung sits on the ground with a devastated expression. He looked down at his hands and kept saying ‘This isn’t it’.

“I ate a mutant with my mouth. And thought it tasted good! I can’t control it! Does this make sense? I’m not an animal, but I ate a mutant with my mouth!”

He can accept taking in the mutant through touch, as he has removed the mask of a human ever since the Oriax took him on as a host.

“Is my mind becoming that of a mutant too? Have I lost myself?”

That is the only way to explain it. He thought that he might have the mask of a mutant, but that his core is human. He was wrong. Both his mind and body have become mutant.

If he keeps going like this, he might deny his nature and forget the fact that he was once human. That cannot happen. He cannot lose his mind as a human.

He needs to maintain it if he wants to return to reality. If he loses his mind, he might start to hope to stay in this place. Reality is the world of the hunters.

“Let’s just hold out for a few days.”

There is nothing he can do alone. Once the Oriax wakes up, he needs to find a way to send it out of his body. He ripped flesh and sucked blood within a day of coming back to his senses. It looks like he will not be able to last until he gets to Czechoslovakia.

Cha Jun Sung let out a sigh dejectedly and gets moving. However it happened, most of his health has returned since he ate the Devil Saurus.

He does not want to go blindly just because he cannot decide on a direction to go, so he will look around the area for things that he needs.


This is around when Cha Jun Sung arrives in Czechoslovakia. While he was going to Czechoslovakia, Medusa was going back to England with Beholder, who had become a nucleus. Titan and Kimeira had put their strength together to take over Blood Lord, and have dragged him with them. It had been possible because of Titan.

“Black smoke?”

“Yeah. Black smoke came out of his mouth. It was a good thing Beholder was there. If I had been alone, I would have lost. I’m pretty sure not even you would have been guaranteed to beat him either.”

Inferno is strong. He is surely the best of all of the nightmares in Europe.

Even in Asia, only Red Eye can take him on. There may not be more than 5 mutants that could take him on in all 6 continents.

But the black devil they met this time had been really strong. It felt like they had seen the Black Demon that they had only ever heard about. Though this does not mean that is really what happened.

No matter how strong a nightmare level mutant is, they cannot be compared to disasters.

“Black smoke, you say…..”

“Can you think of something?”


“Don’t you think he might be Black Demon’s offspring? I didn’t think so at first either, but his characteristics, appearance, and combat style are too similar to what I’ve heard.”

“Forget it. I’ll report this to her Majesty. Take good care of Beholder.”

Inferno cut Medusa off. There is no way he is Black Demon, and he cannot be an offspring either. How can he be sure? It is a situation in which he can be certain.

“Your Majesty! It’s Inferno.”

“Come in.”

A fine voice comes from the office. Inferno opens the door and bows his head as soon as he enters.

It is out of respect, but also because of Medusa’s failure in the mission.

“So you failed.”

“I’m sorry. I should have gone myself. He is said to be too strong to capture with Medusa and Beholder’s power.”

“It is already a failure. I will hear the report properly. Lift your head.”

Inferno lifts his head. He can see the empress.

A monotonously white figure – hair, eyes, skin – looks at Inferno. She looks like a doll with eyes.

A being that spills white blood. It is Europe’s White Queen, Lobelira.

Though she has become a mutant, she is the last remaining princess of the British royal lineage. There are very few who know this.

This including both mutants and humans. Because of that, Lifers who played the virtual version only know the name White Queen and do not really know who she is.


Inferno reported everything he heard from Medusa.

The White Queen had an interested expression until her white eyes became round at mention of black smoke. She is surprised. The unidentified man sitting in front of her also showed a strange reaction.

“Black smoke? Was it really black smoke? And the characteristics were as you say?”

“Ye – yes.”

The man smirks gleefully. Inferno wanted to ask the meaning of this smile, but did not. He does not get a voice.

“Leave. I’ll call you separately.”


Inferno leaves the office. White Queen drank the cooling tea. Hot tea is good, but cooled tea is not bad either.

“He will have wanted to ask if it was you yourself or your child.”

“I’ll answer. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have let Medusa and Beholder live. And my only child is Red Eye, so he has nothing to do with me.”

The man crosses his arms and watches White Queen with an arrogant expression.

There is no hesitation in looking at a disaster. His eyes, which look like black beads, look like they are ready to turn heaven and earth over.

He is Black Demon Aduroque, the strongest mutant in existence.

‘Is it an awakening? Is that possible? He’ll have to take a different path from me. I can only think that the future has been twisted by passing off the notebook.’

Cha Jun Sung, stuck in the middle, has no fate with mutants. He needed to have pioneered a new path for the future through the notebook as a medium. That is why it was delivered to him. It was so he would not take the same path.

‘So it works out like this, too. Interesting. Then are there 2 of me in one era?’

It is just a guess but from the way Black Demon sees it, Cha Jun Sung has not been completely awakened yet. He can tell just from the way Cha Jun Sung struggled against Medusa and Beholder.

Black Demon is also stronger now than he was during his initial awakening, but there was not such a big difference. He had already transcended perfection from the moment he was awakened.

He would have been able to slay them unilaterally with just 50% of his strength.

“What are you thinking?”

“I thought about he who is similar to me. I’m gaining curiosity.”

Black Demon did not hide his thoughts. Currently, no one knows that they are connected through a complex relationship. As long as he does not tell anyone.

“More than that, have you decided? I’ll form an alliance with you if you accept my condition.”

“The handicap is too big. If you change your mind after I accept, everything loses ground. 6 disasters would become 5.”

“You want to drag me into the battlefield. Put everything on the line. Once it starts, there’s no end. Make me believe you.”

White Queen proposed an alliance. It does not matter either way for Black Demon, but the recent movements of North and South Africa are suspicious.

Evil Queen in particular – he does not know what she was like when she was human, but she surpasses ambition and is vain. He would just laugh her off as garbage if she was not able, but unfortunately she is one of the disasters. She is a ticking time bomb.

Evil Queen is after Asia. She does not want to take the land.

As was said before, she is vain. Her goal is to have the world under feet, to be treated as a queen. He has confidence if it is a one-on-one fight. It is just that if South America’s skull joins, it becomes a situation where he cannot be 100% sure to win.


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