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Volume 6 / Chapter 152

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“The restriction not to kill him became a hindrance because we had to hold back our strength.”

She cannot be sure whether or not she can kill him, but she had held back on her power in the final attack because of the pressure to capture him alive.

If she had stabbed at him with all of her power, he would not have been able to run away even if it killed him.

Medusa picks up Beholder’s nucleus. She cannot just leave it here.

The area has been recognized as a battlefield for top level mutants, so anything ambiguous cannot come. She must rest as much as she can before going.

There are a lot that will try to take advantage of her weakened state once she leaves this place.

While Medusa was sitting in front of her bone spear, she heard a strange sound ahead. Something is coming. There are a lot of them. More than 50.

“Hey hey! She’s really here! It’s like the mission said – Medusa is here! She’s on the brink of death!”


“Does that mean we’re catching a level 8?”

“That’s a mutant I thought we’d only see in a level A mission, but we’re finding her in C.”

Everyone is wearing battlesuits, and they are force Lifers. Medusa considered what was going on and remembered something.

One day, strange humans started appearing to hunt mutants.

They were organized and came in by level. It is not something that is happening in just Medusa’s area, but all across Europe and the 6 continents.

Medusa’s lips twist coldly. She cannot understand the words that these humans with odd shells are saying, but she can get an idea from their behavior.

She was able to communicate with Cha Jun Sung because they are both mutants. It is Italian, but mutants are able to translate automatically.

“Mere humans… They’re not even mutants and they’ll come after me when I’m weakened? Actually, this is good. I’ll eat you and supplement my health.”

Beep beep!

Medusa’s Italian is translated to the Lifers.

“You know you’re 1.8 million points right now? 1.8 million is tremendous for hunting a single mutant, but you can’t beat us with that body. Alright! Let’s start!”

Medusa is ranked level 8 in level A missions. But as an aftermath of her combat with Cha Jun Sung, her mind and body have collapsed to level C 1.8 million.

She had become a target after a few hours since the mission was reestablished.

What Lifers would have been crazy enough to go into a mission to catch a level 8 mutant? They would not even be able to enter because level A has not been opened.

Medusa grabbed her bone spear and stood up. This is a part of her. When she consumed the remaining nutrients, the bone spear shrank to 3 meters.

“I won’t just kill you. I have something to ask you too.”

Medusa’s eyes spark. They are insects that do not know their place. She will show them what hell is.


Meanwhile, Cha Jun Sung escaped from Medusa and moved wildly without setting a direction. Like Medusa, he is not in a great state either.

He will get away first. It will be a long journey to Czechoslovakia and he does not have a sense of east and west, so there is no guarantee that he will take the right path.

This is not the earth that he lived on. He needs to establish a foundation to live in this world for the time being, whether that is a map, compass, or food.

“I’m all out of strength.”

It has been long since he hid his black smoke and steel-like body. He devoted himself to recovering while he ran away, but he could not expect rapid regeneration.

He needs to be relieved that his injuries have not gotten worse.

He cannot retain a demonic force any longer. He is defenseless from now on.

His black skin changes to a skin color that is almost white. External characteristics that are not fitting for humans like his horns and tails disappear.

He looks just like the human Cha Jun Sung did, before he became a mutant.

Cha Jun Sung feels his face with his hand. He is naked when he looks down, but there is nothing that shows he is a mutant.

He cannot look at himself because he does not have a mirror, but it is a face he had for dozens of years. He can figure out whether it has come back just by touching it.

“It’s me from the outside.”

The body is Cha Jun Sung. He has just been put down due to extreme consumption of his nutrients and health. He is only human on the outside, but mutant on the inside.

“There has to be a way. Let’s wait until this guy wakes up.”

Beholder put the Oriax to sleep. They fought over the body night and day, and then cooperated with Beholder once he recognized him.

There is no choice, regardless of liking and not liking. A stranger is about to come in and take over if he does not cooperate. And the result was not bad.

Their impassioned minds cooled down enough for them to put everything else aside and discuss solutions. Now, they need to decide.

They cannot have two minds in one body. One needs to have total control or the body needs to be split into two.

“It seems possible…..”

The original two bodies are that of human and mutant. Cha Jun Sung was absorbed by the Oriax, but the Oriax does not kill its host.

The interesting thing here is that the fun Beholder had made it so that the stronger Oriax got pushed back by Cha Jun Sung’s seemingly weaker mind.

“Can this guy fall away from the host? Won’t that work then?”

It was like that in the virtual version too. They abandon the host and run away if it is no longer needed or in danger of death. They can separate on will.

If reality is the same as the virtual, he can become a simple human like before. He does not care that the Oriax would be going back to its life as a level 6.

If he keeps living with the Oriax in him, he might have to live in this place forever while fighting other mutants. He is totally against that type of primitive life.

“I’m hungry…..”

He recognizes that he is a level 8. He is a predator that can go anywhere in the world without fear, but he needs to eat in order to survive as he is still a living creature. At this state, he would only be able to take on one or two big attacks. It would be too much to fight a level 7, but he can definitely catch a level 5.

Cha Jun Sung walks through a desolate city. An average human would have worried about mutant attacks while walking this street, but it is nothing for him.

It is novel and interesting. There are novels where the subjects are a perished world, and Cha Jun Sung also read those types of books with interest.

“I’m sure there will be survivors if I look around, since there were in the Dead Ark.”

Hiding in a world that is open to mutants – how difficult and painful must that be? It is better to commit suicide than to be ripped apart into pieces.


Cha Jun Sung slowed down after walking for a while. Though he has been injured, he has no trouble seeing or hearing. He can feel the movement through his level 8 senses.


“There’s one. It’s far away, but it must be pretty big judging by the vibrations coming through the ground.”

Weak vibrations tickled the soles of his feet each time the mutant took a step. It is about 1km away. He is certain that it is big.

“As long as it’s not a level 7.”

Cha Jun Sung gulps. He looks like a person who has something delicious in front of him. But does he himself know what kind of expression he has on right now?

He would have doubted himself if he had even a small hand mirror.


‘Devil Saurus.’

It is a top level 6 mutant evolved from lizards and looks like a giant carnivorous dinosaur from the cretaceous period, but it is twice as big.

A long curved horn of 6 meters is on its head as though it is a rhinoceros. It is twice the width of a human.

Devil Saurus used its arm with sharp nails to chew deliciously on mutants it has hunted. It is a dinosaur but its arm is so well-evolved that it would be able to use a sword well if given one.

‘Is it a Caicus? It’ll be impossible to take it on if the Caicus is the opponent.’

The Devil Saurus’ food is a Caicus. It is hard to determine because he is so far away, but it must not have been able to resist much before dying.

He understands. Devil Saurus is small but still 20 meters tall and 30 meters long. The bigger ones are even bigger by a full head.

Though the Caicus is strong, it is a level 5, meaning that it is ranked only in the middle as a predator among all levels 1 through 9.

‘Should I get it?’

He said that anything is okay as long as it is not a level 7, but it is ambiguous. The Devil Saurus can take blows. It is possible that it will withstand Cha Jun Sung’s attacks.

‘Two big attacks.’

He is not in an awakened state and mutation is difficult. If he puts all of his strength into one arm and attacks twice, he will basically become human for the time being.

While he was thinking for a while, the Devil Saurus burped. It is a physiological reaction that all living creatures show! It is full.


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