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Volume 6 / Chapter 149

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As Cha Jun Sung flung out, his hand split vertically and the ends connected.

The shape is weird but looking closely, it is a bow. The flesh that rides up the bowstep makes an arrow. It is the size of a spear.

The arrow is heading for Beholder. Cha Jun Sung instinctively noticed that he lacks in combat compared to Medusa.

But another instinct told him that Beholder is more dangerous than Medusa. It is best to get rid of an enemy that holds its weapon within.

Beholder’s eye glared and the atmosphere became heavy. It felt like the speed of the arrow slowed down for a moment and it stopped for a blink of an eye. Is his super power psychokinesis? Beholder took this time to quickly avoid the arrow, and Medusa also awakened her body.

The eye grows larger. It grew so big that it covered the upper and lower body whole. It is an extension of the millet that Cha Jun Sung killed in the cave. The difference is the coat covered in tentacles that protects the eye.

He does not know its usage, but it seems to be a part that assists the super powers or takes over attack or defense. If not, it is too unprotected.


The arrow goes through buildings and disappears far away. Windows and walls could not stand against it. There is no way of knowing how far it’ll go. That is not important to the monsters watching this battlefield.

Cha Jun Sung lands on the ground. He leapt the height of a skyscraper but as long as he does not have wings and there is gravity, there is bound to be restrictions.

“It would have been good if we had been able to talk…… I’ll take care of you just before you’re dead.”

Reptile pupils getting closer, Medusa welcomes Cha Jun Sung when he comes down. She strikes out with the bone spear as though she had been waiting.

It feels like she only slashed it once, but there were 100 flashes of light. As fast as the speed of light, it is a spear with ultra strength that brings on a visual illusion.

The bone spear grazes flesh. The flesh rips and as soon as blood splatters, it is healed. Cha Jun Sung has not been wounded since fighting the Red Heart. The Red Heart lost because of the wide range, but Medusa pushed forward to force Cha Jun Sung to stay on the defense.

There are times when success and failure are distinguished by who grabs the advantage first. If Cha Jun Sung had been calm and logical, he would not have handed it over so easily. This is also what Medusa had intended.

Unlike Cha Jun Sung, she is able to determine what is advantageous and what is a disadvantage. She did not come here to play around.

She is supposed to be capturing Cha Jun Sung with Beholder, but he is a strong mutant and the smallest mistake could cost her her life.

With sealed arms and legs, Cha Jun Sung swung his tails. He attacked Medusa’s defense with an extended blade in overwhelming momentum.

“I was wondering when he would use his tail.”

Medusa retreated and turned the bone spear with both hands. The rotational force created an 8 meter diameter shield that flung the tails away.

It felt like the victory would change because the battle was reversed, but Cha Jun Sung’s movement stopped short and started again like before. It is Beholder’s doing.

“Medusa, tell me honestly! You can’t capture him without me, can you?”

Beholder chirps and comes down from the top of the building. Though he is in the air, it is natural as though he has a parachute because he is adjusting his weight with torsion.

“Of course. No matter how crazy he is, we’re at the same level. There’s only a destructive instinct left over if that happens, so distractions disappear. It could be even more tricky.”

He only goes for the enemy’s life without looking after his own body. She might be able to kill him, but capture is impossible.

9 eyes watch the enemies ahead. It may be because Beholder already went in and out of his mind before, so he is still strong but he has become a little weaker. This enemy is stronger than any mutant he has fought until now.

Cha Jun Sung felt this by instinct. And there is not just one but two.

If they were fighting physically, he would fight without considering anything else, but one takes him on directly and the other supports. That divided his attention. Especially that eye. It ties his body down or slows time down in crucial moments.

It is just a matter of becoming exposed when attacking, but it is suffering an unfair strike if getting caught on his ability against defense.

“He’s looking at you.”

Beholder slowly goes behind Medusa. All 9 eyes are looking at him. He is first on the kill list.

“How far can you restrict him?”

“His repulsive force is stronger than Inferno’s. It’s fine for short moments but I would only be able to do 20% if I need to maintain it for the duration of a battle.”

20% is an amount that can be decreased, so the repulsive force gets more severe as the opponent is stronger. In other words, Cha Jun Sung is above Inferno.

‘If that guy comes to his senses…..’

It would not be at the level of a disaster. The disasters that Medusa has seen are the one in Africa and the Empress. She is strong, but she cannot surpass them.

Among the subordinate nightmares however, she considers herself one of the strongest. Like the father, the child is strong.

That Black Demon is showing strength that is comparable to Red Eye’s. If she captures him, helps him to gain his sanity, and brings him in as an ally, he will become a reliable pillar along with Blood Lord.

“20%….. Then what about weakening him and going back into his mind?”

“We’d have to try it out.”

Beholder did not speak negatively. He does not know because they have not tried it. It could work and it could not.

But looking at Medusa’s expression, he needs to make even the impossible happen.


Bang bang bang bang!

An arm that has been changed into a huge sword slashes through the air. Medusa did not run away, and jockeyed each with her spear.

The black smoke that came out whenever he breathed had decreased by a little. The source is obvious. Medusa realized that it is related to Cha Jun Sung’s strength, or stamina, but that does not change anything.

He is still vigorous with just 80%. Regretfully, this is the same for the enemy.

The sword hits the ground. It was not as though this caused an earthquake or a split, but that force tickled Medusa’s skin.

Medusa spun around and whipped her 15 meter tail to hit Cha Jun Sung’s cheek.

Cha Jun Sung grabs his cheek in pain. His 9 eyes are also on his cheeks, so this is the same as hitting his eyes. His sight becomes distorted and paralyzed. Medusa is becoming blurred.

Medusa’s arm bends abnormally. It is a screw attack that adds to the rotational force of a straight edge. It is the best to penetrate with.

That attack goes for Cha Jun Sung’s stomach. It digs in through flesh and muscle that is harder than metal. It turns his organs and twists them. This is a wound that would have killed humans and average mutants 100 times over regardless of regeneration, but Cha Jun Sung endured it.


“Did he take the hit on purpose? I guess he’s not as crazy as I thought.”

His fist becomes round and grows thorns. It looks exactly like an iron mace. His shoulder muscles writhe and bullets are fired. They are aimed at Medusa’s head. It has the power to blow something up.

Medusa left the bone spear and raised both her arms. The opponent is trying to give his flesh and take her bones. They are too close. She will just take a hit this time.

She went flying like a bomb fragment from the incoming strength. She looked wild sweeping backwards across the ground, but it was like looking at a broom.

“Ugh! My arms…..”

The flesh that covered both of her arms are crushed and the bones are shattered. The way it hangs is so ghastly that it would have been better to cut it off.

“Beholder, what about entering?”

“Kihit! I can’t go in. His mental defenses are completely different from before. I don’t think it’ll be possible until the pressure applied to him is gone.”

She takes out her bone spear, and Cha Jun Sung approaches her. As she is also a level 8, she heals both of her arms quickly.

Cha Jun Sung had been elated until now, and suddenly kneels. Is it because of Beholder? No.

“Seems like the special drug is finally kicking in. It was hard to adjust the dosage.”

Medusa draws her spear. She can take out a spear from her neck bone whenever she consumes nutrients, but there is a clear liquid at the end.

“With your strength, you can withstand my poison even if it isn’t diluted, but it’ll be a different situation from a wound or being half-dead. There’s the hardship we went through of coming all the way here, but wouldn’t it be a waste if one of us dies? Whether that’s you, me, or that guy.”


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